In the coming episodes of Pratigya, Arushi (Avantika Hundal) will realize her mistake of not trusting her sister Pratigya (Pooja Gor) who tried to stop her from getting married to Aman (Piyush Sachdev) who was
already married to another girl.

A source says, "Arushi got married with Shakti to spoil Pratigya's life, however one day she visits a temple and happens to see Aman there. Aman arrives with his wife and the couple seeks blessings together. They also pray for good health of their soon to be born child. Arushi overhears this and is shocked. She then realizes that her sister was right about Aman. She goes back to her house and apologizes to Pratigya."

"Pratigya will forgive her and then tells her that it is better late than never. She also suggests her to stay away from Shakti. Arushi will express her desire to go back to her parent's house. Pratigya knows that none of her family members will allow her to go so Arushi decides to run away from her house. And hence Pratigya helps her to escape. On the other hand at the Saxena house there will be some more crisis as Komal does not hand over the money to anyone in the family. Therefore the Saxenas will have to live with no power and no medicine."

Confirming this Avantika says, "Yes Arushi will soon get to know the truth about Aman. Pratigya is adamant to make Arushi realise her mistake. We are yet to shoot for this particular track."

This track is likely to air next week.