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    Post Qubool Ha 11th -15th February 2013 Written updates.


    Scene 1:Location: Ayan’s residence

    Razia is speechless at badi bi’s question. Razia reprimands her that she is falsely accusing her of murder and branding her as a criminal. and that it was better that she dies then. Badi bi is happy at seeing her breakdown, but says that she didnt insinuate it, she only had a doubt. Shirin tries to intervene saying that she might have had an instinctive feeling. badi bi says that such feelings come for those who people love, and not hate. razia again tries to reprimand badi biand looks at mamu. Mamu too puts bi down saying that noone remembers what happened in the commotion, then how can she be so sure and act so immature. rashid interferes saying that every word spoken by asad is remembered by him, as thats the first time, a son came to his father’s place, and he supports badi bi’s claim and asks razia the same thing. Razia says that she saw it on tv, much to everyone’s surprise. rashid is shcoked and asks that she still forced him to go to delhi. She says that she didnt siunce she knew that he would go to dilshad and she couldnt see shirin’s marriage falling apart. she claims that her fault was that she couldnt see tears in shirin’s eyes. She iks asked by shirin that she lied when she said when she was watching serials. Razia accepts saying that she did it only for her own good. Badi bi says that she might try hard to cover her crime but some or the other way would be revealed by God.

    Ayan and nuzrat are discussing about humaira’s chanegd attitude these days citing her reluctance to take part in the college function, that she was once very excited about, as she was instructed by nikhat to keep humaira happy. Ayan says that he would give it a try. Humaira tries to talk her way out fo the cookery competition, but he says that once she wins this competition, she would get suitors from around the world. She says that she doesnt need the best guy, but the person who she loves, and shockes ayan saying that she needs him. Ayan too says that why didnt she tell him before. Just then, humaira’s daydream breaks off, by ayan saying that she would have to take part. Humaira says that she would, thinking to herself that she would always do what ayan tells or wants her to do.

    Scene 2:Location: Asad’s residence

    While zoya is working on the laptop, asad is frustratedly asking her what is she doing, but zoya tells him that she’s scanning the design and then she would search and that she would get a clue regarding the collar. Asad says that they should give it to the police, but is mocked by zoya that then they would get results in ages. She says that she has hacked the software that would give them the results, but they are at no risk, since only the IP address has gone of asad’s place. While asad tries to

    The search shows 5 results, one of which matches the PHOENIX Security, and thta the peron attacking must be a security employee, by which asad deduces that someone hired him to kill dilshad. Zoya asks him to go through the client list of the PHOENIX SECURITY, to find any possible person with a motive, for rivalry. Asad searches for the names one by one, and clearing out everything. Zoya says that they should interact with these companies and start investigation. But asad is still confused as to why anyone would try to harm dilshad.

    Nazma opens the door to find rashid standing. She opens the door for him, while dilshad in her room, almost has a premonitory instinct. She motions rashid to sit down. Rashid complies. Both father and daughter have tears in their eyes. Nazma gets him water, that he drinks. nazma cant help but be extra attentive to her father. Rashid asks how is she, while nazma thinks to herself that he remembers her now after all these years. Rashid says that he has come to meet dilshad. Nazma runs away from there.

    Asad calls up one of them, and clears it out saying that he bears no connection to the present owner of the company. Zoya asks him to try other names. Nazma enters very upset. When asad asks what happened, nazma says that rashid has come to meet dilshad. Asad is upset to hear this.

    Scene 3:Location: Asad’s residence

    razia is told by someone on the phone, that rashid has gone to meet dilshad, and scolds him for not telling earlier. She turns around to find badi bi standing there, who asks her as to what good is coming off, spying on rashid like that. Badi bi says that on the tv, it was only shown that she was a victim of a murder attempt and not that she got shot. She says that even the best of criminals leave a clue behind to lead to them, and that is what brought her out of her closet. Badi bi says that she knows that razia was behind the murder attempt at dilshad, and that now she has to find out what is the connection between this and the conspiracy 17 years back, that forced rashid to walk out on his marriage with dilshad, and move in with shirin. razia is fuming with rage hearing that. The screen freezes on her face.

    Precap: Razia tells badi bi that dilshad’s life has become a burden on her and thats the reason she had sent her hired man, to kill dilshad. Badi bi is shocked to hear that.


    Badi bee says rasia is plotting against dilshad and wants to remove her also from her path. Rasia says thats correct, she wants to finish off dilshad so she had sent the goon.Badi bee shocked to hear Rasia's words when Rasia comes near her glaring and badi bee gets scared. Rasia speaks to her in singular calling her budia and challenges her to stop her but warns her that if she doesnt keep to herself then she too will face dire consequences. Badi bee is stunned.

    Asad watches Rashid from the room while Zoya & Najma look on.Asad remembers hospital scenes and how doc had told dilshad got better becoz of Rashid.He tells Najma to take Rashid to dilshad's room.Rashid looks at Asad but he turns away.

    Dilshad tells Rashid that she is fine and if she had to die she would have died long back, Rashid stops her and tells not to speak so.Rashid asks what she wanted to tell him last time.Dilshad shows him the doll which he picks up. Dilshad says he had given this to najma on her 1st bday.

    Rashid gets flashback when he speaks to someone on phone who forces him to do some work. Rashid reaches the doll factory with najma.Its completely secluded and Rashid looks nervously while najma cries. Rashid silences her and gives her a doll which is lying on the floor. Rashid keeps looking at the board.

    Cut to present Dilshad says there was some recording in this doll. Rashid questions her more and Dilshad tries to play the record but fails. Rashid presses her to remember when dilshad says she heard 2 people's voice talking of doll factory.Rashid gets nervous, dilshad asks whats the matter and forces him to tell about it. Rashid refuses while dilshad keeps asking saying he is hiding some major secret from her which changed their life forever & he left her behind.

    Rashid says the secret may harm her and he cant risk her life.

    Humeira is cooking in the kitchen while Ayaan is guiding her, humeira asks him to help when ayaan says he will read out the recipe and she should follow it. Humeira asks him to open the cooker when he does the steam hits on his eyes. Humeira wipes his face with ehr dupatta when ayaan wipes his face nose with it. Humeira laughs at him saying he cant even open a cooker. Ayaan then starts to make daal using sugar instead of salt.

    Rashid take leave from najma who comes to find Dilshad sleeping. She picks up the doll and finds the recorder chip fallen on the floor.She replaces it in the same doll and keeps it beside a sleeping Dilshad.

    Rashid is leaving when zoya confronts him. She says he lied that he lost his love but truth is he left his love not lost it. She questions him as to why he did all this with Dilshad.He used her(Zoya) to come close to Dilshad without telling he has another family & if she knew this she would never have helped him becoz he has ruined Dilshad's life. Rashid says there is another face to this coin and behind his lie was a motive. Zoya says he left his love for money but in the end he is poor becoz his own son doesnt speak to him. Rashid says he didnt leave dilshad for money, zoya asks then why. Rashid says some secrets can never be revealed. Zoya says no secret is bigger than leaving one's wife & kids and tells him if he ever treated her as a friend he should tell her why he left dilshad. Rashid says he can never tell this becoz its a conspiracy which is torturing him from 17yrs and how cant unmask it.Rashid pleads her not to question him more and he can never try to harm anyone.Zoya is left wondering while Asad comes with a list but she is lost in thoughts.Asad gives her suspect list saying he cant suspect any of them. Zoya says the guy definitely must be from phoenix security and whoever hired him knows this company and asad might have missed someone from the list and somewhere something is missing.

    Just then Rashid leaves in a car when the car door is opened by a guard wearing Phonix Security uniform(But asad & zoya doesnt notice this)

    Precap : Badi bee gets hysteric and tells Rashid & everyone that Rasia told her that she was behind Dilshad getting shot.


    Badi Bi thinking of razia’s threat, is determined that she would have to do something and that she wont stay quiet. she shouts and gets everybody together in the dining room. She curses mamu to stop pretending.

    Badi Bi tells Rashid that she was right in assuming that razia was at fault as she had just confessed in front of her only, that she had shot dilshad. Rashid and everybody else is shocked to hear this. She says that razia now even has tries to threaten her if she sys anything to anyone. she takes them all in razia’s room.

    They all go into razia’s room and find her shouting in pain, with a wound on her head and screaming that badi bi had come into her room and slammed her head against the almirah, asking her to deliberately say that she had tried to kill dilshad. When badi bi says that she is pretending and this is all a sham, she says innocently that she has, showing that she is scared of badi bi. Razia turns to mamu that why would she confess if she had actually committed the crime. She goes in badi bi’s feet, and starts asking for forgiveness saying that she knows that badi bi is angry with her for forcibly trying to marry humaira to ayan. Badi bi is startled at razia’s turn of personality and looks on at rashid helplessly.

    In the confines of their room, mamu reprimands razia for confessing to badi bi. she says not to worry since noone would believe her and she has it all under control. mamu says that she should not get overconfident. And that rashid had gone to dilshad and got the evidence. razia says that if rashid had known then he wouldnt have kept quiet. She says that its possible that dilshad might not have any real evidence after all. They both think that now they would have to tread on very cautious grounds to stop rashid from meeting dilshad and to keep the doll factory conspiracy a secret only.

    Rashid’s family comforts badi bi saying that she shouldnt have revealed it like that. Ayan tries to cheer her up by asking to try humaira and his effort in the kitchen today. badi bi sees razia walking past and thinks to herself that she would not be deterred by razia’s threat and would find out the truth about her and bring it in front of the whole family.

    Scene 2:Location: Asad’s residence

    Zoya tries to find out about the shooter and asad asks how would she identify the shooter. She says that she would identify him even if he was masked. zoya shouts in glee that she has hacked into the security system of PHOENIX SECURITY but asad asks her to calm down and behave herself. zoya says that this is a victory for them and he may not realise it. She taunts him saying that even if he fell in love, he would have a problem with that. She breaks into her poetry:

    Jahapanah six pack kab kahenge koi mil gaya!!

    Aap pyar mein padhenge and kahenge mera ghutna chil gaya…!!!

    While she is in her poetic m,ood, asad finds that zoya’s search has given 25oo options and asks how would she identify amongst so many. She says that it wont be difficult, but finding her confused at every face, asad resigns and leaves from there.

    In his room, As asad is shirtless, roaming in his room, zoya barges in saying that she has found the clue. As asad puts on a shirt, and zoya tries to hide her face away from his body, he asks as to what brings her in his room, he says that she has found a new clue in her laptop, taunting him by her poetry that he should also now embrace the new era, even if he might belong in the old one, saying:

    Jab ho jaye galti, toh maang lo apology

    Jab atak jaaye kahi pe, toh use karo technology!!!

    She shows him a kind of gun, that is not possible for every person to handle, and that they are looking for someone specialised in this kind of training preferably who got it from armed forces, where they give such training. She says that they would have to just look for those people who served the armed forces prior to security services. asad listens to her argument intently.

    She calls up the phoenix security services, despite asad thinking that its a baseless call. She tells the officer to give her info as to who possesses a certain gun, and the officer says that they cant divulge this info. At this, zoya breaks down into her acting streak, and concocts up a sympathetic story, about a dying grandfatehr, who needs this gun as a last wish, to take an aim with his left hand. And that if he gives her this info, she would contact the person and ask him to fulfill her grandpa’s last wish. Asad motions her that its not going to work. But zoya melts the officer’s heart and gets the nos. and names of the people who have this gun. She is super excited at having this news, and tells that they have narrowed down their search to 3 people and that he has lost his bet with her.

    Scene 3:Location: Ayan’s residence

    Badi bi says that she wont eat the food that ayan has brought for her, which disheartens him and says that now he would finish it. Badi bi says that even he wont eat it, as razia has put poison in it, which startles rashid and his family again. Razia stands in the doorway. Shirin tells what badi bi is thinking about razia. Razia asks badi bi as to why is she so angry at her and that she had come to apologize for any mistake that she had ever committed that hurt her. She says that she’s sad when she sees that badi bi has put another allegation on hr. she asks badi bi to forgive her, and says that she would do anything in lieu of that. badi bi gives her the plate of food that ayan had brought and asks her to eat it. The screen freezes on razia’s shocked face.

    Precap: Asad, accidentally pulls zoya towards him and they share an awkward yet romantic embrace, where asad is tensed and zoya is nervous.


    Scene 1:Location: Ayan’s residence

    Razia pretends surprise at badi bi’s request and reprimands her for creating a drama. Rashid however supports badi bi saying that she can do that to relieve badiu bi of her tension. ayan too agrees on that. Razia, has no option, as she’s in a fix. she takes a little food and as she eats, she starts choking on the food and coughs vigorously and stabilises a little aftre drinking water. Humaira and everyone else is shocked to see this. Razia asks who made the food. She says that instead of salt, someone put sugar and chilli’s combination with it. She says that its good that badi bi didnt eat, as it wasnt poisonous but not even edible. She turns to humaira to taste what she had made. she too has the same reaction. Razia says that she hopes that everyone believes that she hasnt done anything wrong. Razia leaves.

    When badi bi wakes up suddenly in her sleep, she is scared to find Razia who immediately pins her on to the bed. She tells badi bi that she shouldnt be scared and that she cant ever unravel the mystery of the conspiracy as she would have to dig real deep. As she leaves, badi bi is horrified.

    Badi bi finds razia rummaging in the swimming pool. she wonders what is razia upto now. Shirin approaches her saying that she has called the KABADI WALLAH, and that she should also give in anything that useless in her room, like the old papers that bore the news of the doll factorr conspiracy. razia is tensed at its mention and takes shirin from there diverting from the topic. However badi bi, listening from s distance understands that there’s something in the store house, that razia is terrified of being out in front of the house, and is determined that she would find out.

    Ayan tries to tell shirin that there’s something ahppeneing that badi bi has a doubt about. Shirin tries to tell that badi bi might be ill. Rashid too reprimands ayan for being so doubtful and that if there is something, then he would look into it. Ayan says that he cant let go of badi bi’s talks, saying that he has already distanced him from his own brother, now does he want to do the same with badi bi too. He says that rashid might keep quiet but he wont and leaves from there, with shirin calling out to him.

    Scene 2:Location: Asad’s residence

    When zoya tries to take her part of the bet, asad tries to wriggle out of it, but zoya is adamant that he has to dance on the sofa. She asks him to unleash his dancing talent, complimenting along with her poetry :

    Jiske chale jaane se dance floor ho jati hai beva….
    trust me aapke andar bhi chupa hua hai ek PRABHU DEVA!!!

    Asad extends his hand, and zoya remembering his previous incident with her in the hospital where he had hit her, flinches in repulse. Asad is ashamed that that slap still has such a profound impact on her. She goes away, but Asad, pulls zoya towards him and they share an awkward yet romantic embrace, where asad is tensed and zoya is nervous. Thereafter he dances a slow romantically enthused number, which stuns zoya. He leaves commenting that this is in fact dancing.

    Scene 3:Location: On the road, in the jeep

    Asad and zoya arrive at a location, and zoya tells him that they can expect their first suspect here only. Thanking her for helping him in this investigation, He asks about his hand concernedly and she mocks him for behaving so normally. She again breaks into her poetry:

    Mere humsafar na baniye, hume akele ki adat hai…
    Zabaan mein mishri na milaiye, hume karele ki adat hai!!!

    Zoya says that this investigation is very imp for her, as its her aunt that the person shot. Zoya sees a PHOENIX SECURITY personnel and without thinking anything, with asad telling her otherwise, she barges out of the door, and goes on to hold that guy and starts reprimanding him, convinced that he’s the suspect, but thenthat person talks in hindi, she’s sure that this isnt the person she’s looking for. Asad gets them out of the situation, by apologizing to the person and leaving along with zoya.

    Zoya again holds another person, unnecessarily as the convict and calls up asad to get him out of the mess as that person is now after her. She is held aside by asad, and taken aside while the person goes another way searching for her. Asad again tells her that she shouldnt behave this immature

    As zoya and asad go after another PHOENIX SECURITY personnel, zoya, convinced that she cant be wrong this time, throws him on the ground. The person retorts back saying, BLOODY BITCH, which shockes zoya as she identifies the person, as the same one who shot dilshad. While that person runs away, zoya in the scuffle, tears off asad’s shirt. She apologizes for it but asad says that atleast now they know that they have found their culprit and that they were right in their trail.

    Scene 4:Location: Ayan’s residence

    Ayan searches around for razia’s almirah keys, in her room. Badi bi wispers from the window and tells that razia is approaching. razia enters her room , and taking the key out, from a bag, thinking that she has had to do lots of things, that she wouldnt have done otherwise, but she has no other option to take care of it. She thinks that she would have to keep it very carefully. She however understands, that ayan and badi bi are spying on her. She smirks and thinks that even if they think that they can defeat her, noone and ayana long with badi bi, can never get to the bottom of this conspiracy. The screen freezes on her face.

    Precap: Zoya reprimands the officer at PHOENIX SECURITY for defending a criminal, but he tells and shocks zoya saying that the person, who she’s accusing, committed suicide last night. zoya and asad are shocked to hear this. Razia threw badi bi into the pool, where she gasps for breath.


    Scene 1:Location: Asad’s residence

    Zoya comes in asad’s room to fix her shirt that she had tied earlier. she breaks into her poetry:

    Toot jaega dil mera, feelings bhi hongi hurt,
    please do let me silo your shirt…!!!!

    While asad asks her not to, zoya enters into a barrage of explanations which forces asad to concede to her request. He is frustrated when he sees that she intends to fix the shirt in his room. She tells asad of her plan, of going together tomorrow to the Security Services, and find out the personnel’s details. as she fixes his shirt, and then is about to leave, with her sewing kit, she drops it on the floor, strewing items everywhere, much to asad’s disgust.

    Scene 2:Location: Ayan’s residence

    Ayan tells badi bi that he didn't find the key. Badi bi remembers razia’s threat and says that she knwos where the key is. She tells ayan to search in the pool and he complies. He finds the key much to her pleasure. Hearing footsteps, badi bi sends him off to hide. Razia comes in and asks what is she doing here. She says that she’s searching for answers. Razia taunts that she woudl drown if she keeps looking any deeper and seeing that noone’s around, Razia throws badi bi into the pool, where she gasps for breath and runs from there.

    Rashid wakes up hearing badi bi’s scuffle. They rush out to find her drowning and save her somehow, by pulling her out of the pool. He asks her to be careful. She says that she was pushed by razia. Mamu asks her not to lie as razia is sleeping. Just then razia walks in, feigning ignorance and surprise at what happened. Badi bi tells her not to pretend since she has the key tht will prove that she’s guilty, and which she had hidden under the water. ayan gives her the key. She says that this key is of that almirah that contains all her conspiracies.

    Razia takes them inside and asks ayan to open it with the key. ayan tries but it doesnt fit the bill. Razia says that this key doesnt belong to her. Badi bi however says that she saw razia hiding the key and therefore is sure that its hers, despite her telling otherwise. She tells ayan on shirin’s insistence too, to check for all other locks. Ayan tries but in vain. Razia however, says that maybe it belongs to her almirah’s locks. Mamu asks badi bi to stop this drama.

    Much to everyone’s surprise, ayan finds that they key fits the bill, for badi bi’s almirah. This gives mamu a chance to tell rashid that badi bi needs to be shown to the doctor, much to her despair, and razia’s glee.

    Razia confronts badi bi, who tells her that she would bring razia’s conspiracy in front of the whole world soon. razia mocks her by pretending to be scared and says that she wont be able to do anything, and razia would definitely prove her to be insane and send her to a mental institution. Badi bi says that she knows that whatever she’s involved in, was done by her and the balme was shifted on rashid and she is dtermined to get rashid out of her trap. Just then, nikhat’s voice comes from far, and badi bi leaves. Razia says that she would have to be cautious till she gets permanently rid of badi bi.

    Nikhat comes in and gives badi bi a TAVEEZ to protect her from evil eyes. razia tells nikhat to get ready. when nikhat asks what for, shirin tells her that recently they havent been able to get teogether and have a nice time. Razia too adds in saying that she called hassena and her relatives too on this occassion. Nikhat is surprised to hear this.

    Scene 3:Location: Phoenix Security Office

    Asad and zoya ask for the details to that personnel, saying that they arent from the police, but have a personnel nature to ask for details, as it deals with a murder attempt in their house. But the officer says that he cant. Zoya reprimands the officer at PHOENIX SECURITY for defending a criminal, but he tells and shocks zoya saying that the person, who she’s accusing, committed suicide last night, by coming in front of the train. zoya and asad are shocked to hear this.

    Scene 4:Location: Asad’s residence

    While zoya thinks that its a murder attempt and not a suicide, asad says that he isnt bothered about that, but is thinking that they lost the sole link that could have taken them to the person who attempted dilshad’s murder and wonders who could want ill of a person, who hasnt ever mistreated anyone in her entire life. Dilshad hears this and is shocked. Asad tells her to relax and not bother about it and goes on to tell what they found out about the murder attempt. Dilshad’s heart sinks at the mention of a conspiracy by asad, as she remembers Rashid also talking about a conspiracy recently.

    Scene 5:Location: Asad’s office

    Asad reprimands the inspector sternly saying that his best efforts are not proving to be good enough, and that he should find out soon about dilshad’s criminals. Zoay walks in the office and asad tries to ward her off being in a desperate state. Zoay says that she thinks that the manager is lying and that they are trying to defend the criminal and the reason she’s putting so much effort is because she too connects to dilshad. She says that they should try to threaten the manager as he would speak the truth then. Asad however rebukes her badly and tells her to go mind her business or do whatever she feels like, and not bother him with his immature stories. Zoya is hurt and tears roll down her eyes. She leaves, while asad watches.

    Asad thinks to herself that he apologizes to zoya for being so rude on her, as he has no other option, but to keep her away from this situation which is getting dangerous by the minute and that he cant afford her to be hurt or in danger.

    Scene 6:Location: On the road

    While hollering for a cab, Zoya’s eyes lands on someone, who she thinks is the same security personnel, who she finds suspicious and follows him. She tries to call asad, but he being busy on another call, isnt able to receive. When asad does pick up his call, he hears her saying that she doesnt need anyone’s help and can handle things alone. She is surprised to see him going into a building, and wonders who has he come to meet here, so secretively. The screen freezes on her face.

    Precap: A veiled zoya collides into badi bi, who is surprised to see her. Asad thinks to himself that he hopes that zoya hasnt gotten herself into any trouble this time. Zoya opens the door to a dark room ,where he finds the same person, taking money from razia. Unable to see clearly, she tries to get a better look of Razia’s face.
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