Preet told Ranbir to put sindoor on Tina. Shanno agree wid preet. Manno is mad. Beeji say its his life & decision..let him choose. But he said no beeji. He will do as Preet requested. Every1 is shocked! but Preet, Tina, & shanno r happy. Kamla come & start yelling at Rano. She blames Rano as usual for everything that happened.even though it is her. Kamla then light the cloth where Rano step on Red dye on her wedding day. Rano is crying & not doing anything! Ranbir is with Guddo in the hospital. He remembers his moments wid her. Ranbir expresses his feeling abt gudo to beeji & manno.

Manno husband(ranbir's bro) is talking to him abt guddo, rano...Manno is upset abt Rano & his decision...even beeji...Tina overhears wat Ranbir said & is crying. Shanno is telling her husband the gud news that now her lil sis is entering this house too...she is happy...not as happy as her husband. He said he is happy but wat abt Rano? She said to him to never say Rano name ever & he said "achha" he wont. He is angry & leave the room. Then Tina enters & she is not happy too. She told shanno everything that ranbir said earlier. She said dont worry abt it...RR is done. Shanno is at the hospital & asking the doctor aabt guddo's health. Rano & kamla enter. Shanno is not delighted to c Rano. Kamla acts all caring abt seems on every1 face it is annoying Rano then asks the doctor too..he is abt to say something but shanno said "nahi" to stop him. She told the doc not to tell any1 abt guddo's condition except family members. Kamla said wat abt us? Guddo is my daughter-in-law...She said no...she hates all of them. she said she is glad that they r here cuz she got gud news to tell...that Ranbir will marry tina! Rano is shocked!!! Rano is crying & sad. Kamla said it all her fault again. Her bro is in jail...& so on... Rano ran away..crying. Rano is in her room..on her bed..crying & thinking abt wat shanno said...sad scene! She then hold Ranbir's watch & closes it. Then she had 2 heart joined together wid Ranbir & rano on it but then it fell & broken in 2..with their name seperated...she is shocked of wat just happened.

Precap: Rano is at the hospital. It seems guddo health is getting bad as the same time a diya light looks like it going out. Rano ran over where the diya is & trying not make the light on the diya not to go out..but then some1 hand is over her's.