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    Post Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 28th Jan.13- 1st Feb.13 Written updates


    Part 1

    Police comes. Ballu Gunpoints Madhu. Madhu screems RK, RK tells Ballu to leave Madhu. Pado screems not to do anything. Ballu smiles. A noise of gunshot comes. Blood coming from Madhus head. Trishna screams Madhu. RK and everyone shocked. Madhu shocked too. Then she realizes its ballu who got shot and ballu slowly leaving madhu. Everyone shocked to see Ballu shot. RK stares at Madhu. Madhu all scared. then Ballu turns and Pado is revealed. Ballu died. Shamo gets happy. Everyone looks at Pado.

    Scene shifts to Police station. Pado arrested for shooting ballu. RK Madhu and everyone comes behind. Trishna and madhu crys and says not to do this. Shamo tells the police men that you were present there and you knew everything how all this happened. Radha defends too. Police men says that he understands but right now he has to do this. RK calls bittu ji to call the lawyer. RK tells madhu to relax. Pado says let them do what they are doing.
    Rk is not feeling good. Madhu is scared and tells what happened. RK tells her nothing and tells to leave as they need her right now. Madhu leaves. RK again about to faint Radha comes and holds him, bittu ji comes too. RK tells we will go to the hospital but no one will tell madhu. RK in car unconcious. They leave for hospital.
    Shamo gives his words to police what happened. Roma comes and tells pado to say something.
    Bittu ji talking on phone, Madhu is scared and says you guys lied to me where is RK. Bittu ji says that nothing serious its just a small injury. Madhu restless. Shamo tells her to go to RK as he needs her. Madhu leaves.

    RK in hospital room. Madhu comes and is so restless about RK, Radha ji slaps her and says that he was not able to breath properly thats why docs have given him oxygen. Madhu says are you saying the truth na, he will be fine na. Radha ji says that we all are with him nothing will happen. Radha ji and Madhu sits. Radha ji tells her to say that prayer. Madhu says. Radha says nothing will happen to my son and your husband. She ask about Pado.

    The lawyer tells pado to do what he is saying. He tells that our case is very strong. Pado not responding. Trishna tells her to speak, but she is not answering. Lawyer comes out and tells bittu ji that we can win this case but for that she has to speak and she is not even speaking. Roma says that person just killed a person so how can she be normal. Lawyer leaves and tells bittu ji to call him when she is able to speak.

    Part 2

    In hospital, Radha ji says that she will be normal as its just a shock for her. Nurse comes and tells to come with her to do some formalities. Radha goes. Madhu comes inside the room. RK sleeping. Madhu crying and puts her hand on his forhead. RK hands move and he wakes up. RK ask Madhu you here. Madhu comes sit with RK. RK stares her and about to wipe her tears “Hum hai deewane” but stops. Madhu shocked

    Part 3

    RK ask why you here. Madhu says that you were in such a condition how can I leave you and you didnt even told me, RK says that you should not have been here as your other needs you. Madhu says that why are you saying like this, did I did anything wrong. RK looks down.

    Episode Ends

    Precap: Madhu screaming at Trishna that coz of you Pado did all this as he was your producer. Bittu ji also present. Trish says that before saying anything to me just ask your husband first as he was making me launch in the film, he bought Ballu into our lifes as a producer. She says that ask him, as this could be a plan also to destroy us.
    Madhu ask RK you bought ballu as a producer for Trish film. RK not able to say anything.


    RK says I am fine and says that you should not have been here as your mother needs you. Madhu says that why are you saying like this, did I did anything wrong. RK looks down. RK says its nothing like that. He says that I will tell Bittu ji to call the lawyer. Madhu says that the lawyer has came. She says that Why are you talking to me like this. Radha ji comes. RK tells madhu to leave as your family needs you more. Madhu hesitates and looks confused. Radha ji says that I am taking RK home so you go to your Family. RK insisits too. Madhu leaving. RK looks at her. Madhu turns, RK looks down.

    Trishna tells Radha ji to speak. Shamo comes and takes her outside and yells at her that the more you will cry it will remind of us that you are behind all this. He says that you just stay here. Madhu says that you knew everything and still you were quite. You knew what he did with us so how can you stay quite. Trishna says that how could I tell everyone as it was my dream. Madhu says that your dream was more important then us. Trishna says that its not liek this. Madhu says that its all your mistake. Trish says that he was the one who came, not me. Madhu says that It was not your mistake as he found us, but your mistake was hiding all this. Trish says if its all my mistake then what about RK. Madhu says that what are you saying. Trish says that RK was the one who bought Ballu back in our lifes. Madhu has flashback of ballu being in the vaniety. Trish says that he was the one who was launching me in films and ballu was the producer. She says that think once that it could be all planned as he bought ballu back and he was the one who wanted to make pado and shamo married, it could be a big plan. Buttu ji says that its nothing like this we didnt knew this. Trish says that a producer you didnt even bothered about knwoing his idenity. She again tells madhu to think. Madhu leaves.

    RK thinking about what happened and drinking. Madhu comes. RK looks down. Madhu comes and RK says you should not be here. She tells her that we need to talk and just look at me. Madhu says that did you tell ballu to produce Trish film and you hided this from me. RK says that I wanted to make everything perfect in trishna’s life and I hided this from you as you would not feel good. He said my intensions were not bad. He says that I cant even tell you…Madhu says that you are feeling guilty and thats why you are not looking at me. RK says that I dont knwo how to say sorry to you. Madhu says that whoch sorry, about what. Madhu says that you didnt knew anything about ballu. So how can you blame yourself. She says that he had to come here and we cannot deny that. “Hum hai deewane” RK finally wipes Madhu’s tears. RK says that whether you will leave me for this thing. MAdhu says no. RK says that I was very scared that for this thing you would leave me. Madhu says to keep quite. RK says that today in phone when you said my name. Madhu says that I was not scared as you told me that you will come so you had to comes. She thanks him a scoz of him she is all fine. “Hum hai deewane” Rishbala HUG.

    Part 2

    RK says you the hell was saving you. I am selfish as I was saving myself as if something had happened to you how will I live. Rk says that I wished Ballu died from my hands , as how dare he said that he will kill you.Bittu ji comes and says that tomm morning they have to reach the court. RK says ok. Bittu ji leaves. RK ask madhu whether Pado was able to speak up or not. Madhu nodes no. RK says that he hopes that she is able to speak tomm as she needs to explain everything.

    Part 3

    Outside the court the media is present. The reporter says that today is the case of superstar RK’s mother in law. On the other hand RK-BIWI coming with radha ji. Madhu tolding RK’s hand. The media surrounds RK and madhu. They ask what you have to say about it. Non of them answers just then bittu ji comes and says that he had already issued a press statement on RK’s behalf. They all proceed. Pado comes and everyone looking at her. Shamo, trish are present. The media questions her but she remains mum.

    Precap: The lawyer ask Pado to speak But she remains quiet.


    Part 1

    Cops bring Paddo to the court n press again hounds her! She stays mum! RK interrupts and threatens them saying if they dun wanna keep themselves deprived of his interviews…they better keep quiet.. n whisks Paddo with him! Madhu comes and requests Paddo to break her silence and assures that they are with her and that her silence will take her away from them! She requests Paddo to save herself for their sake…! Cops take Paddo inside the court..!

    Trish apologises to Madhu for shouting on her and for blaming RK! She says.. that she was troubled and feeling guilty..! Madhu comforts her..! RK says..they better focus on saving Paddo first.. n they can keep apologies for later!

    Court is in session..! Prosecution lawyer says that its an open and closed case.. Paddo is an unlucky lady who ended up killing her own hubby .. and witness is the entire Police team…n the weapon used has been confiscated! He requests for tough punishment! Defense lawyer says that it is a murder.. (a) Witness (b) Weapon (c) Motive … while (a) and (b) are there… (c) is not stated.. ! He says..that Ballu was a danger to all ..n his army too was present.. who wanted to kill Paddo and her daughter Madhu n whole family..! He says.. in the presence of cops.. Ballu attacked Madhu .. n in this situation ..Paddo did what a mom should do… kill Ballu under self defense..!

    Judge says that he is aware of the whole thing but Paddo has not stated her view yet.. n asks her to speak.. but Paddo keeps mum! Judge and Defense Lawyer plead Paddo to speak.. else case would weaken but Paddo stays mum! She is fidgeting and scared! She replays the whole moment in her mind n is about to breakdown! But suddenly she finds her voice and says…that if the law wants to hang her.. for the murder.. so be it..as she deserves it..! She says..it should not be for killing Ballu ..but to keep him alive for 20 years..! For tolerating all of his torture .. for tolerating his insults … for keeping mum. . never opposing.. never retaliating! She says..she should be punished .. for keeping mum when Ballu tortured Trish..! She says she should be punished for running away..for falling weak.. when Ballu threatened her unborn baby .. rather than ending Ballu once and for all..! She says..she will be happy to take the death sentence.. as ..she will go in peace..knowing that she has ended the torture.. named Ballu n saved her kids forever..! Paddo passes out.! Madhu-Trish give her water..! Judge asks if she is ok? She says yes..! Madhu-Trish are asked to go sit at their place.!

    Prosecution lawyer picks on the word ‘Rakshas’ and says..it shows Paddos characterlesness ..who calls her hubby as a ‘Rakshas’ in a country where hubby are called .. ‘Pati Parmeshwar’ …just to save her skin! Madhu says that.. the person who wants to be known as Parmeshwar. .needs to be a Pati first..! Judge asks Madhu to come stand in the witness box to depose..! Madhu comes and defines.. ‘Parmeshwar’ … a strength that keeps one alive.. n the person who wants to destroy anyone..cannot be a ‘Parmeshwar’ rather .. a ‘Rakshas’! She tells the lawyer that many have same thought.. who think that when a guy is born ..people think Gods avtar is born.. n a boy is considered superior to a girl..! She says..how a guy throws acid on girls face.. rapes a girl in moving bus.. even murders a girl..! She says..such men should be shot dead or hung! She asks all .why girls are weak. .why they are idol of sacrifices? Coz.. they TOLERATE.. they ENDURE..!! She says.. that if the person who handles the home goes off the track..there wont be a home left..!

    She says. .no matter how big a man becomes. .she is born from a woman’s womb. .n when the womb gets wayward.. there wont be a world left..! She says.. how a woman feeds a baby ..n that baby grows up to break another womans bones? She says..how a man..who is born of a woman ..hurts another woman? Madhu says..her mom is a woman..who endured all ..but today her child was attacked..so she had to react.. ! She says.. a woman is not just a Janani. .but a Durga avtar too..!

    Part 2

    She says that.. Paddo.. did all she could for her kids.. and for them she is their Parmeshwar..! She says..she is proud of what Paddo did for her today! She tells all the women in the court that if their hubbies are like Ballu ..they outta do what Paddo did! Radha and all clap..for Madhu n give her standing ovation! Judge asks them to settle..! Judge concludes that the act is an act of self defense and court session ends! Madhu is all smiles..n RK watches her..!

    Part 3

    Paddo tells all women to fight.. for their family ..for their kids and for society! All clap again! Paddo hugs Madhu n Trish …!

    Precap — RK asks Bittu if all arrangements are made for the picnic? Bittu confirms! RK comes and finds Madhu is packing.. a suitcase. with RKs stuff n then is about to put her stuff..! RK comes and removes all the clothes from the suitcase and puts Madhu in the suitcase n says . his important.. stuff is packed! Madhu is confused!


    Part 1

    Madhu is sitting lost in thoughts.. n RK comes She says..when she is troubled..she sits on Stairs. n RK asks..if she gets solutions thru stairs?

    RK says..he never praises anyone elses performance but today Madhu made him proud..! He feels guilty about him forcibly taking 4 pheras.. with Madhu ..n says.. he had left no stone unturned to insult her.. ! Madhu asks him not to think of it! She reminds him ..how she had fought against all his misdeeds! She says..how he applied RK-balm on all his misdeeds n it din feel that bad..! RK holds Madhu n says Biwi n Madhu says.. AHAN!

    Dips reads the headlines praising.. Paddo-Madhu .on the court drama! Sikky comes n says..he had brains but lost them.. after marrying Dips! He sees paper n says..whole family pic has come except theirs..!

    Paddo is sitting all hassled.. when Madhu comes.. n asks her to have tea! Trish asks her to calm down as well.. ! Paddo asks them to leave her alone.. ! Right then.. RK-Radha-Roma come..!

    Radha and Roma ask Paddo to agree to complete the incomplete rituals.! RK calls out SASURJI n Shammo appears.! RK asks.. him to do his DEED .. before Paddo starts crying..[like Madhu] Shammo tells Paddo that.. what has happened is good.. n what will happen is also good ..n puts sindoor on her forehead!

    RK says.. time for legal formalities n calls his lawyer.. for registration! Roma puts a ganpati bappa locket necklace around Paddo..! RK declares that they are going for Family picnic!

    Madhu is packing all of RKs stuff. .n then is about to pack her stuff when RK comes n takes it all out .. lifts her up n puts her in the suitcase! He says.. thats all he needs…! Madhu says..thats all? His shirts n pants? RK says..they have to increase their TRP so ..better not joke..!

    RK says.. all are coming.. Maleeks.. Bhatiyas n all..! Madhu calls RK close n RK puts the suitcase flap on her !

    Radha asks Dips if all packing done? She says yes..! Sikky is putting on cricket uniform! Bittu says really? Sikky says ..he will come n beat Bittu at cricket! He hits.. the ball thrown by Bittu for a run..!

    Dips rues.. Mota parviar.. Dukhi parivar..! She adds drinks in the pepsi bottle n it is hit by the ball Sikky has hit! Bittu comes n smells.. drinks..! Dips tries to hide..! Bittu asks Sikky to call Kuku n looks at Dips n leaves!

    Part 2

    Madhu tells her mom that they are coming thru alternate route as RK felt this would be jam! The call gets cut! RK says.. line is not available .. but he is..!

    Madhu says.. PP network operator [Pyare Pati] .. why taking shortcut? RK says..else did be stuck..! Duo bicker about the route..! He says.. she is lucky to be with superstar RK ..who has done favour on her by saving her from jam n the route..! RK says..she too is his fan n Madhu says. .no..not ur fan!

    Part 3

    RK keeps driving looking at Madhu n leaves the steering wheel… n says.. Madhu to say she is his Fan .. out loud! Madhu is scared n says.. she is his fan . n I LOVE U! Rishbala eyelock!

    Precap — Rishbala arrive at village…! All are excited..! They meet a guy in college who. .says.. RK is not hero..! Madhu tells RK that there are many out there who are not RKs fans!


    Part 1

    RK tells Madhu to scream out loud she is his fan n Madhu does.. so n says.. I LOVE U! Madhu ends up losing control of car and the car skids off road n stops..! RK goes to check..!

    RK opens the bonnet n his face is all greased .. coz of the fumes.. from the cars radiator! Madhu smiles n is about to click his pic n RK fumes! He puts some grease on Madhus face n says..now she looks like his fan after all a fan is colored in the color of their star! [Aab lag rahi ho.. Fan no.1]

    RK is checking the car when bullock cart passes by n kids see n scream.. RK .. Superstar RK . .n RK shows off to Madhu The kids discuss where to take autograph n a girl offers her hand..! RK asks for pen. .but f inally uses the grease on his face to sign the girls name!

    One of the kids say..his dad is mechanic.. n is at the village..! RK asks time needed to reach n kids says.. 1 hour..! RK sees his moby n no network .. n Madhu says.. number dialed is not available.. but the buddha.. bullock cart driver is useful..!

    RKs feet falls on cow dung n he says. SHIT and Madhu says..correct!

    RK manages to get on the cart after lot of effort! Madhu n kids smile! Kids scream.. out how Superstar RK has come! RK says.. the kids are devils n Madhu says.. dare call OUR kids devils… n says.. the boy is like her n girls are like him…! Madhu says.. the one after whom world is crazy is crazy about her!

    Sikky – Servants play cricket..! Radha tries RK-Madhus number but it does not go thru! Radha suggests to go for picnic! Dips makes excuse of headache! She asks Sikky to stop n goes off..!

    RK-Madhu arrive at the village.. ! All kids identify him! The bullock cart driver introes RK ..n even the women identify! They ask for Pandey Mechanic but he is at other village..! The village leader comes ..n refuses to acknowledge RK! Madhu tells RK that there are many like her who are not RKs fans!

    The kid introes the leader to RK but RK gwaffs n Madhu takes his blessing n RK too! Villagers suggest to stay at the leaders house but the leader asks why? Finally he relents after being threatened by his grandson … cutely..n asks RK-Madhu to come!

    Part 2

    The leaders wife.. checks out RK … n Madhu! Asks.. RKs name n he says Rishabh Kundra..! The grandson introes the duo to his grandma n she pulls Madhu inside! RK follows..!

    The wife tells Madhu to teach RK some hand-job ..as there is no guarantee of film line! She tells Madhu ..that she is superstar material.. n has superstar name..! RK fumes n Madhu smiles!

    Part 3

    The lady asks RK-Madhu to relax..! RK is about to switch on the AC ..when leader says..it needs to be cleaned as last operated ages back n RK taunts her! Madhu offers to clean the AC…! They leave! RK is fuming!

    Precap — The kids ask RK to dance..only when they will give him a con! RK is wearing dhoti and dancing on Dabang song…! Madhu smiles..!
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