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    Smile Kahiin To Hoga - 16 January Writtern Update

    the episode begins with rishi looking at the girl.. he smiles & goes to her... rishi then talks to her saying sonia..tum yahaan kaise...then sonia enquires that he has got married..she says kii she met vasu in London aur ussi ne usko bataya...ab rishi is a bit kind off pareshaan like he can't be able to flirt & spend time with sonia... sonia then flirts with rishi.. and she says kii woh wahaan do ya theen din rukhne waali hai..& so they can meet up... rishi agrees... phir rishi & sonia are flirting with each other... when sanjana sees them together..she comes to them & rishi introduces sonia to her...phir sonia ko sanjana andar le jaathi hai & sonia tells rishi she will meet him later...

    the next scene..sujal is standing with phufoo..& phufoo tells everybody kii.. ladkiyon yeh aapas mein khikhikhi kya kar rahe ho..shaddi ka ghar hai bhai chalo shuru ho jao... ab sab dance karna shuru karthe hai..akshat & charu & dance & they make CG,veena, lalit ,phufoo,prof.sinha,aman,varun to dance..then they take sujal , kashish in the center..they are are dancing to the song bare barse..[i donno the exact lurics of the words sorry..] all are having a good time... jab akshat aur charu announce saying kii aaj woh un sabko pyaar aur takraar kii unoki kahani sunayenge..yeh kahani hai sujal aur kashish kii... charu says:- sinha pariwaar mein hai paanch behene aur in mein sabse badi hai humari kashish dii.. akshat says:- aur humare dost sujal urff Rajesh Khanna , sujal makes a cute expression on this & akshat continues:- joh thoda kum bolthe hai inka dil humari kashish par aagaya..charu says:- lekin pehli hii mulaqat mein dono ke beech takaar hogaya..akshat:- kaise.. charu:- aise...
    akshat & charu dance on the song "aaj na chodoonga tujhe..dum duma dum.. tune kya samjha hai mujhe..dum duma dum..dil mein hai toofan bhara..dum duma dum..naanch meri jaan zara..aaj na chodoongi tujhe..dum duma dum.. tune kya samjha hai mujhe..dum duma dum..dil mein hai toofan bhara..dum duma dum..naanch meri jaan zara.." all this while sujal remembers the time when he warned kashish in the office & their first rain dance.. & kashish remembers how she teased him in the office before their first rain dance.. kabhi kabhi sujal,kashish look at each other too..akshat & charu leave the stage.. and now kanan & mouli come on the stage... & kanan says:- dheere-dheere unko pyaar hua..mouli:- aur humare sujal jiju ne pyaar ka ikraar kuch is tarah kiya...
    akshat & charu come back & this time they dance on "aankhon kii gustakiyaan maaf ho...ohh....aankhon kii gustakiyaan maaf ho..ek tuk tumhein dekhti hai..jo baat kehna chaahe zubaan tumse voye kehti hai...aankhon ki sharmohaya maaf hotumhein dekhke jhukti hai..uthi aankhein jo baat na keh saki.. jhuki aankhein vo kehti hai...aankhon ki ...aankhon ki gustakhiyaan...maaf ho.."
    all this while some flashback of the past is shown... where sujal imagines kashish in the blue chudidaar & when sujal touches kashish she disappears.. akshat & charu after the song go in..
    mouli & kanan come back & kanan says:- ab unka pyaar kuch is tarah agge bada... mouli:- kis tarah....
    akshat & charu perform on "bin tere sanam marr mitenge hum..aa meri zindagi...ho aana hii pada sajana..zalim hai dil kii lagi...hoo aana hii pada sajna zalim hai dil ki lagi.." kashish remembers how she told sorry to sujal kaan pakadke in Palanpur... sujal , kashish keep looking at each other from time to time when they feel that the song relate to their past life.. akshat & charu leave the stage after the dance & come back.. ab akshat kehtha hai:- sujal aur kashish ka pyaar thoda sa hua..charu:- aur thoda sa reh gaya baaki... the thoda sa pyaar hua hai music is played..akshat & charu look at each other then he signals kanan & mouli to get sujal & kashish.. they are brought to the stage... akshat -charu , kanan-mouli keep dancing & "kaunsa modh aaya zindagi ke safar mein bas gaya tu hii toh ab tho meri nazar mein..dil kii har ek dhadkan tujhko pehchaanthi thi meri chahat hai ab kya tu nahii jaanthi hai..." is played in the background.. sujal keeps looking at kashish , smiling & just circling her.. ab kashish thinks about piyush saying kii nobody remembered him on this day... she turns the other way wipes her tears & again turns back with a smile on her face...
    now akshat announces that:- sujal,kashish kii prem-kahani ka anth hone waala hai.. sab are a bit shocked but are relieved with what akshat says next , akshat says:- kyunke ab yeh dono premi-premika se pati-patni banne jaa rahe hai.. sujal weds kashish on the 7th of october.. sab clap karthe hai... then charu pulls akshat & says:- akshat yeh joke tha..akshat:- haan tho.. charu:- yeh tumhare sense of humor ko kya hogaya hai..then charu says something like patah nahii what will happen to the girl who will marry him..akshat replies kii she should think about who will marr her..or something like that... ab charu pulls kanan & mouli back & tells them something.. they agree to it.. & then these 3 girls dance on the song "saare ladko kii kardo shaddi bas ek ko kawara rakhna..bas ek ko kawara rakhna..humne dil ki baat bata di..humne dil ki baat bata dii bas ek ko humara rakhna..bas ek ko humara rakhna...." the girls get aman , mehek , varun on the stage..aur sab are enjoying.. rishi sees aman and mouli dancing & he keeps smiling evilly... then all of them give a same kind of pose leaning ones head on the next person all stand together... ab archie comes there & sees this...
    akshat again announces:- we now present to you the grand finale of this evening the golden moments of the most happening couple sujal & kashish.. rishi is shown romancing with sonia... & akshat continues:- so are you ready..all shouts:- yes...akshat:- lights , camera , action.. now video clipping of sujal,kashish start playing.. there mere honto pe har dum dance, first rain dance, kashish in pink rain-dance,sujal kashish ko paani pilane ka scene all are showwn..all are cheering.. tabhi clips of piyush & kashish come.. unke shaddi kii..piyush carrying kashish in his arms.. piyush,kashish while on their honeymoon... all these scenes are shown and all shocked.. kashish kii aankhon mein aasoo hothe hai.. she turns back & walks away.. sujal is too shocked.. & the episode ends on his face..

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    Default Re: Kahiin To Hoga - 16 January Writtern Update

    thanks for the written up date


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