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    Post Qubool Hai 4th - 8th February 2013 Written updates

    Mon 04-02-13

    Scene 1:Location: Asad’s residence

    Asad and zoya are shocked to find dilshad having collapsed. Asad looks at her disbelievingly. He comes up to her and rushes her to the hospital.

    Scene 2:Location: In the hospital

    Asad takes her to the hospital along with zoya and nazma. They rush her to the OT.
    While nazma is distraught as to who could be behidn this, mariam confesses that they were after mariam. Asad tries to comfort nazma, who has gone berserk. Zoya sees this. He says that the bullet passed close to the heart but dint go through it. He reminds her of dilshad’s saying, that who is strong, wins over mountains. He tells her taht since she was born, she has seen her fighting for her children all her life, and if she has won over life, she wont accept defeat from death. He tells her to be strong to give courage to dilshad so that she is better soon. He asks her to pray. Asad passes by Zoya without saying anything, ignoring her completely. He is thinking to himself, tensed and going over the scene and the phone call from mariam’s father again and again in his mind. He is called by Zoya, and clenches his feet, thinking that she had lied about mariam’s going away and caused this to Dilshad. As she tries to apologize to him, he turns around and slaps her so hard that she almost falls on the table. When he leaves, Zoya sees that there’s a cut in her hand thats bleeding, and breaks into tears.

    Asad talks to the doctor about Dilshad’s health while Nazma hears all this. The doctor says that they tried whatever they could but she only has a few hours left and that he should inform all relatives to come and meet her. Nazma and Asad are shocked and distraught to hear this.

    Scene 3:Location: Ayan’s residence

    Razia hears about Dilshad’s accident on the TV. But as she sees shirin, she thinks that if she knows, then she would tell Rashid, who would be restless to go to Dilshad. As shirin tries to tell razia to put on the TV, she makes up an excuse of a headache and tells her to go and get medicine for her. As she goes, razia cuts off the TV’s cable and thinks that the TV atleast wont give the family any information about Dilshad’s accident.

    Ayan is holding their secret meeting with his sisters, telling them of the upcoming birthday party celebrations. As th girls’ chide him for his lack of flirting these days, he again starts flirting with humaira, who takes her seriously but Ayan soon bursts her buuble, telling that he was just joking.

    Rashid thinks of Dilshad’s call to him and decides that he should go soon. Shirin asks where is he going. He says that he’s leaving for some important work and asks if his suitcase is ready for him to leave for Delhi. Before he leaves, Shirin says that she wants to tahnk him for staying in this house even if he doesnt like and hasnt still forgiven Razia. She says that whenever he talks abotu leaving, she thinks that he would go to Dilshad leaving her and the kids. She says she knows that this wont happen but she lives in constant fear that she would be defeated by Dilshad in winning over her husband. As Rashid tries to talk to her, he is interrupted by Razia who informs him that he has to leave, when she hears that he has to go out somewhere, as its very important. She asks shirin to pack his bags, for his flight that leaves in 2 hours. As they get busy, Rashid thinks to himself that now he wont be able to meet Dilshad.

    As Rashid is ready to leave, after bidding goodbye to everyone and asking them to take care o themselves. Razia tells him not to worry as this isnt the first time that he’s going out of the house alone. As they move out, they are shocked to see Asad at their house, who tells them that Dilshad is in the hospital fighting for her life. Asad says that he wouldnt have stepped in this hosue, but he knew that she would want to meet him one last time. He leaves the descision on Rashid. Everyone else is surprised to hear this. Shirin looks up at him expectantly. Asad exits.

    As Ayan keeps trying to tell Rashid that he should go, Razia tries to contradict saying that they dont have a relation with her. Razia tells him that Rashid wont go, since its asad and his family’s usual drama, of someone or the other being in the hospital, to lure Rashid back into their life. rashid is listening to all this in silence. rashid’s mother too supports Ayan. Razia keeps trying to talk rashid out of it, while rashid’s mother tells them that dilshad’s been shot and that cant be a lie. Seeing Rashid quiet, ayan is frustrated and leaves the house with shirin calling out to him.

    Scene 4:Location: In the hospital

    Asad is distraught to see dilshad taking her last breaths. the screen freezes on Asad’s grief stricken face and Rashid’s tensed face.

    Precap: Rashid finally reaches the hospital. Asad and Rashid both look through the glass panels in the door, as the doctors try to revive dilshad.


    Scene 1:Location: In the hospital

    Asad is distraught, looking at dilshad from the glass panels, and remembers the past 24 hours. A tear trickles down his eyes. Zoya and nazma too embrace each other in sadness. Ayan sits beside Asad, while Dilshad sleeps unconscious.

    Scene 2:Location: Ayan’s residence

    Razia reminds Rashid to go to the airport. He takes his bag and is about to leave, but shirin places a hand on his hand and tells him to go to dilshad and not to delhi, much to Razia’s horror and everyone else’s surprise, since if Dilshad is breathing her last, then he should be with her. Rashid leaves in gratitude.

    Scene 3:Location: In the hospital and in the mosque

    Zoya is praying for Dilshad who is on life support. Asad hugs Ayan. Her vital monitors keep showing a flat line, which is disturbed the minute, Rashid steps foot in the hospital. Asad is suprised to find this change in her condition and he finds Rashid standing in the hallway. He comes upto Asad. Asad and Rashid both look through the glass panels in the door, as the doctors try to revive Dilshad. Ayan hugs Rashid, while Asad looks on. Rashid tries to hug Asad but he leaves, and is disgusted when Rashid comforts Nazma, and goes away from there. Ayan follows him, while Nazma and Rashid look on. The doctors keep trying to save Dilshad.

    Scene 4:Location: Ayan’s residence

    Nuzrat and Humaira try to comfort Shirin who says that she did this so that Rashid isnt hurt and that wont let her be in peace. She tells Nuzrat that she isnt a bad woman, but she fears losing her loved ones since she is the other woman. And as she knows Rashid has left his first wife for her, she is always scared that she would lose him. Nuzrat tries to tell her that Rashid wont ever leave her.

    While Razia is bickering about Rashid going there again, mamu asks why is she so afraid of Rashid meeting Dilshad. She says that if that happens, then Rashid might just get back with his first family and revolt against them and that would let out the secret of the doll factory. Mamu says that the secret is buried in the past. But Razia says that they cant afford that it be let out since its a matter of their life and death. Rashid’s mother hears this, and thinks to herself as to what secret are they talking about. She is determined that she would find out and let Rashid free from their clutches.

    Seeing Rashid’s mother praying, Nuzrat asks if Rashid has still feelings for Dilshad in his heart. She also says that she has never met Dilshad, and only heard about it. She even cant meet Nazma in the college. Also that they have Asad as her brother but she cant meet him. She tells Rashid’s mother about the incident when Asad had saved her and Nikhat from hooligans and wants to know that why Razia tries to keep talking ill of them. Rashid’s mother says that whatever happens, they would always be her brother and sister. And that love cant be forced or taken away on wish. As they are talking, they notice that Shirin has been standing at the door. When they see her, they divert their talks to Nuzrat’s college. But Shirin asks if they were talking about Dilshad.

    scene 5:Location: In the mosque

    An elderly lady tells Zoya that if she prays sincerely, then the lord would definitely answer her.

    Scene 6:Location: In the hospital

    Meanwhile finally Dilshad opens her eyes. The doctor gives Asad the good news, that Dilshad’s heart beats have stabilised and her bleeding has stopped too and that she is out of danger. While Nazma hugs Asad in happiness, Ayan hugs Rashid in glee. Then Ayan comes and hugs Asad. zoya comes running in the hospital and remembers asad slapping her, looks at her wounds and stops right there.
    The doctor comments on the fact that this has been a miracle, and it looks like, she was waiting for rashid only to get better. rashid thanks the doctor and walks towards asad. As rashid approaches asad, he ignores rashid, saying that its time for him to leave now, and leaves from there.

    Nazma tells zoya about dilshad and they hug each other. zoya says thats eh would go and meet her. asad tells the inspector about the mangalpur incident and that the same people were after them also and one of them hit dilshad. while zoya tries to hide from asad, asad finishes his conversation with the inspector. The screen freezes on his face.

    Precap: Zoya is shocked to find Rashid by Dilshad’s bedside. While zoya says that dilshad’s her aunt, rashid tells zoya that dilshad is the same first love, that he lost out on, and had talked to her about it.


    Scene 1:Location: In the hospital

    Rashid is sitting by Dilshad’s bed holding her hand. Zoya enters and is shocked to find Rashid by Dilshad’s bedside, while remembering her last conversations with him and with nazma too about their father, who had left them. Rashid sees her and is equally shocked. He comes upto her and asks about her being there. While Zoya says that Dilshad’s her aunt, Rashid tells Zoya that Dilshad is the same first love, that he lost out on, and had talked to her about it. He says that when he prayed to the God to get him back to Dilshad, he met Zoya, which means that even the Almighty wanted it. He says that even though he cant see Dilshad regularly, but he stays on in the hope that he would see her someday and live his life with her, sustains him through adversities, otherwose he wouldnt have been able to live.

    Scene 2:Location: Ayan’s residence

    Rashid sits on the bed. Shirin cautiously approaches him, but doesnt say anything. While he has tears rolling down his cheeks, Shirin comes upto him and hugs him. He too finds solace in her arms. When she asks about Dilshad, he says that she’s fine but with great difficulty, and collapses in to her arms again, breaking into tears. Razia sees this from a distance.

    Scene 3:Location: Asad’s residence

    Asad, Nazma along with the nurse tuck Dilshad into bed. Dilshad asks about mariam and is told by Asad that she has been sent to her brother. As the nurse starts giving her injection, Asad turns around to find Zoya standing in the doorway and he shuts the door on her face, while she stands stunned. Zoya is hurt. Asad instructs the nurse that he doesn't want anyone else in the room.

    Zoya finds the nurse in the kitchen searching around for things. She helps her to get the bowl for the soup that the nurse had made for Dilshad. She tells the nurse to go and that she would get the soup. While she prepares the soup, Asad confronts her. As she tries to clarify, he takes away the plate from her and leaves. Zoya is again in tears.

    Asad takes the soup to her room, and finds Dilshad and Nazma sleeping. He wakes up Nazma and asks her to rest for the night in her room. She says that she wanst to stay with Dilshad and that she would give her the soup. Zoya lingers around. aasd sees this and shuts the door, this time himself out of the room and warns her that she shouldnt even think about going near Dilshad again. When zoya asks why, he tells her that what he has assumed that she didnt send Mariam and lied to her. Zoya keeps trying to tell her the truth, but Asad says that she’s entirely responsible for what happened to Dilshad.

    Zoya asks Asad to believe her when she says that she’s innocent in Dilshad’s murder attempt. Asad aggressively tells her that if she ever tried to get close to Dilshad, then he would take away her life. He leaves while Zoya is stunned to see such a facet of asad, after she tells him that he’s hurting her. He saysthat Dilshad and Nazma are his life and he wants to see them secure and cant put their lives at stake for her immaturity. He taunts her that since she doesnt care for relations, hence even God didnt give her a mother. She is terribly hurt and goes to her room, bursting into tears, stifling her sibs in the pillow. She turns her eys upwards and asks the lOrd as to why did He do this to her and whats her fault if she doesnt remember even her mother’s face, or why did her father leave her. she says that she doesnt knwo who’s her father and where’s he. she says that she’s been living in a stranger’s house just for the hope that when she finds her father, she would ask him why he left her or her mother. She curses the Lord blaming him for everything because of which He’s so helpless. She says that she is determined to find where’s her father and what happened to her parents, even if He might try to hide them. She says that she knows that this is a secret and that she would definitely unveil it.

    Scene 4:Location: Ayan’s residence

    Razia is reading an old newspaper about the headline carrying the news about the conspiracy behind the Doll Factory tragedy, thinking that it would destroy everything if this secret of the factory ever came out. When Shirin too reads it, and asks her why is she reading this newspaper so old, Razia says that she was just sorting through old things. Shirin too sees it and recognizes it as the Doll factory, where fire had spread years back and destroyed everything. Razia pretends to be ignorant of it. Shirin says that she remembers clearly that they had bought this factory and Rashid had been very upset about this, and had also remembered that Rashid had shifted in with them, after this incident only. But Shirin clearly tells that it had been claimed that it wasnt an accident after all, but a planned conspiracy. Unable to take it any longer, Razia asks her to stop blabbering and stop thinking about such things. She sends her off citing a headache and demanding for tea. As Shirin walks out, she mutters to herself that Razia is so angry as if she was behind this conspiracy. As she leaves, Razia looks up at the newspaper again and is tensed. The screen freezes on her face.

    Precap: When Asad tells Dilshad about how irresponsible Zoya had been in sheltering Mariam, Dilshad clarifies his doubts and tells him that it was her and not Zoya who had brought Mariam back into this house, despite Zoya telling her not to since Asad won't like it. She tells him that zoya isn't to be blamed for this. Asad is mortified with guilt. he goes over to Zoya’s room, finds her in tears and tries to talk, but Zoya sternly asks him to leave the room.


    Scene 1:Location: Asad’s residence

    Asad sits beside Dilshad’s bed while she sleeps. He raises his hand and keeps it on Dilshad’s nose to see if she’s breathing. She asks him the same and he retreats his hand, but she holds his hand and says that she’s very strong and wont leave till she sees his children. Asad asks if he can get her anything. She says that she needs a daughter in law. When she asks about Nazma, he tells her that she has been asked to rest by him. Then she asks about Zoya, and he disinterestedly tells her that he doesnt know. She asks him whats his problem with her even when she was the one who didnt bother about his own life and went on to save her. When Asad tells Dilshad about how irresponsible Zoya had been in sheltering Mariam, Dilshad clarifies his doubts and tells him that it was her and not Zoya who had brought Mariam back into this house, despite Zoya telling her not to since Asad wont like it. She tells him that Zoya isnt to be blamed for this. Asad is reminded of all the times when he had mistreated Zoya due to his misunderstanding.

    Asad is mortified with guilt. He goes over to Zoya’s room, and finds her with her back to him. He calls out to her and tries to place his hand on her shoulder when she doesnt respond. He turns her around and finds her in tears and tries to talk, but Zoya sternly asks him to leave the room. She says that he has insulted her as much as he could, since its his house and that she’s just a guest and asks him to leave her alone. He goes from the room, and Zoya breaks down into tears, and Asad finding her in such a state from the door slide, is very upset.

    Aasd finds Zoya, gazing at the stars with a lost look, who remembers how she had been taunted by asad. He comes upto her and apologizes saying sorry, which surprises Zoya, for having hit her and every other insult. He gives her coffee, which she takes saying that her mother is no more, but that doesnt mean she doesnt value her. she says that she remembershow her mother loved her, as when she used to get hurt, her mother was in much more pain than her. She says that whatever pain she gets now, she has to bear all alone. she says that a person might be very wrong, but noone deserves that he/ she doesnt get a mother. Asad says that he got very scared after this incident and he realises that he shouldnt have said that since he didnt mean it. She says that she lives here without his consent. She goes on to tell him about her father but then checks herself in time. She says that she has some important work here, and would soon leave when she finishes that. He says that she can stay as long as she wants to, which shocks Zoya out of her wits, so much so that she spills coffee out of her mouth, and asad as usual is irritated to see her immaturity but doesnt show it, while Zoya smiles. she apologizes and asks her to make a better coffee next time, instead of making it like himself, dark and bitter. he says that he likes it like that and hence made similarly. She says that she’s fine with the taste. She apologizes saying that he understands her concern for Dilshad and also why he feels what he does for his father. He says that he came here just to apologize and not to get sympathy. Wishing her goodnight, he leaves. When she takes another sip, she comments that he’s just like the coffee, dark and bitter.

    Scene 2:Location: Ayan’s residence

    Mamu asks about Dilshad’s condition from Razia, who tells him that she has been brought home too. Mamu asks if she’s sure that Rashid went to meet Dilshad. She says that she went even before Dilshad was shot and afterwards Shirin too allowed him to go there. Now he has an added reason of going there. Mamu says that these meetings have to stop. Razia agrees saying that she wonders if Rashid gets closer to Dilshad, then their secret wont be enough to keep him in this house. Mamu says that he wonders what if nothing had ever happened. Razia says that they neednt worry since she would soon get everything under control.

    Shirin overhears Ayan’s, Humaira’s and Nuzrat’s conversation about what happened in the hospital. He tells them of the incident how she had miraculously survived, when rashid held her hand. Humaira comments that it happened since they are still connected together, by the bond of love. Ayan agrees saying that its very difficult to forget the first love, and cant be forgotten with time. While Humaira thinks about herself, agreeing to what ayan said, Shirin too is broken thinking that Rashid might have stayed away from Dilshad but he still feels for her and is still connected to her since she’s his first love and he will never forget her.

    Scene 3:Location: Asad’s residence

    Asad asks the inspector as to why there has been no action taken yet by the police after having given them entire information.

    Zoya and nazma are watching a movie, in which Zoya picks out on a starnge fact thatvillagers, yet they knew english very well. Then she is taken back to the day this happened, when she had been called a BLOODY BITCH by the attacker. She finds Asad talking on the phone and deduces that the attacker wasnt from the villager, since he knew english and that somebody from the city was behind getting Dilshad killed. She tries to interfere into asad’s call clarifying what she just realised. finally frustrated, asad gets off the phoen and asaks her if she coudlnt see he was on such an imp call. she tells him what she just found out. The screen freezes on asad’s surprised face after he hears zoya’s story.

    Precap: Zoya tells Asad, reenacting the entire scene saying that mariam was on the floor and at point blank aim of the gunman, yet he shot Dilshad. Asad comes to realise that the bullet was aimed for dilshad only and wonders who could be behind this.


    Scene 1:Location: Asad’s residence

    Zoya tells Asad, that the attacker wasn't from mangalpur but from here only. Asad tries to clarify that the father was on the phone when he had threatened him and the attack had happened. He doesn't listen to Zoya and asks her to leave him alone.

    In her room, dilshad remebers the doll she found with the recorder. she reaches out to get it. just then, asad enters and asks her to relax and rest. He asks if she needs anything and ask him for it. Dilshad says that he doesn't need to get anything since zoya just gave her soup. She asks about the fact that she heard from nazma, that he had called rashid. He tells her why he had called rashid, and says that he felt she would want her. dilshad says that he is right in thinking what he thinks of rashid, but recently what happened leads her to believe that he might not be as much as fault as they think he is, and that they should try to understand him better. asad tells her not to bother herself and him about that and leaves when she says that she doesn't need anything.

    Asad is shocked when the inspector tells him on the phone, that people at mangalpur were already arrested. He comes to the conclusion that this means mangalpur people were not behind the attack. He remembers zoya trying to tell him something, and he hadn't paid attention and thinks that maybe he should have.

    When he talks with her, Zoya assures him, that she had heard the attacker calling her, Bloody Bitch, reenacting the entire scene saying that Mariam was on the floor and at point blank aim of the gunman. Asad asks who did he point the gun at the second time, when both mariam and dilshad were at the floor. Zoya thinks and says that though mariam was in the line of shot, yet he shot Dilshad. Asad comes to realise that the bullet was aimed for Dilshad only and wonders who could be behind this.

    Zoya apologizes saying that she couldn't understand anything when that happened, as her mind had as it is stopped working, when she saw dilshad like that. She says that she tried her level best but couldn't catch him. She says that now that she thinks, she’s sure that the person was after dilshad only. She goes on, on asad’s encouragement, to retrace what happened with the attacker that night. She deduces that she had torn his collar, in the scuffle and they both got out to search for it. While searching for collar in the garden, Zoya finds a cloth on the ground, and shows it to asad saying that this is the same. Asad inspects the cloth, closely and says that its juts a little piece. But zoya is very hopeful that this little clue would lead them to the criminal.

    Scene 2:Location: Ayan’s residence

    Rashid’s mother thinks of what she had overheard and how razia keeps interfering in Rashid’s life. Ayan calls her from behind but she doesnt pay attention. She tells him that there’s something going on in this family, a conspiracy. ayan blames it on the fact that rashid doesnt stand up for himself and his family. She says that as his mother, she knows rashid the best, and knows that he is not the person who would get subdued and listen to them without answering back. She says that something must have happened that night, that escaped her eyes, and that it has led to a conspiracy. She thinks of the fact that dilshad had got shot and razia had pretended to not believe it. She tells ayan that she’s sure that something’s cooking in this house, that is forcing Rashid’s house and family to be seperated.

    Razia talks to someone on the phone, saying that the deal was for murder and that she’s still alive. She intructs the person that till further orders, he should stay hidden where he is right now, and cancels the phone. mamu tells her that they would have to be cautious saying that things aren't the same as 17 years back. Now anybody can find out the truth if he wants. He is terrified that if asad got to know, then there would a terrible consequence. Razia says that he isn't scared of such things and that they dont have an option really, since she had heard their conversation, the last time rashid talked to dilshad. She says that if dilshad finds out some evidence, then the true culprit. i.e. them would be exposed. Therefore it's required that they do whatever it takes to keep rashid under control, and under their domination

    While keeping razia in mind, she tries to intimidate razia saying that every criminal leaves a trail behind, leading upto him. Humaira asks if she’s atlking about dilshad’s attack. she says that she is. Razia is very tensed and her hands start trembling. When rashid’s mother asks her about it, she sheds it off saying that its nothing like that. She also goes on to say that whoever entered, its not known what motive was behind the attcak since there was no theft. This gets rashid’s attention. increasingly getting uncomfortable, razia says that they shouldn't talk about it, since it isn't a matter of their own house. But rashid’s mother keeps pushing the matter. She asks razia how does she know that dilshad was hit, when asad, who had come to ask rashid to meet her, didn't tell anyone that she had been shot, and that no one else too knew about it or anyone was told. Razia gets uncomfortable while rashid too engages in the discussion now, listening to everything.

    Scene 3:Location: Asad’s residence

    Hearing the doorbell ring, zoya goes out to find no one, but a bunch of roses and a card. She wonders who sent it, as its marked Asad and zoya. she opens the card to find a valentine’s day invitation and is surprised. The screen freezes on her curious face.

    Precap: NONE
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