Deepa Parab plans a Maharashtrian wedding

Sapana Patil Poojary

The actor on her decade- long romance with Marathi actor-director Ankush Chaudhary and their forthcoming marriage

Rumours of her having got engaged to Marathi actor-director Ankush Chaudhary have been doing the rounds since a long time. But Deepa Parab (Sneha of ‘Thodi Khushi Thode Gham’, Sony) neither negated nor confirmed them.

She smiles, “I thought I would talk only at the right time. And now the time is right, because Ankush and I have finally got engaged to each other on November 23.”

Sharing about their relationship, Deepa says, “Ankush and I know each other since our college days.

We both studied in Maharishi Dayanand College, Parel. We had common interests —love for acting and for each other. We have been dating since 10 years. And you know what, we still miss each other,” she adds.

So why did they wait for so long to get married? “We knew we were made for each other. We had complete faith in each other,” she says.

Deepa adds, “But, both of us wanted to establish ourselves before getting into the responsibility of a wedded life. Our lives are pretty settled now. We have recently bought a flat. It is on the 13th floor ( ‘4’ is our lucky number). I am now ready to handle both—family career.”

Deepa and Ankush will be getting married in January next year and Deepa wants it to be a traditional fare. “I want my wedding to be conducted in authentic Maharashtrian style—right from the trousseau to the menu,” says a visibly excited Deepa who will be will donning a traditional nine-yard sari complemented with pearl jewellery.

So where are they heading for their honeymoon? “During our college days, we had decided to go to Mauritius; we are fulfilling our long-time wish,” she blushes.