Kesar is on the ground (not 'ground zero') crying in pain! Pratigya comes thr asking - "di! How di did this happen?" (duh lady, you just witnesses that! Silly silly question!) She comes running to Amma n Shakti n asks them to help her to take Kesar to hospital or else she will die! (great! asking the hunter to help in saving the prey! dumb! ) Amma n Shakti look at her n chill at their places! (I wish they better face SS' wrath as I know Kesar's kid will die! Pratigya gets furious on their indifference and tells them that she will take Kesar to hospital on her own n won't let anything happen to her! She takes Kesar to hospital n her treatment starts thr! Pratigya has got Krish's phone (chor chor chor) She thinks "how will I contact Krish as his phone is with me! (shd had thought this before stealing it! ROFL) Let me call Chandu!" Krish is with Chandu n Tunva! They see Pratigya calling on phone! They interpret that "its Pratigya trying to call out of her intense desire to talk to her LUBER BOY!ROFL So they do not pick the call! (Ohh LOGIC - whr art THOU?) Pratigya gets worried!

Police arrives thr and asks Pratigya - are you with the lady who got beaten badly? Pratigya says - yes! Police asks her to file the complaint and they will take care of rest! Pratigya tells them that the patient's husband's name is Shakti Singh! Inspector gets scared! ROFL (oee maa, the thakurs! Nuke) He asks for the husband's father's name n she says - its SS! Inspector ki sitti pitti gum and he refuses to file the complaint n Pratigya starts with her 'LECTURE'!
Pratigya - duh inspector! Angry This woman is beaten so badly n I am the eye witness Cool n you are refusing to file the complaint! Angry Thats your duty!
Inspector - Sorry, SS is very good citizen n I can't file complaint against his family n he leaves! (Police are just puppy toys in the hands of politicians! Thats real sad! )

Guruji calls her beti aka Partigwa! He tells her the good news that LUBER BOY 2 aka Amanwa is sending his parents to meet Aarushi! Pratigya is not happy! she tells him abt Kesar being hospitalized! Guruji asks wht happened! She doesn't tell him wht happened, just that KEsar is in hospital n she takes the oath to teach the thakurs a lesson! Guruji asks her to take LUBER BOY 2 aka Aman's help!

Pratigya calls Aman who is still in his PURPLE office! (abe iska cabin shuru hoote hi khatam ho jaata hai!) She tells him abt the matter! Aman gives her number of city DIG (i.e. "Deputy Inspector General of police!") and asks her to tell DIG the matter n give his name as reference! Pratigya calls DIG telling him that Aman Mathur told her to talk to you! DIG asks her to file FIR n he will take guarantee for it! (Now this COP is good!

Chandu asks Krish why is he not picking up the phone? Krish is lost in LUB! ROFL (his top floor had overdose of lub n abhi its malfunctioning! Silly "sorry, currently I refuse to take any other inputs except LUB" ROFL) He is like - "this is all love and after all that happened last night ......... uff!" Chandu n Tunva gets interested n asks him to narrate the SR incidence n Krish flowing on CLOUD 9 of LUB narrates somewht n then realises wht he is doing! He scolds them n asks them to get married themselves if they wanna experience this!

In hospital the doctor informs Pratigya that Kesar has lost lot of blood n she has multiple injuries in the stomach n hence the kid died thr! (Now I want SS to kill his elder son n wife! We will get rid of 2 villains!) Pratigya is shocked on hearing that! The doctor continues - "they will keep Kesar thr for few more days for treatment!" Pratigya goes over to Kesar n Kesar is crying for her dead kid! Unhappy Pratigya consoles her! Inspector comes and asks Pratigya - did you complaint to the DIG? Pratigya says yes! Inspector asks Kesar to narrate the whole story! Kesar asks Pratigya to give the statement on her behalf! Pratigya tells them that "Kesar was beaten very badly by her husband n her mother in law and hence her kid died in the womb, and rest you can see her state for yourself!" (ohk, thats a crisp statement! To the point!)

Pratigya returns with Kesar in bad state n Amma taunts them! (Lady you need to jump in a well n die! ROFL) Pratigya tells Ghanti dadi - "everything is lost! Kesar's dreams are lost! All her dreams are shattered! She has been beaten so badly that her kid died in the womb!" Amma gets worried hearing that n I dunno, I guess shows fake sorrow! Angry Ghanti Dadi collapses on her chair! Shakti gets up n taunts Kesar - see wht happened when you listen to this Pratigya! Pratigya takes Kesar to her room!

Krish enters shouting for her laila! ROFL ("Arre oo meri laila kahan hai tu? Le aa gaya tera Majnu!" ROFL ) Pratigya sees Krish! Krish goes over to Ghanti Dadi as she is sitting depressed and asks her wht happened? SS enters! SS scolds Krish - why are you troubling my mom? Krish says - "and when you trouble MY mom, do I ever say anything?" SS - "ohh really, if I hadn't done that, you would not have come into existence! ROFL Let me get a loud speaker for you n then you can shout - Krishna Pratigya LOVE Birds!" Then they both start teasing each other n SS is making weird noises!

Pratigya interfers and asks to talk to Krish n Krish thinks that she is just getting despo for him! D'oh (abe pyaar ke ghode se neeche utar be, yahan mamla bahut serious hai! Enters the Inspector! Amma gets scared n others get shocked! SS is surprised - how come this police van stopped at my door! Whts the reason? Inspector tells - I have arrest warrent for your wife n son Shakti! All get shocked! SS looks angrilt at Amma! Shakti is wondering something!

PRECAP - Nainaji telling Guruji - "why did he mention police? And its their daughter living in their house n now ppl will call their daughter - the lady who sent her bro-in-law n mom-in-law to jail!" Guruji is looking troubled! (Wht the useless advice by Naina?