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    Default Saath Saath Banayenge Ek Aashiyaan 25th August 08 Written Update

    August 25th Written Update

    Ranvir is sittin on the terrace alone and sad. Thinking about What Lajwanti said. Uday comes and Asks Ranvir to come eat dinner. Ranvir declines....Uday says i know that you didnt like what Lajvanti said...i didnt like it either but i ask for forgiveness on Lajjo's behalf...Ranvir tells him not to ask for forgiveness...Ranvir says that it is his fault that there is hatred in Lajvanti's mind towards me. Uday once again insists on Ranvir coming to eat dinner and Ranvir finally agrees.

    Lisa is in a cab and asks the driver how long it would take to get to Delhi. Driver says 12 hours.
    Amit and Lisa are shown in different places...both staring at the sky with the song Ya Rabba going on...both are sad and crying Flashbacks of good times and bad times are shown..

    Ranvir comes to Abhay on the terrace and he tells Ranvir that he want to forgive her but he cant...Ranvir says if you want to forget her, then stop thinking about her...Ranvir tells him that he cant be sad at his sisters wedding and hugs Abhay and they both leave

    Lajjo comes to her and Uday's room and sees Uday sleeping and puts the blanket on Uday and looks at him sadly...she turns off the light and lays down...Uday opens his eyes, sees Lajjo and then turns his back on her

    In the morning...Rama and Lajjo come with a mehndi lady to do the mehndi ceremony...Uma seems upset about something and about the whole Mehndi thing...but her mom doesnt notice.
    Uma tries to tell Rama something about the wedding but Uma gets distracted by Rekha.
    Uma's mom tells Lajjo to also put on mehndi but Lajjo declines and says she has work to do...Uma's mom tells her to do it later.

    Rama asks uma about what she was goign to say about the wedding but Rekha interuppts again...hoping uma doesnt say anything about Vikram(i thought i heard the name vikram) and her...Uma is left alone getting the mehndi done and still upset. Uma remembers Lisa Bhabhi and then tells the mehndi lady to go outside for a minute and then tries to call Lisa. Rekha is listening from outside. No one picks up and Uma is crying for her love. Uma says that if he doesnt come in the evening then she will come.

    Rekha calls the guy and tells him that Uma is crazy in your love and is ready to run away wth you...the guy seems happy and has a evil smile. Rekha gives him instrustions on what to do...he agrees and rekha is happy.

    Wedding Preparations are going on...everyone is busy...Uday is talking on the phone and Lajjo is looking at him...Rekha comes in and tells Lajjo looks really pretty she asks Uday if Lajjo is looking pretty...and Uday doesnt reply and he leaves. Rekha adds more masala to Lajjos condition

    The boys side comes and Rama does the Aarti...typical wedding stuff..Everyone is happy.

    Uma is shown in her room trying to call Lisa Bhabhi but she isnt picking up...Uma says that if Vicky doesnt come then i willl...

    Everyone is at the mandap and then the Lights go out...they show someone going up the stairs so it was probably Vicky. The grandma sends Lajjo to go get Uma..Rekha also says she wants to go...

    Uma is in her room and says that she cant wait any longer and prepares to climb down the window..REkha and Lajjo are shown coming to her room

    Uma writes a letter and then proceeds to the window...before she can climb down...Vicky stops her and they both hug. Vicky has a evil face on...

    Precap: Uma says i was waiting for you for so long...lets go tell everyone about us...but VIcky stops her

    Please Reply If You Like My Post.

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    Default Re: Saath Saath Banayenge Ek Aashiyaan 25th August 08 Written Update

    thank u

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