Here you get points called Swagbucks just for using the search engine, entering codes, trivia, and even shopping! You can use the points for great prizes like amazon gift certificates, PayPal cards, cool gear and video games!

Sign up for Swagbucks at Swag Store

By joining with this link, you'll be off to a great start with 3 free bucks! Even better, you can also earn just by shopping, recycling old items & more!

Step 2
Once you are a member, use the search engine for searches you'd naturally do. A great thing to do is to set as your homepage, so it's always around. When you win a congratulations message will pop up for you showing what you've won. The denominations range from 1-500 Swagbucks!

Step 3
To increase you odds of winning Swagbucks, do not over search! You can also compete in trivia games, earn through free codes, twitter contests, and Facebook postings! There is even a special Swidget, which will alert you to codes!

Step 4
Have fun and win big! I've had a great time using Swagbucks and have gotten a lot of free swag It;s a free and fast way to win for doing what you'd be doing anyway!

Note you need USA or Canadian adresse to sign up. USe a relatives if you dont live in canada or usa