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    Cool Premeer (Harshiti) all love scenes

    Premeer First Phone Convo. thanks to a cross connection.
    YouTube - Mar18thPH1

    Premeer feel each others' presense and dance to KDMHMD Title Song.
    YouTube - Mar20thPH1

    Heer crying in India and Prem somehow feels the pain in Canada.

    YouTube - Mar24thPH1

    Prem protects Heer from some wierdos at the Railroad Station.
    YouTube - April1stPH1

    Premeer Dupatta Scene at Railroad Station.
    YouTube - April1stPH2

    Premeer bump into each in the dark. Heer realizes its Prem and runs away.
    YouTube - April7th-8thPH1

    Premeer at the Shiv Mandir.
    YouTube - April8th 9thPH1

    Heer tries to take her ring back; Prem catches her. Premeer see each other face to face for first time.
    YouTube - April14th 15thPH1

    Prem and Heer talk to each other for the first time. Prem asks if she is the girl that he saw at the Shiv Mandir. Heer is upset with him for firing her from his hotel.
    YouTube - April21stPH1

    "Pehli Pehli Baar" Song Sequence on Premeer.
    YouTube - April22ndPH1

    "O Re Pia" Song Sequence on Premeer.
    YouTube - April24thPH1

    Prem protects Heer from the wedding guests who are angry at her that she pretended to be the bride.
    YouTube - April24thPH2

    Prem realizes Heer has been living in his house all this time. Prem apologizes to Meher on behalf of Preet.
    YouTube - April29thPH1

    Prem tries to tell Heer how he feels about her.
    YouTube - April30thPH1

    Prem again tries to talk to Heer but Lalit interrupts
    YouTube - May1stPH1

    "Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam" Song Sequence on Premeer.
    YouTube - May1stPH2

    Prem finds Heer unconscious and tries to wake her up.
    YouTube - May7thPH1

    Heer wakes up and Prem tells her that he found her unconscious last night that is why she is here.
    YouTube - May7thPH2

    Premeer are walking together and they are mistaken as being newlyweds.
    YouTube - May8thPH1

    "Suraj Hua Madhaam" Song Sequence.
    YouTube - May8thPH2

    Prem comes to meet Heer in jail and questions her on why she lied.
    YouTube - May14thPH1

    Heer is released from jail and Manmeet hugs her. Prem becomes upset and leaves from there.
    YouTube - May14thPH2

    Prem asks Heer why she is so sad.
    YouTube - May19thPH1

    Premeer grab the same softdrink glass and end up having a staring session.
    YouTube - May20thPH1

    Premeer dance on "Bol Na Halke Halke" Song.
    YouTube - May21stPH1

    Heer imagines getting slapped by Daljeet and gets upset. Prem sees Heer sad and asks her what happened.
    YouTube - May22ndPH1

    Prem tells Heer he LOVES her.
    YouTube - May26thPH1
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7AVjhg5FpM"Kabhi Alvida

    Naa Kehna" Song Sequence on Premeer during puja.
    YouTube - May28thPH1

    Prem tells Heer he will die first before she marries Manmeet.
    YouTube - May29thPH1

    At Mehendi event, Heer coming down stairs while Prem is looking at her.
    YouTube - June3rdPH1

    Prem imagining Heer declaring her love for him.
    YouTube - June4thPH1

    Heer gets angry at Prem for spying on Manmeet and interfering in her life.
    YouTube - June4thPH2

    Prem straightens Heer's maangteeka.
    YouTube - June9thPH1

    Heer knows Manmeet's real identity and then imagines Prem and Manmeet both telling they love her.
    YouTube - June12thPH1

    Prem stops at Heer's door before going to the mandap for his marriage with Ashlesha.
    YouTube - June12thPH2

    Prem says Heer is not alone and declares that Prem/Heer are one and the same in front of everyone.
    YouTube - June18thPH1

    Prem, Heer, and Meher come to live in a chawl.
    YouTube - June19thPH1

    "Shayad Yahi Toh Pyaar Hai" Song Seqence on Premeer.
    YouTube - June19thPH2

    Prem getting wet outside while Heer watches from the window.
    YouTube - June23rdPH1

    Meher tells Prem to drink "kaara" for his sneezing as Heers looks on.
    YouTube - June23rdPH2

    Shaving Cream/Stuck Dupatta Premeer Scene.
    YouTube - June24thPH1

    Meher gives prasad to Prem on Heer's behalf as he going for some important meeting.
    YouTube - June24thPH2

    Heer comes to give Prem his file in the rain as Lalit/Preet watch.
    YouTube - June25thPH1

    Heer pins Prem's shirt because it is missing a button.
    YouTube - June25thPH2

    Prem nominated for Award, he hugs Heer and both feel a little uncomfortable.
    YouTube - June25thPH3

    Heer comes to award ceremony and Prem takes her to the table.
    YouTube - June30thPH1

    Premeer hug after Awards Ceremony.
    YouTube - July1stPH1
    While cooking, Heer imagines Prem turning the fan for her.
    July3rdPH1.wmv - 5.20MB
    YouTube - July3rdPH1

    Heer tells Prem he is her life and PROPOSES to him, Prem says no.
    YouTube - July7thPH1

    Prem trying to talk to Heer but an angry Heer doesn't want to listen.
    YouTube - July8thPH1

    Prem PROPOSES to Heer. She accepts.
    YouTube - July9thPH1

    Prem upset about Lalit, Heer consoles him.
    YouTube - July10thPH1

    Prem buys a ghajra for Heer and ties it on her hair.
    YouTube - July15thPH1

    Premeer tie thread at dhargah.
    YouTube - July16thPH1

    Prem tells Heer that they will always be together.
    YouTube - July17thPH1

    Lalit has a nightmare where both Premeer die.
    YouTube - July23rd-24thPH1

    Titanic Scene on Premeer.
    YouTube - July28thPH1

    Prem comes to Heer in the hospital but she pretends to not recognize him.
    YouTube - July28th 29thPH1

    Prem comes to Heer's room while she is sleeping. He falls asleep beside her bed.
    YouTube - July29thPH1

    Prem trying to remind Heer of their old memories but she pretends to not remember anything.
    YouTube - July30thPH1

    Prem stops Heer from leaving by showing her the bridal dupatta she gave to Lalit
    YouTube - Aug4thPH1

    "Wada Raha" performance by Meher/Dheer. Premeer stealing glances at each other.
    YouTube - Aug7thPH1

    Prem flirts with Heer and tells her they were destined to be together.
    YouTube - Aug12thPH1

    "Ishq Hua" Song Sequence on Premeer.
    YouTube - Aug12thPH2

    Prem gifts Heer green choodiyan.
    YouTube - Aug13thPH1

    Prem holds Heer's hand while she is trying to pass dal to Preet.
    YouTube - Aug21stPH1

    Prem is worried sick that Heer isnt back yet and questions her when she gets back.
    YouTube - Aug25thPH1

    Prem gifts Heer a new phone.
    YouTube - Aug26thPH1

    Lalit introduces Heer to Veera's soon-to-be-in-laws. Prem stealing romantic glances at Heer.
    YouTube - Aug27thPH1

    Prem upset with Heer because she hid Veera's truth from him.
    YouTube - Sept3rdPH1

    Heer upset with Prem because he is hiding things from her.
    YouTube - Sept8thPH1

    Prem steals Heer's prasad.
    YouTube - Sept11thPH1

    **Must-watch Scene** Prem loves "Aande" more than Heer.
    YouTube - Sept11thPH2

    Prem is not talking to Heer and Heer asks Preet to help her.
    YouTube - Sept15thPH1

    Heer sings "Maine Pyaar Kiya" to Prem.
    YouTube - Sept15thPH2

    An uncomfortable Heer wears a western outfit to please Prem.
    YouTube - Sept17thPH1

    Prem tries to talk to Heer about Sanjana but can't while she makes parathas.
    YouTube - Sept18thPH1

    Heer consoles a sad Prem before their engagement.
    YouTube - Sept24thPH1

    Prem tells Heer the truth behind the Sanjana fiasco.
    YouTube - Sept25thPH1PartI
    YouTube - Sept25thPH1PartII

    Prem's non-verbal[straight from his heart] promises to Heer on their engagement.
    YouTube - Sept25thPH2

    Prem says bye to Heer before he leaves for Delhi.
    YouTube - Sept29th 30thPH1

    Heer gets an ear-full from Prem for not listening to him about staying at home.
    YouTube - Oct1stPH1

    Heer puts her wedding outfit's dupatta on and she imagines Prem there.
    YouTube - Oct7thPH1

    Prem's voice wishes "Happy Birthday" to Heer.
    YouTube - Oct15thPH1

    Prem's surprise for Heer's birthday. Heer sings in front of a crowd.
    YouTube - Oct16thPH2

    Prem's voice asks Heer to go in the backyard for her last surprise.
    YouTube - Oct20thPH1

    Premeer Rain Dance.
    YouTube - Oct20thPH2

    Heer crying; Prem comes and wipes her tears.
    YouTube - Oct21stPH1

    Heer has flashbacks about Premeer talking about their bedroom and how they will keep it.
    YouTube - Oct22ndPH1

    Heer imagines Prem there at Veera's haldi event.
    YouTube - Oct29thPH1

    No November 2008 Scenes Because of TV Strike

    Premeer Romance/Dance.
    YouTube - Dec4thPH1

    Prem is BACK! Heer about to fall; Prem catches her.
    YouTube - Dec17thPH1

    "Main Yahan Hoon" Song Sequence on Premeer.
    YouTube - Dec17thPH2

    Prem picks up the engagement ring and gives it to Heer.
    YouTube - Dec22ndPH1

    Heer dances at her engagement with Rishab and Prem feels something.
    YouTube - Dec23rdPH1

    Heer is crying on the terrace and her tear falls on Prem's cheek.
    YouTube - Dec23rdPH2

    Heer hides in Gaurav's[Prem's] room and he saves her from the gaurds who arelooking for her.
    YouTube - Dec24thPH1

    Gaurav[Prem]-Heer at the dhargah again.
    YouTube - Dec25th 29thPH1

    Gaurav[Prem]-Heer Dupatta Scene at Railroad Station.
    YouTube - Dec30thPH1

    Heer crying and Gaurav[Prem] gives her a hankie.
    YouTube - Jan5thPH1

    Heer-Gaurav[Prem] talk on the phone to each other.
    YouTube - Jan7th 8thPH1

    Gaurav[Prem]-Heer Shiv Mandir Scene. Heer finally sees Gaurav[Prem].
    YouTube - Jan21st 22ndPH1

    Gaurav[Prem]-Heer do the Lodi ritual together.
    YouTube - Jan27thPH1

    Gaurav[Prem]-Heer Face-to-Face. Gaurav[Prem] tells Heer that he isn't her Prem; she doesn't believe him.
    YouTube - Jan28thPH1

    Heer sings "Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hai" in front of a crowd for Gaurav[Prem].
    YouTube - Jan29thPH1

    Heer invites Gaurav to her wedding.
    YouTube - Feb4thPH1

    Heer getting ready before the marriage...Premeer Flashbacks. [Heer luks beautiful]
    YouTube - Feb5thPH1

    Prem tries to cook for Heer but burns it.
    YouTube - Feb10thPH1

    Prem stops Heer's wedding with Rishabh.
    YouTube - Feb11thPH1

    Preet & Gang play a prank on Heer.
    YouTube - Feb13thPH1

    Prem & Heer staring session in Gayatri's room.
    YouTube - Feb13thPH2

    Heer making halwa and Prem watching her.
    YouTube - Feb13thPH3

    Prem & Heer Left Home Alone at the J-Zoo.
    YouTube - Feb17thPH1

    Prem ruins the kitchen while cooking.
    YouTube - Feb17thPH2

    Prem & Heer have chips and water for their dinner date on the terrace. "Thode Badmaash Ho Tum" Played.
    YouTube - Feb17thPH3

    Prem & Heer get wet in the rain.
    YouTube - Feb18thPH1

    Prem & Heer cute mirror scene [flashback].
    YouTube - Feb18thPH2

    Prem flirts with Heer after she comes out of the bathroom [Heer's Dream].
    YouTube - Feb23rdPH1

    Heer makes a vest for Prem.
    YouTube - Feb24thPH1

    Heer brings lunch for Prem at the office.
    YouTube - Feb25thPH1

    Prem saves Heer from getting hit by a car.
    YouTube - Feb26thPH1

    Prem and Heer forced to stay in the same bedroom.
    YouTube - Feb26thPH1

    Prem and Heer tour Mumbai.
    YouTube - March2ndPH1

    Prem bandages Heer's wound and helps her wear her choodiyan.
    YouTube - March2ndPH2

    Gaurav tells Heer that Prem may have loved her but he still left her alone.
    YouTube - March10thPH1

    Heer gives Prem's kurta to Gaurav to wear and puts on the religious string for him.
    YouTube - March12thPH1

    Prem/Gaurav closes the hook on Heer's mangalsutra.
    YouTube - March12thPH2

    Heer remembers past Premeer scene when Gaurav tries to stop her path.
    YouTube - March13thPH1

    Heer confused on whether Gaurav is her Prem or not.
    YouTube - March16thPH1

    Heer trips on a rock and Prem/Gaurav catches her.
    YouTube - March17thPH1

    Heer finally knows that her Prem is pretending to be Gaurav.
    YouTube - March24thPH1

    Heer begins to change clothes in front of Prem, he gets uncomfortable and leaves.
    YouTube - March24thPH2

    Heer asks Prem to tie the back of her choli.
    YouTube - March24thPH1

    Heer tells Prem she will tie his pagadi.
    YouTube - March25thPH1

    Heer tells Gayatri that soon she will become a dadi in front of Prem.
    YouTube - March25thPH2

    Prem asks Heer if she only loved Prem's face and she lies and says yes.
    YouTube - March25thPH3

    Prem upset that his Heer is falling for Prem's look-alike. "Mera Saiyaan" Song Sequence.
    YouTube - March25thPH4

    Premeer Dance on Kis Desh Title Song.
    YouTube - March26thPH1

    Premeer drive home together after the party.
    YouTube - March26thPH2

    Heer flirting with an angry Prem. Prem slaps Heer.
    YouTube - March27thPH1

    Prem finally tells Heer that he is her Prem.
    YouTube - March27thPH21
    YouTube - March27thPH22

    Prem tells Heer what happened to him after the Delhi Bomb Blast.
    YouTube - March30thPH1

    Prem tells Heer how he found about RR and got Veera-Nihaal married.
    YouTube - March30thPH2

    Heer tells Prem that she wont let him leave.
    YouTube - March31stPH1

    Prem says he wont be able to fulfill the promises he made to Heer. "KANK" Song Sequence.
    YouTube - March31stPH2

    Heer tells Prem that she cant lie to the family that he is Gaurav.
    zSHARE - April1stPH1.wmv
    YouTube - April1stPH1

    Heer and Prem tie the "gadh-bandhan" for Maya & Harman.
    zSHARE - April2ndPH1.wmv

    Heer imagines herself and Prem taking wedding pheras.
    zSHARE - April2ndPH2.wmv

    Prem says Heer has to take care of J-zoo when he is gone.
    zSHARE - April3rdPH1.wmv

    Prem asks Heer to get married again once he is gone.
    zSHARE - April6thPH1.wmv
    YouTube - April6thPH1

    Prem tells Heer that he is going to leave in a few hours.
    zSHARE - April7thPH1.wmv
    YouTube - April7thPH1

    Heer upset over Prem leaving. "Yaadein" Song Sequence.
    zSHARE - April7thPH2.wmv
    YouTube - April7thPH2

    Heer tells Prem they have always been together so how can he ever leave her.
    zSHARE - April7thPH3.wmv
    YouTube - April7thPH3

    Heer avoiding Prem.
    zSHARE - April8thPH1.wmv
    YouTube - April8thPH1

    Prem upsets Lallu and Heer tells Prem she knows why.
    zSHARE - April8thPH2.wmv
    YouTube - April8thPH2

    Prem tries to leave J-zoo but unable to because Veera faints.
    zSHARE - April8thPH3.wmv
    YouTube - April8thPH3

    Heer puts Prem's clothes back in the closet.
    zSHARE - April9thPH1.wmv
    YouTube - April9thPH1

    Prem and Heer sing "Hum Hain Iss Pal Yahan."
    zSHARE - April9thPH2.wmv
    YouTube - April9thPH2

    Prem is packing Heer's dupatta and Heer notices.
    zSHARE - April10thPH1.wmv
    YouTube - April10thPH1

    Heer praying and Prem comes back through the door.
    zSHARE - April10thPH2.wmv
    YouTube - April10thPH2

    Prem comes back forever to Heer and J-zoo.
    YouTube - April13thPH1

    Prem in full romance mood with Heer.
    YouTube - April13thPH2

    Heer has a fever and Prem takes care of her.
    YouTube - April15thPH1

    Heer tells Prem that she isnt upset he took Veera and Gayatri's side instead of hers.
    YouTube - April17thPH1

    Premeer's Big Night.
    YouTube - April20thPH1

    Prem remembers Premeer past moments.
    YouTube - April22ndPH1

    Prem calls Heer but is unable to say anything.
    YouTube - April22ndPH2

    Prem kicks Heer out of the house because of Gayatri.
    YouTube - April23rdPH1

    Prem & Heer remembering each other and unable to sleep.
    YouTube - April23rdPH2

    Prem and Heer trying to call each other.
    YouTube - April27thPH1

    Prem angry with himself for hurting Heer.
    YouTube - April27thPH2

    Prem telling himself he can do without Heer.
    YouTube - April28thPH1

    Prem & Heer both sit at the window and think about what happened with Gayatri.
    YouTube - April29thPH1

    Prem cant sleep and he imagines Heer near him.
    YouTube - April29thPH2

    Prem & Heer face to face. Heers asks him not to say anything and she leaves.
    YouTube - April30thPH1

    Prem comes to give medicine to Heer because she has a fever.
    YouTube - May1stPH1

    Prem gives Heer the medicines and tells Heer to take care of herself.
    YouTube - May4thPH1

    Premeer enter the club together.
    YouTube - May4thPH2

    Premeer looking for Preet and Meher.
    YouTube - May4thPH3

    Premeer dance on "Hum Hain Iss Pal Yahan."
    YouTube - May4thPH4

    Premeer promise to not let Preet & Meher's marriage fall apart.
    YouTube - May4thPH5

    Premeer & Meet drive home from the club. "Hum Hain Iss Pal Yahan" played.
    YouTube - May5thPH1

    Heer's dupatta gets stuck in the door and Prem gets it out.
    YouTube - May5thPH2

    Prem indirectly tells Heer to not leave home late at night without someone else while talking to Meher.
    YouTube - May5thPH3

    Prem & Heer's car breaks down while driving to Kasauli.
    YouTube - May6thPH1

    Heer's dupatta flies off onto Prem. "Lambi Judai" played.
    YouTube - May6thPH2

    Premeer ask a prayer for Meet's relationship but unable to ask for themselves.
    YouTube - May6thPH3

    Premeer arrive at the Kasauli loghouse.
    YouTube - May6thPH4

    Prem tells it is very hard to choose between two people that you love very much
    YouTube - May6thPH5

    Prem asks Heer if she is mad at him and she says no.
    YouTube - May7thPH1

    Heer peacefully sleeping in Prem's godi.
    YouTube - May7thPH2

    Prem tells Heer he cannot live without her and he wants her to come back home.
    YouTube - May7thPH3

    Premeer anxiously waiting for the next morning so Prem can bring Heer back home.
    YouTube - May8thPH1

    Prem teasing Heer about her being his boss now.
    YouTube - May13thPH1

    Prem has Gayatri send Heer to the office to help him.
    YouTube - May13thPH2

    Heer tells Prem that she doesnt want to handle the office's duties yet.
    YouTube - May13thPH3

    Prem flirting with Heer at the office.
    YouTube - May14thPH1

    Lalit catches Premeer flirting redhand.
    YouTube - May14thPH2

    Prem asks Heer why she changed from the flowers to roses for the wedding.
    YouTube - May15thPH1

    Prem says "I Love U" to Heer.
    YouTube - May15thPH2

    Prem tells Heer she doesnt have to testify against Nihaal if she doesnt want to.
    YouTube - May18thPH1

    Prem angry with Heer for what she said at court.
    YouTube - May19thPH1

    Heer covers a sleeping Prem with a blanket.
    YouTube - May20thPH1

    Heer says "I am sorry" to Prem.
    YouTube - May20thPH2

    Heer makes Prem's favorite bhindi dish for him.
    YouTube - May20thPH3

    Heer waiting for Prem; Premeer get wet in the rain.
    YouTube - May21stPH1

    Premeer almost kiss.
    YouTube - May21stPH2

    Premeer's inner souls talk to each other.
    YouTube - May22ndPH1

    Prem leaves a note for Heer on where to find him.
    YouTube - May25thPH1

    Heer imagines Prem in the office.
    YouTube - May25thPH2

    Heer realizes where she can find Prem.
    YouTube - May26thPH1

    Heer reaches Shiv Mandir and looks for Prem.
    YouTube - May26thPH2

    Premeer meet once again at the Shiv Mandir.
    YouTube - May27thPH1

    Premeer together can face any obstacle.
    YouTube - May27thPH2

    Preet catches Premeer flirting and teases both.
    YouTube - May27thPH3

    Heer ties the dori thingy on Prem before the puja.
    YouTube - May28thPH1

    Prem brings some of Heer's childhood memories back from Ambala for her.
    YouTube - June1stPH1

    Premeer meet Heer's childhood friend Rajveer.
    YouTube - June2ndPH1

    Heer's dream - Prem decorates the whole bedroom and gives gifts to Heer for her bday.
    YouTube - June3rdPH1

    Heers phones Prem to ask if they can go out tonight; he unwillingly refuses.
    YouTube - June4thPH1

    Prem throws surprise party for Heer's Bday.
    YouTube - June4thPH2

    Prem kisses Heer's forhead in front of the whole family.
    YouTube - June4thPH3

    Heer recognizes Prem's touch and knows its him.
    zSHARE - June5thPH1.wmv
    YouTube - June5thPH1

    "Hum Hain Iss Pal Yahan" Premeer Dance on Heer's Bday.
    zSHARE - June5thPH2.wmv
    YouTube - June5thPH2

    Prem gifts a ring to Heer for her bday.
    zSHARE - June5thPH3.wmv
    YouTube - June5thPH3

    Credit - kavu986

    I'll keep editing!

    Please leave comments!
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    Default Re: Premeer (Harshiti) all love scenes

    Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooo much!

    Keep it up!

    I must say you are the best!

    I saw under your profile you have 3 links and all of them are huge and important once!

    Once again thanks sooooo much!

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    Default Re: Premeer (Harshiti) all love scenes

    No problem AC/IF.
    Thanks for your reply.

    200 viewers and only 1 reply???

    Please reply guys.

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    u r the best i must say............. great job yaar ...... i was wondering from were could get these romantic videos of premeer .
    u r " OUT OF THIS WORLD "
    oooooo thank u vvvvvvverrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy mmuuchhhh
    plz carry on this job donot stop plz plz plz plz plz plz

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    Default Re: Premeer (Harshiti) all love scenes

    yeh u ar the best

    all thise video is which u upload it here was si cute and beautifull--- also thanks for it


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    Default Re: Premeer (Harshiti) all love scenes


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    Default Re: Premeer (Harshiti) all love scenes

    thanks alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Premeer (Harshiti) all love scenes

    Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Premeer (Harshiti) all love scenes

    thanks friend it was really v good. thanks for ur hard work again.

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    Default Re: Premeer (Harshiti) all love scenes

    wow ur an angel hiralp!!!! tnx heaps & heaps & heaps!!!! mwah!!

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    Default Re: Premeer (Harshiti) all love scenes

    Thanks alottt.... I have started watching them... right now i'm at may/ june .... maybe going slow b/c some videos i watch twice

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    Landed Immigrant to aC angelkayz is on a distinguished road angelkayz's Avatar
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    Default Re: Premeer (Harshiti) all love scenes

    thanks for all the links,love their scenes!!! hope theres more in future.

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    aC Citizen - Well Settled Rukhsana1995 is on a distinguished road Rukhsana1995's Avatar
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    Default Re: Premeer (Harshiti) all love scenes

    thanks hiralp...love all the scenes of Premeer (Harshiti).....they look sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute together.....love them a lot................


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    bTv Official Global Moderator hiralp is on a distinguished road hiralp's Avatar
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    Default Re: Premeer (Harshiti) all love scenes

    March 2009 is edited!

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    Default Re: Premeer (Harshiti) all love scenes

    awwww...i can't believe you took soo much time posting these!!...i love these scenes..thank you soo much for posting them!

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    bTv Official Global Moderator hiralp is on a distinguished road hiralp's Avatar
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    Default Re: Premeer (Harshiti) all love scenes

    Hey guys look up! I've made some changes!

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    Default Re: Premeer (Harshiti) all love scenes

    oh so cute sweety


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    Default Re: Premeer (Harshiti) all love scenes

    ~March is completed ~



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