Varsha and Satish's house

Varsha is at her house talking to a police commissioner on the phone. She is telling him that it has been 2 days and yet Satish has not been freed from jail. Varsha says why is Satish in jail, when you guys know he is innocent and know how the bad guy is? She says the police never let us meet Satish and they don't tell us anything, you are a police commissioner, please do something. The police commissioner says not to worry Varsha ji. If the real bad guy has been found, it will not be hard to free Satish from jail; I will do something about this. Varsha thanks the police commissioner and puts the phone down. The doorbell rings at Varsha's house. Varsha looks at the clock; it is about 9:55 or 10:00 on the clock. The doorbell rings again and Varsha goes to answer the door. She finds Manav waiting at the door. Manav is about to say something when Varsha very rudely asks Manav what he is doing here. (How rude!) Varsha says I am not in a good mood right now, before I say something bad to you, please go from here. Manav says to Varsha that you can call me a chor, call me whatever you want to, but please listen to 1 thing I have to say. Varsha says why I should listen to you. Because of you, my husband is in jail, it has been 2 days and they have not let him go, and neither is they letting me talk to him, and you expect me listen to you? Varsha says have you come here to make fun of me? Manav is very sad and says no Varsha, I actually am in need of 2 lakh rupees. Varsha asks very rudely have you come here to ask for money from me. Because of you, my husband is in jail, and you are asking money from me? There is a limit for besharam. Manav is now crying and says Archana is in the hospital, and I needed 2 lakh rupees for her operation. Varsha says lies, more lies, I will not believe your lies anymore. Varsha says you know I will not give you any money, so you decided to lie to me by making tai an excuse. Manav says why would I lie, Varsha? Varsha says you are making an excuse about her operation. Manav explains very sadly that he would never to lie to her, and that he will give her back the money, I am telling you the truth Manav says. Varsha says I will tell you what is true; it is you who is the bad guy!(OMG, I can't take this anymore) Varsha says that is why you need money from me to pay the client and you need to pay the workers and as usual, you don't have any money. Varsha says you asked me for money, but I wll not give you any money. Manav is unable to take this anymore and he shouts stop it Varsha. Manav is crying and shouts Archana is about to die, my baby is about to die, I am telling you the truth. Varsha says your sceaming cannot change the truth. Manav tries to say something but Varsha screams get out of my house, and slams the door! Manav keeps knocking on the door but no response. (I am so mad at Varsha.) Poor Manav is left sad and depressed.

Outside on the streets while it is raining

Manav is walking on the streets. It is raining hard and Manav is thinking what he should do. He says to himself that he really needs to save his wife and his baby but there is nothing more important to me than my wife and my baby. Manav is saying that he can go to any extent to save his wife and his baby. He thinks he should talk to Vinod about this matter but knows that Vinod does not have much money, but he can arrange for some money though. Manav phones the Karanjkar House. The phone rings at Karanjkar House and Manju is there and she is growling at why the phone is ringing but picks it up anyway. Manju says hello, and Manav says it is him and asks if Vinod has a number so he can call him. Manju tells Manav that Vinod is not at home, she explains that he had some work to do. Manju tells Manav to tell her what it is, and I will tell him when he gets back. Manav says Manju ji, Archana is at the hospital. Manju is shocked, and Manav says I needed 2 lakh rupees for the operation; can you give me Vinod's phone number please? Manju gets irritated when hearing this and pretends to not hear what Manav is saying. She tells him she can't hear him. Manav is trying to raise his voice so she can hear but Manju hangs up on Manav. She thinks to herself, what a person he is. He wants money from us. Manav tries to phone Karanjkar House and Vinod, but no one answers. Manav thinks that he should get help from. He suddenly realizes he can get help from Ajit. Manav then wonders how he should ask Ajit and if he will help him. Manav says to himself that he will ask for forgiveness from Ajit, but then wonders if Ajit will lecture him. But then he says that I can tolerate it for Archana and my baby. He calls Ajit's house. At Ajit's house Ajit's cell is ringing. Rasika is the one at the house and wonders why Manav is calling at Ajit's cell. Rasika picks up the phone, and Manav thinks he is talking to Ajit and then he asks forgiveness from him, and that he had misunderstood him. Manav says you can give me whatever punishment you would like to, but I need you for something urgent. Manav thinks he is talking to Ajit and tells him that Archana is in the hospital and needs an operation, and says I need 2 lakh rupees. Manav says I will return all of your money, he asks Ajit if he is listening to him. Rasika is very fed up of hearing Manav and she says, sorry wrong number and she put the phone down. Rasika switches Ajit's cell phone off and has an evil smile. Manav tries to call Ajit again, but the message says that the phone is switched off. The poor Manav is now heartbroken and starts walking around on the streets. He suddenly gets an idea, and wonders if Dharmesh could help. Manav reconsiders and thinks that Dharmesh is such a bad, low life person that even Archana will not want me to ask help from him. Manav comes to a conclusion that he can't ask help from Dharmesh. But then Manav asks himself, why can't I ask him for help, at this point I can ask anyone for help, whether they are good or bad, just for Archana and my baby. Manav also thinks that Dharmesh was a part of our family so he could ask him. Manav thinks to himself that he should go to Dharmesh and ask him for help and to get Archana cured. Another part of Manav is thinking that whatever Dharmesh did to Vaishu was terrible, why should I ask him for help? Now Manav is heartbroken and says I will go to Dharmesh, whatever it takes I will go to Dharmesh and save Archana. He runs away from the area.

At the Hospital in the room

Archana is lying down at the hospital and the doctors are taking care of her. Sukriti is also at the hospital. A nurse is checking Archana's bp and telling a number to the doctor. The doctor asks Archana if she is scared. Archana is looking very uneasy right now. The doctor asks Archana to relax. She says the more you are tense, the higher the bp number will rise and then they will not be able to do an operation. That's why we need you to stay relaxed. Archana is lying down and is very unrelaxed. The doctor says I can understand how hard it is for you to be in this condition. The doctor reassures Archana that everything will be fine. The doctor leaves the room.

Dharmesh's house

A lot of people are celebrating at Dharmesh's house, I think they are having a party. A man is congratulating Dharmesh and says it is amazing how you just came back from Dubai and now you have started a big business. Dharmesh and the guy are both having drinks and Dharmesh thanks the man and says now I just need your aashirwad. The guy says I have full trust in you and I know you will do well in your business. Dharmesh seats the man down. Manav comes in Dharmesh's House. Dharmesh is talking to one of his friends and Manav comes in and tells Dharmesh he needs his help. Dharmesh looks mad to see Manav at his house. But he now is sarcastic and says really loudly to Manav, WELCOME TO MY PARTY! Dharmesh says but I didn't invite you to my party, and why should I invite you? I never dreamed that you would show up at my party. But you came, and you came without invitation. Dharmesh insults Manav in front of everyone and says I will publish in the newspaper that you came to my party. Manav ignores his insults and says please I need money. Dharmesh says very nicely but sarcastically that why do you worry about money? Dharmesh says I will introduce you to some of my friends. Dharmesh makes an announcement and says attention ladies and gentleman. Today I want you guys to meet a very special person. Dharmesh says this is Manav Deshmukh, a very good and honest man. He says that he is so good hearted and I could go on for hours saying how good Manav is. Dharmesh insults Manav even more and says sarcastically that he never lies, forget that he can't ever see anyone ever lie. Dharmesh says he always helps everyone when they are in tension, but until today he has never begged anyone for anything. Dharmesh turns from his nice sarcasm to anger. Dharmesh announces that it is strange because he is now begging me for help. Manav is now in tears. Dharmesh asks Manav why are you who is such a mahaan person be begging me who is so ghatiya? What has happened? Manav sadly explains to Dharmesh that Archana is in the hospital and I need money for her operation. Manav begs for money from Dharmesh. Dharmesh starts threatening Manav and asks what did you just say, I did not hear how much money you needed. Manav says 2 lakh rupees. Dharmesh laughs and says 2 lakh, why are you standing like this then? Why are you so shy, in asking me for money. Manav is looking down and Dharmesh grabs his chin and coldly tells Manav to look at him and beg him for money just like the beggars do on the streets. Dharmesh has a really evil look on his face with big boiling eyes and throws Manav's face away. Dharmesh starts laughing at Manav and says you used to yell at me all the time, what happened now? Everyone has a day to take revenge, now tell me where did your voice go? Dharmesh laughs and says this is what I wished for, now you have accepted defeat, do you now know how it feels like when someone needs a person? Dharmesh asks Manav if he still thinks he is a bad person. Manav nods. Dharmesh says I am a bad person and I did get married twice but I can fulfill their needs. Dharmesh laughs and insults Manav and says but you can't even take care of your 1 wife. Dharmesh says I will not give you any money, and I will not help you at all. Dharmesh says save your Archana. Manav is very sad and leaves the house. Dharmesh is happy and begins to party with his friends again.

At the Hospital in the room

Archana is at the hospital and Sukriti is asking Archana to relax. Archana asks Sukriti where Manav is. Sukriti asks Archana to relax, but suddenly Archana gets pain in her stomach and Sukriti rushes to get a doctor. Sukriti gets a nurse and tells her that Archana's health is getting worse. She asks when a doctor will come. The nurse says the doctor should be here soon, but it won't do any good with her coming, because until her husband does not have the money to do an operation, she can't be cured. Sukriti panics and says her husband will pay, it will take some time but can you take care of her? The nurse says we are not responsible for her. Sukriti tries to say something but the nurse says we can't go against the rules. The nurse asks Sukriti to ask Manav to quickly arrange for the money. Sukriti is worried. Archana is in deep pain at the hospital.

Outside on the streets

Manav is walking on the streets, not minding the rain at all. Manav is very sad and is remembering Varsha's words that when she said you have forgotten 1 thing, I will never help you again, get out of my house. Manav recalls when Dharmesh grabbed his chin and was told to beg in front of him. Dharmesh says I want to see you defeated. Manav is running on the streets very frustrated. (Poor Manav!) Now he remembers when Dharmesh said I may be bad, and I have given my wives a dhoka but I can fulfill their needs. Dharmesh says you can't even take care of your one wife. Manav is very broken and falls onto the ground. Manav screams in horror.

At the hospital in the doctor's room

Sukriti is there and Archana is screaming MANAV!

Outisde on the street

Manav is still down and gets up and wonders about Archana. Manav suddenly runs very fast toward the hospital. He trips over a rickshaw and he falls down and splashes into the water. Manav gets up and keeps running to the hospital.

At the hospital

Archana is in deep pain and Sukriti is there and the doctor is taking care of Archana. The doctor asks the nurse what the deal is and what they are waiting for. The doctor tells the nurse that the specialists are here to do the operation and all the equipment is ready. Sukriti says to the doctor it is your people who stopped the operation and you are asking. The doctor asks have we stopped the operation. Sukriti says yes, you guys said yourself that until we can't arrange for the money, we won't do an operation. The doctor says what nonsense, she orders the nurse and the men to carry Archana to the other room so she can have her operation. The doctor is telling off the nurse as to why she did not tell her about Archana's serious condition. The nurse stutters and says doctor, the money. The doctor says what money, if the money has not been deposited yet, does that mean we will let our patient die? The doctor says what is more important, the money or the person's life? The doctor says what bad manners you have, if something happens to Archana's baby who will take the responsibility of that? Manav has arrived at the hospital now. The doctor says I will now need to correct the mistake that you committed. The doctor sternly informs the nurse to tell the other doctors to begin the operation. The nurse obeys and says yes. The doctors are taking Archana in to the operation theater. It appears that another man came in with Manav to the hospital. Sukriti sees Manav and says good you came, they are right now taking Archana in for an operation. Sukriti asks Manav if he has arranged for the money. Manav is not paying attention to anything right now. Sukriti asks Manav if he is listening to her. The nurse tells Manav that he needs to fill out some papers and they need his signature. The man who came in with Manav tells Manav that the nurse is calling him. The man says that he will take care of everything. Manav is not paying attention to the man and is just staring at that operation theater sign and the door. The doctor comes out of the operation theater door and says I'm sorry Manav, but we could not save your child. The doctor leaves and Manav is left shocked.

Precap: Manav is looking through the little hole of the room of where Archana is sleeping. The man is also standing behind Manav. Manav waves a hand to Archana and Archana is sleeping.