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    aC Citizen - Well Settled Channel Moderator rafay199213 will become famous soon enough rafay199213's Avatar
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    Default mAY 28TH 09 (lAST Episode/ Written Update)

    Buasaa scathingly remarks that Sawri isnt beautiful and doesnt befit them & she cant participate in this. At this Daksh retorts that he loves Sawri for her goodness, as regards to her participation, they have been closest to Dhaasa who brought them up and not her. For them the whole Singh parivar is there and nothing else matters. Rajv (Rajveer) & Daksh fold hands and request Buasa who angrily stomps out.


    Sal tells Sawri that her father (Nahar) wld often lovingly say that she was the most beautiful woman in the world and at that time she used to feel like one. Se too shd feel beautiful and then others will also see the beauty in her. Besides she already is polite, intelligent & dutiful isnt that real beauty. Both hug.

    Daksh comes along with Rajv and Shw (Shweta). Daksh says sorry to Sawri and their buasa has provincial mindset but that doesnt affect him. For him she is the most beautiful woman. Rajv banters that he has let them down and Daksh says he is trying and if there is any slip of tongue then Dhaasa may pull ears. All laugh and Sal remarks that tom she is going to pull their noses. Rajv says she cant as she will dance with them but Shw says how can Maa not attend her own daughter's marriage. As Rajv-Shw , Sal says she will do rituals from both sides.

    Singh Living room

    Adi does tilak and arti of Daksh+Rajv. Brij welcomes them in their family and wishes them happiness. Bhabho makes a call and invites them for marriage.

    Samar house

    Samar tells Kav to get ready as they need to take gifts from Mama's side. Kav replies she isnt interested and doesnt want to waste her time. Samar gets furious and rebukes her that she has always hurt him, his parents and Sal di. Unfortunately she also taught the bad morals to Kamini. Samar says he will go ahead and get involved in his sister's happiness. Nar and Ambi come to call them and Samar tells them only he will come.

    Shw+Sawri show their mehndi to Sal who says that the color is dark and they will get lot of love from their husbands. Shw asks why is Sawri's mehndi darker and what does it mean? Ambi and Nar come and Ambi tells her that it doesnt mean anything. Ambi tells her that whereever they will go they will fill the house with happiness. Samar then gives gifts to Sal and Shw+Sawri. Kav too comes crying and says that she has come to repent for her sins. She seeks forgivenss from Sal and others and asks for a chance to improve. She tells Nar+Ambi that they are elders and hope they will forget their daughter. Ambi hugs Kav and then Kav tells Samar that she is his culprit and she needs him. Samar says he is always with her and hugs her.

    Sal gives Kangan to Shw and Sawri whilst looking Nah's photo says he must be proud that his daughter's are looking beautiful. She then tells them she will go and do her duty as Dhaasa or else there will be no dulhas.

    Later on:

    Daksh and Rajv do the toran with the sword. Sal then does arti and tilak. As Sal is abt to hold their nose, Tara tells her to hold the nose tightly. Sal leads them in.

    Near the havan, Pandit performs the pooja and asks for parents to do the kanyadaan. Sal asks Brij+Tara to do it when Guruma instructs to stop and walks in with Amrit. Bhabho says that the kanyadaan will be done by Sal and Amrit. Amrit is perturbed and asks how can he do it? Bhabho replies that for 10 yrs he showered love n affection on the daughters and fulfilled the duty of a father so he is no less than the blood reld father. She saw her son in him and wldnt he comply with her last wish. Brij too adds that Shw and Sawri saw him and Sal parents and he has the right to do it. Guruma then tells Sal that she knows her for so many years and she always did what her heart said then why is she hesitant today? Amrit still asks how can he do it with Sal? Sal now tells Amrit that after Nah he was the only one who supported her in her travails and both of them share a pure reln of friendship but to her daughter's he is the father and he must do his duty.

    Amrit and Sal do the kanyadaan. The ritual of gathbandhan, sindoor, mangalsutra take place. Saat phere take place and Sal remembers her own marriage with Nahar. The title song " waqt ke saath kitne hi modh aate hai..." plays.

    Sal tells Sawri+Shw that they are going to be part of a new house and daughter's are like mother's shadow hence they shd make her feel proud of them. She prays and wishes that there is lot of happiness in their life and no sadness ever comes. They may live separately but still they are not far from each other.

    Rajshree says she expresses her gratitude to viewers for the love showered all these years on behalf of the whole SP team. Next Sharad and Rajshree promote the new show Aapki Antara and Pavitra Rista.

    Credit goes to realitybites

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    on Temporary Visa hensmankis is on a distinguished road hensmankis's Avatar
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    Default Re: mAY 28TH 09 (lAST Episode/ Written Update)

    thanks i like the way it ended

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    aC Citizen - Well Settled Sidrahmalik192 is on a distinguished road
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    Default Re: mAY 28TH 09 (lAST Episode/ Written Update)

    thank you..

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    aC Citizen - Well Settled Attina is on a distinguished road
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    Default Re: mAY 28TH 09 (lAST Episode/ Written Update)

    thank you very much for writing updates, you have a very helpful to us,

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    aC Citizen - Well Settled naeem kh is on a distinguished road
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    Default Re: mAY 28TH 09 (lAST Episode/ Written Update)

    thanks for sharing.


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