Sav aai gives Arman permission to go to the karanjkars hosue for 5 daysVandu begs RA to not stay with ajit in the same bedroom, RA says she can sleep in the hallArchu says she is not going home for 5 days Archu tells manav she is not going because she wants to support Sav aai through her bad times (vandus marriage) Long Update (Manavs house) sav aai walks into the room and says Manav will go to Archus house for 5 days and ArMan will fulfill all duties for the wedding ... everyone is shocked ... aai says its manav lasts function as a SIL and Sul aai wants you to be there and i dont object ... Choo looks shocked ... Sav aai says she is not happy to take this decision but i am taking this decision because of manavs responsibilities and to return the favour to Archu ... choo looks less shocked now Sul aai says she wont say thanks because it wouldnt be right to say anytinh after what you have just said but i would just like to say that i am very grateful ... everyone is happy now ... Dam Baba says we should have sweets on such a happy occasion ... Sav aai gives him a stern look and sits down and archu goes into the kitchen ... Man baba says its enough that Sav aai has given her permission, and we have lots of preperations to do ... archu walks back into the room ... Man baba gives Kaka and Baba the invite ... archu gives Man baba and sul aai some prasad and Sul aai says to Archu to come home quick because we need her at home for the preperations ... the karanjakrs leave and choo goes into her room annoyed .(on the balcony at manavs house) baba is stood at the balcony and kakka comes to him ... kakka asks what he is thinking ... baba says the situations have changed ... kakka says it was bound to happen because Sav aai was going to melt sooner or later ... Baba says he hopes that Sav aai will make a spacei in her heart for archu (choos room) manav walks in and archu is at the door ... manav says he knows she is angry but her is only going there to fulfill his duties ... choo sees archu at the door and tells her to come in politley.... choo says to manav she has faith in him no matter how many obstacles come in the way, and our wedding will happen in 20 days, and aai has already given you permission so who am i to stop you ... manav looks down and says he is marrying her and her opinion matters to him choo says i am not trying to hurt you, just go and fulfil your duties with archu and i will wait ... manav walks out of the room and archu follows but choo calls her back and asks can she call manav on the phone when he is at her house ... archu says yes and archu says she has no onjection if she wants to come too, i have told you before that i am not against you to but with you to ... choo's niceness vanishes and she becomes evil again... she tells archu that she is not weak and i have more belief in my love than yours ... and if these five days will test my love then so be it ... archu says after the five days your test will be over but after these five days my test will start for the rest of my life ,... archu leaves the room(vershus house) vinod is on the phone and aai/baba walk in ... they have given all of the invites ... vershu comes in and asks if there was a problem at the deshmukhs house ... aai says there was no problem and sav aai agreed for ArMan to stay here ... everyones happy ... aai says she is doing this for archu because archu will live with these mometns for the rest of her life ... aai sees manju in the kitchen and goes to her and says to stop the work and that she shouldnt work in her situation and asks if she has drank milk ... ,manju says no ... aai tells viashu to take manju out of the kitchen vaishu sits manju on the sofa and vershu says she is sometimes jealous of her and she hopes to have a Saas like hers ... aai and vaishu laugh ... manju feels happy(night time at vandus bedroom) vandu is remembering the torture that ajit did to her ... vandu runs into the living room ... Aai is talking to someone about the MS ... Vandu runs to aai and is at her feet cryign and says she will do what she says but she cant live with ajit in the same room otherwise she will die ... i cant bare it anymore ... please help me ... aai says she will talk to ajit ... RA goes to ajit who is in a seperate room and says why is he forcing him self on her if she doesnt like it ... our reputation will worsen ... and if this continues then this could be worse for us both ... ajit says ok and i have many other girls to go to ... RA leaves the room and tells vandu that she can sleep in the hall ... RA leaves and vandu is relieved but sad color="#0000ff">(manavs house) manav is freshening up ... baba is asking for tea from archu ... aai goes to manav and asks to ring vandu and see if she has eaten ...(IF)... maanv says she is grown up now and she will look after herself ... manav says what will the Lokhandes think if we ring late at night? ... aai says God knows how vandu will be... Baba says its life and he is happy with the decisino aai made today ... Sav aai says to stop making me God but i am just returning the favour and i cant keep the burden .... Archu says she wont go ... aai says who is she to say not to go because i want to keep the promise i made to you ... aai says thats why she hates her because she always objects me and does me more and more favours ... archu says a daughter is not a burden ... aai says archu is not her daughter ... archu says but she is her aai and i have always thought of you as my aai and i always will ... baba is happy ... choo is fed up ... archu walks away ... and manav asks he doesnt know the reason behind her decision, even though aai have given us permission .... archu says for the sake of aai, Sav aai is totally broken with the situation with vandu and she needs support and i will stay here to support her ... she may not accept me as her daughter but i accept her as my aai, and no daughter can leave their mother like this ... i no the feeling of being alone and i want to save aai from her lonliess ... manav asks why is she doing all of this,  who will look after aai after 20 days? what will you gain from doing this ? ... archu says you were insulted at vershus engagement so why do you want to go for the wedding ? what will you gain from going there ?? manav doesnt say anything and archu says to gain something and do something for someone is keeping a relationship but we havent kept a relationship, we just love eachother ... and thats why it doesnt matter what we do ... and there are so many people to help at vershus wedding, and it wont make a difference if i go or not ... please manav, dont tell me to come, i dont want to go ... manav looks at arch.. manav is saying to aai that he respects archus decision in not going, but i have made a decision that i will go and stay at archus hosue for 5 days !!Go Manav Go Manav Go !! ... Manav and archu are getting better day by day and i loved the ArMan scene we had at the end ... it was soo sweet ... the epi was good overall ... we had a some sweet scenes of the family and we saw Sav aai trying not to show her emotions towards archu by being mean to her ... but i loved it ... OMG ... RA's phone was still on when vandu was begging and when she talked to archu ... do you think the person at the other end of the phone will say something ?? or was i just reading too much into the situation ?? either way it was a good epi ..