Part 1

Radha calls up Paddo and says she wants to complaint about Madhu Shocked n Paddo asks what.. n Radha says. that she din invite u guys over..n ur SAMDHAN has to invite u! Paddo says.. she will come but Trish-Roma are outdoor..! Radha asks to bring Shammo along..! Paddo agrees!

Paddo comes to Shammo and he says..they will go.. ! Paddo offers to get sweets and Shammo says wanna see how HAPPY MADHU IS at her in laws place! Tongue Radha admires Madhu who is decked up in the green saree..! Madhu asks Radha to show her pic in this saree so they can know who looks better!

Radha tells Madhu that her family is invited and Madhu is taken aback! She says that RK has himself asked to invite her parents n asks her to thank RKs friend Bappa..! Shammo is making cast ready for icicle [ice knife]! Shammo says he will chop RKs neck

Madhu comes to RK with sherwani n RK is busy drooling on her Day Dreaming Madhu feels shy! Eyelock! [Tanu in swarglok] He compliments her that she is looking pretty! Blushing RK tries to pour water but cant.. Madhu helps..! She thanks him for the invite! RK says..its to clear Paddos debt for keeping pooja for him! Madhu wishes he gets well soon but RK says.. he needs.. meds not wishes..! Madhu says.. the meds will make him drowsy so.. better not to take!

Madhu asks RK to get up n wear the sherwani n RK says.. no one uses that tone with him! Madhu offers to help him CHANGE! Embarrassed RK says.. he can wear on his own! Madhu chup chup ke watches RK struggle to change.. Shocked n RK calls out to the servants.! He calls out BIWI! Madhu is n turns him around n asks if he was a pillar! She takes off the shirt .. [VD wearing vest] puts the sherwani on! RK is resting his hand on Madhus shoulder [touching her back] Rishbala are close ! Dips sees! She slams the door n Rishabal break eyelock n Madhu leaves! Sikky breaks into Dips safe! Dips comes and Sikky tries to hide the loot! L Dips sees n is suspicious!

Part 2

Sikky reasons.. he is selecting clothes for the puja..! Dips says..she can see her future.. scrubbing utensils.. n Madhu ordering her! Sikky flees..! Dips decides to do something to keep Madhu away from RK!

Part 3

Shammo opens the fridge and takes out the icicle and starts to sharpen its edges! He resolves to stab it in RKs heart!

Precap -- Dips asks Madhu if she needs any help for the arrangements n Madhu says no..! Dips spills ghee on Madhus saree and Madhu changes it..! She is in open hair and pink saree! She ends up throwing the pallo on RK n he fumes.. ! He asks her to change and Madhu asks why coz its Dips? RK fumes!

Credit: Armu4eva