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    aC Citizen - Well Settled Channel Moderator unculturedperson is on a distinguished road
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    Feb 2008

    Default Aniruddh dave :up close and personal

    Aniruddh Dave, up close and personal
    Aniruddh Dave, the very handsome and talented Raajkumar Aaryyan is one of the most happening stars of the young generations. Here is what he has to say about himself, his work, his projects etc to us.
    Let’s check Aniruddh unplugged.
    How did you get the role of Raajkumar Aaryyan?
    Gave audition then luck test ,cut to ACTION,
    thanks to ndtv imagine n sphere origin
    How do you interact with seniors like nirmal pandey, shahbaaz khan?
    I do share experiences with them try to learn a lot
    How r they as costars?
    Very nice, cooperative n lovable
    How do you find working with yami?
    Hmmmmmm she is so nice to work with. Talented daring, a good rider. Fighter n gorgeous also
    How do interact with her off screen?
    Both of you two are new, how do you help each other grow as actors?
    I am on my own path to grow, nobody cant do anything for anybody, do your own,
    Any upcoming tv projects?
    Two projects in pipeline but as bound with contract, cant do anything, can’t commit, can’t ditch
    Do you want to work with balaji?
    Sure, why not after all biggest concern in tv as in films also..
    What will you choose lead role in a comparatively less popular show or supporting role in a hugely popular show?
    . lead role in comparatively less popular show

    You guys were present in New Talent awards.
    Yes, we were there for short time as we had to report on our call time 6.o clock in the morning…….
    Did Raajkumar Aaryyan get any nominations?
    Why do you think Raajkumar Aaryyan did not get any nominations??
    Lack of publicity of our show
    Yours is a weekly show, how much response you are getting for the show?
    good response

    You got offered PRC too, what made you choose ra?
    New thing remains always new, as compare to old one,
    Rapid fires
    IAm (for Aniruddh ) Aniruddh Dave
    Inspiration: transition stage to screen, want to be a super hero like James bond
    strength: hard work, confidence and rest on param shakti thats spiritual power of almighty
    First assignment:
    film: TERE SANG(a film by satish kaushik)
    serial:RAJKUMAR AARYYAN(sphere origin)
    First salary:
    3 lacs(R.A) after deduction tds n all it was 2,66,010.00
    Memorable moment:
    when I got president award from former hon’ble president of india K.R NARAYANA ji,in bharat scouts n guides,for brotherhood,
    Embarrassing moment:
    When it was rolling n first time fell down from horse.
    When not working: freak out wid your luv ones otherwise go for workout,pamper oursef,khooooooob so,khao aur so jao
    Favorite color:
    Do u like gizmo:
    Yes m big time electronic tec. savvy
    fav gizmo:
    Camera n synthesizers
    Philosophy of life:
    cake ale n be merry
    Would u work on tv in future:
    why not theatre is my passion, film is destination, tv is motivation, motivation lead me towards my destination, it takes time so meanwhile boost our self with tv
    dream role: jo jeeta wahi sikandar(winner) or mera naam joker(clown)
    love is:
    Love is a strong liking for someone.,strong faith,thought,sense,feeling, It's a strong passionate affection for another person. That is one way of seeing it and then the bible says that “love is patient and kind “ I think in my life the bible definition of love says it all!
    secret desire:
    chand tare tod laaaon ,saari duniya pe mein chaaoun………………….bas itna sa khwaab hai…chand pe rahoon sada mujhpe log ho fida…bas itna sa khwaab hai
    main zyada nahin mangta…………..
    Well aniruddh thanks for your time wish you best of luck for your future
    Thanks a ton,

    Interview taken by Tannistha Roy
    Shruti verma.
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    Landed Immigrant to aC AC Moderator shruti_gauri1 is on a distinguished road shruti_gauri1's Avatar
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    May 2008

    Default Re: Aniruddh dave unplugged

    hope u guys like it

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    aC Citizen - Well Settled khosla30 is on a distinguished road khosla30's Avatar
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    Jan 2008

    Default Re: Aniruddh dave unplugged

    thanks very much he is very nice person!!1

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    Landed Immigrant to aC AC Moderator shruti_gauri1 is on a distinguished road shruti_gauri1's Avatar
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    May 2008

    Default Re: Aniruddh dave unplugged

    Quote Originally Posted by khosla30 View Post
    thanks very much he is very nice person!!1
    yup he is very nice and downtoearth person


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