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    Post Jhansi Ki Rani 1st-31st July10 Written Updates.


    Villagers are collecting wood to put Rani on fire.. Rani walks in along with SS and Sadhu and sits on the pyre. SS and the Sadhu start putting more wood on the pyre around Rani and Rani thanks the villagers for giving her a place to stay for so many years. Then Karma comes in and drags a piece o wood from SS and tells he will finish the final part and closes the small open region as well. SS is abt to lit the pyre and some women come and request Rani not to do this but Karma buts in and asks them to shut up and lits the pyre. Rani is on fire and Karma laughingly tells the villagers now he is the subedhar of the village and asks SS and the Sadhu to get out of the village.

    There in the palace a pooja is going on and in the village SS and Sadhu comes to a place and pull out Rani (looks like she used a tunnel to comeout). Then they start searching the place for treasure and see Karma in disguise going on donkeys. They decide to follow him. Karma goes to Martin to give the treasure and get his Subedar orders. Martin takes all the treasure and kills Karma. . Martin decide to hide the treasure and not tell GR abt finding the treasure and make him pay for the lost treasure. LB hears Karma's screams and runs to see who it is (why are they making everyone tube lights. I mean Karma was just before LB and they lost him again and did not see that Martin is the main schemer and that he killed KarmaD'oh). Martin leaves witht the treasure and Rani misses them in a fraction of sec again. Rani reaches Karam who is breathing his finally breath and asks him where the treasure is but he dies without saying anything.


    Ok finally some action. Awesome precapStar. Martin sitting in his office dreaming abt becoming rich. Rani/LB climbs on to the cart which is carrying the treasure to some safe place for Martin to become rich

    Acronyms: GR-Gangadhar Rao, SS-Samar Singh, LB-Laxmi Bai


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    Post Re: Jhansi Ki Rani 1st-31st July10 Written Updates.


    GR Court

    Gangadhar Rao tells Martin - today villagers & their chief will handover the treasure to you. You in-turn will handover the villages back to them.. Minister asks GR how did he manage to get the treasure & GR replies that Rani did it. TatyaGuru and Moropant are proud of Rani (Manu).

    Back at the British Comm

    Martin.. remembers writing/signing his resignation letter to fort william... (as he had the treasure.... Hah! our very own LB (Rani) robbed him of it....Party)which now was with GR! Martin then decides that he will not return the villages back!


    Rani returns to the village & is welcomed warmly by all. Some villagers are upset that they listened to Karma.. but Rani requests them to forgive him, as he is repenting. Villagers receive Gangadhar Rao's message about the handover. Villagers rejoice & Rani thinks why is he coming here' she thinks maybe he wants to meet her but she can't meet him' so she dresses up as Raja again!D'oh Karma comes there & questions why she wants to hide her identity? She cleverly answers that she being an ordinary woman did not want the king to feel bad'.

    Gangadhar Rao arrives at the village and is welcomed warmly by the villagers. GR asks about the chief' Samar Singh comes forward and says she will come eventually'. She has done her part but the king now needs to fulfill his part! In the meantime he is the head of the village. GR says how can a dacoit lead'? Karma comes forward and says why not? Besides that they have all looted the Angrez together! ClapYou handed our villages to Angrez' how could you! Raghunath gets angry' GR calms him & says the villagers have right to get angry. Just then Martin arrives and says' see you took their side and stood against us & they are pointing fingers at you! GR says they are my own' they have every right to get angry towards me! You keep out of this! Let us just sort out what we have all come together for'. Karma comes forward and says to Martin'. yes hand over our villages back! Martin is shocked to see Karma alive and says how come you are alive? Karma says I am a Hindustani and will kill 50 angrez before I die.. always remember! Martin gets angry & pushes him away. Villagers get angry' GR calms them down. Martin turns around and says I have changed my mind! Neither will I sign the agreement.. Nor will I handover the villages! AngryAngry Martin says to GR ' I do not want to fight you, you gave me the villages so you have no right to them. We rule them and always will.GR says to martin ' how dare you treat my praja like this. Martin says they are not his praja' they are company slaves!! Everyone gets ready to fight' GR says they have all gathered to solve a problem & Martin is making matters worse. Martin draws his gun to shoot karma'.. Rani (Raja) screams'. Eh Firangee!!!!!!! and knocks away Martins gun with her knife. She says' If you have guts then fight properly. We do not want a war with you'. Come I challenge you to a duel! Then you will know who we Hindustani are!!!! You will never defeat us Hindustani's in sword fighting'. Go get your own weapons. We will conquer you with them! Martin happily accepts and says on condition that if Martin wins then the Villagers will have to pay Double Tax (lagaan) & the villages will remain under Angrez Reign!! Villagers get worried and angry at Rani (Raja)' saying who is he? Why does he want to get them into trouble? Karma defends Rani saying he is his brother & has equal rights as them all! What he is saying is correct'. Samar Singh & Acharya back Karma up. Rani (Raja) requests GR to trust her(him) he will win this fight. She (He) says' "Hum visvaash jeetne mein yakeen rakhtein hain.. todne mein nahi" At this point GR' in flashback remembers LB (Manu) saying the same words to him. Rani(Raja) quickly corrects herself saying' he means Trust him he will win! (Are yaar.... yeh Rani/Raja mein confusion bohut hain!!!D'oh) She then turns round and says to Martin'. Now listen to my condition ' "If I win then not only will you hand over the villages back to the villagers but will also return the treasure back to the King! And you will also apologize to the villagers!


    GR asking SS about LB whereabouts..... SS in turn telling Rani (LB) about the king missing her.... but she says - if he wants me he has to accept me as LaxmiBai & KrantiGuru both!!

    Beautiful episode after a long time..... Clap Now I hope we see an awesome duel between Rani & Martin without any hindrances....




    Raja (Rani) says to Martin' If we win you will have to return the villages & treasure back to the King! Martin says we will fight tomorrow till we die! Martin leaves. Acharya says ' tomorrow the decision will be in our favor. Gangadhar Rao asks Raja (Rani) if she has faith that she will win. Raja (Rani) says' forgive me but if this firangee's had stayed here as guests we would have never spoken to them like this. But they think we are their slaves!! At least they will learn that on this earth there are people who will fight for their rights!Clap Raja (Rani) asks Gangadhar Rao for blessings to win. GR says he has faith in Raja (Rani), blesses her and leaves. Raja (Rani) then touches the ground where he stood & respects it. Karma sees all this!

    British Comm

    Spears questions Martin's decision. Martin says the villagers cannot defeat me. They have dug their own graves! Spear says but what if Fort William find out'. That rings bells in Martin's head. He remembers his resignation. He calls the sergeant and asks him to get the message back. Martin says to Spear he will be stunned to see the person who will be fighting on their behalf. He has a plan. He asks the sergeant to go and get a prisoner'.


    Gangadhar Rao requests to speak to Samar singh alone. He asks about LaxmiBais whereabouts. SS says he feels sorry for GR but on the other hand he is proud to have promised his sister to help her hide her identity while she achieves her mission. SS says I know where she is but I will not reveal anything to you even if you get me killed.StarStar She has gone through so much all because of you. She was thrown out of her own husband's house without any solid proof. I accept that you are a great King but you are an unfortunate husband, who never understood his wife due to his false ego! Sad part is you still don't understand her! (Wow' SS was awesome here.GR needed someone to show him his false inner reflection) Karma has over heard the entire conversation!! (I think GR/LB should employ him as the head of their spying team' Karma will excel in that position!

    Anyway' so Karma ends up at Rani's feet begging for forgiveness. He says he has found out that she is their queen Maharani LaxmiBai. The villagers have been blessed to have their own queen fighting for them. Rani says if you feel that then promise that you will hide my identity. Karma agrees & refuses to let Rani fight the Firangee's. Rani assures Karma that she will definitely conquer the Angrez in the duel, no matter what plans they come up with. All she requests is their support. Karma states that he has full faith in Rani ' She will show firangee's their place!

    Durga Mandir

    Gangadhar Rao is on his way to the palace, thinking over what samar singh had told him & concludes that LaxmiBai is around in Jhansi.D'oh (Finally inke dimaag ki ghanti baji') He comes to a Mandir with Goddess Durga and prays'..

    "Adharam ke naash karke Dharam ko sthapit karne wali' Aaj bhi Adharam Dharam ke shamshak apna seena taan ke khada hain' Raja ko aesi shakti pradhan kar ke woh en angrez ka swabhimaan akhandeet kar sake." He then prays to the goddess that he is willing to accept LaxmiBai without any conditions' please meet him up with her.(About time too)


    Samar Singh tells Rani that he has seen Jhansi Naresh suffer, he is missing his wife. Rani says she wants to go back to him too but only if he is willing to accept her as both LaxmiBai & Kranti Guru. Acharya comes and gifts Rani his sword, blessing her to be victorious.


    Everyone starts arriving. GangaDhar Rao does tilak on Raja (Rani) saying all us Hindustani's pride lies in winning this duel. May god make you victorious. Shatter this firangee's ego into bits Raja! Raja (Rani) takes his blessings.

    Gangadhar Rao arrives at the arena. Anouncement is made that on behalf of the Angrez the prisoner will fight. He is led into the arena in a cage' The guy looks like Tarzan/ogre! ROFL Everyone are stunned as Martin himself was supposed to fight with Rani. Martin & Spear are happy' all others are worried. Raja (Rani) arrives on horseback, she has a determined look on her face'. Not even for a mili second does she flinch looking at the ogre.

    Tomorrow should be an awesome episode'. It will be treat to watch How the High & Mighty Fall!!

    credit: bvs7691


    Anyways'. Today's entire episode at the Arena

    Tarzan/ogre is shown coming out of the cage making funny noises'

    The two vahini's & lacho talk and conclude that by trusting Raja (Rani), GangaDhar Rao has put Jhansi at risk.

    MoroPant is worried about how will Manu fight this ogre and wants to ask Maharaj to stop the fight. TatyaGuru stops him saying it is not right to doubt Manu's intentions. She must have thought, understood & planned before coming into the arena. Villagers & all are worried.

    Martin stands up, silences everyone and makes a speech. "The day of the duel is finally here and the destiny of the 11 villages will be written today. I announce the rules of the game and that is that there are no rules! Warriors will fight till death. Whoever survives wins! If Pascal(ogre) wins, then the 11 villages will remain under British Custody & the villagers will have to pay double tax (Lagaan). If he looses then I declare/promise that East India Company will give everything away. (This Martin is too confident'. Good it will be a pleasure to see him fall from his high pedestal!)

    GangaDhar Rao then says that this is not a fair game. Martin has choosen an ogre instead of a human to fight the duel! GR says he knew beforehand that Martin would cheat. Then he says in English'"But today you have stooped the limit which I never thought of Mr Martin (This part is actually funny' I think GR was using the accent on purpose)

    MotiBai is worried about how this little boy will fight the ogre. Tatya Guru comes up to her and says, you have seen this courage many times before. You are just unable to recognize and the ogre has no idea what he is facing! MotiBai is puzzled'.. TatyaGuru says.. "Maa Durga ki komalta ka pratee bhi toh unki prateema mein dikhay deta hain, Chintu aaj yahan par unka yeh swaroop tandav karta hua dikhay dega"

    MotiBai knows that miracle can only be done by Manu'. And it dawns on her that this is MalikaAlya. She then says they should make the Maharaj aware. TatyaGuru says the time is not right. Manu's goal has not been achieved nor has she consented to it. This secret will still have to be kept under cover.

    Martin says there is no foul play the ogre is his best warrior. GR says duel will not start without a proper warrior. Martin says the duel will be now or never!AngryAngry He then turns around and says to the audience ' this boy challenged me in front of everyone and I accepted the challenge keeping in mind the King & his Kingdom. (Yeah right)Angry Now the king is concerned and is talking about withdrawing. That means that Hindustani's can never prevail against the British. Neither in War nor in duel!

    Raja (Rani) shouts "Eh Firangee" (I love this'.. My heart smiles with joy when she does this).ClapClapClap Raja (Rani) says - Eh Firangee' Dhoka aur Vishwaas Ghaat toh tere khoon mein hain! If you had the guts then you yourself would have come to the arena. Remember one thing ' "Es dharti ko buri nazer se dekhne wale ko toh Hindustan ka bacha bhi meeti mein mila deta hain, toh phir tuu aur yeh (ogre) kya cheez hai". Raja (Rani) then requests GR not to stop the duel as the villages should remain in the hands of the king & his subjects not the firangee's. All I need is everyone's trust as that will be my strongest shield! GR blesses Raja (Rani) to be victorious & announces the start of the duel. Raja (Rani) then requests to take blessings from his (her) guru. While walking towards AcharyaJi (at the same time TatyaGuru is walking towards Acharya) she silently takes blessings from MoroPant. Manu takes blessings from both Acharya & TatyaGuru. GangaDhar Rao is surprised to see this and wonders how TG can be the guru.

    Ok' now the fight. Ogre comes forward with two chain type weapons and Raja with his sword. Raja manages to disarm the ogre. Martin gets worried and announces the end of the first round. (Yeh toh abhi se dar gaya'.ROFL) Ogre gets caged & Martin walks upto him and gives ogre some type of a poison saying that he should throw it in the boys eyes so he can't see anything! Ogre gets angry and throws some in Martin's eyes'.ROFL

    Fight starts again'. This time ogre comes with a spear, Raja (Rani) again disarms him and also hurts him in his arm. Ogre falls down' while Raja (Rani) was not watching he takes out the powder, (No one notices this.... Not TatyaGuru, Not GR, No one...) as soon as she turns around he throws the powder in her eyes. She screams saying she can't see. (I guess this is the point where Acharya's blind fold training will come in hand). Martin & Spear rejoice shaking hands!!! Episode ends'.

    Disturbing precap ' ogre advances on Raja and hurts him'..

    Ok.. I guess we all know that Raja (Rani) will win this duel but I don't understand why she has been hurt Maybe... Martin will say something that will make her blood boil & she will jump up again..... D'oh I don't know. Lets see what tomoro brings....




    Episode starts with Raja (Rani) and Ogre fighting ' Raja disarming ogre and hurting him a little ' Ogre getting the powder out and throwing it in Raja's eyes! (What' I thought the rule of fighting is not to show your back to your opponent even for a second???)

    Anyways'. Karma says martin must have a hand in this. He gets angry and rushes to strangle Martin. Karma threatens Martin that he will kill him if anything happens to Raja! Karma gets dragged away by Martin's sergeants & beaten up.

    Acharya remembers the words of wisdom he had said to Rani.. "A real warrior is one that keeps all his/her five senses alert whilst fighting. But the one who uses his/her sixth sense is the one who wins!" At this same instant Rani remembers her blindfold training with Acharya. She rips a piece from her turban's loose end and blindfolds herself. Ogre then advances on Rani with a spear and tries to harm her. But now Rani is alert with her listening skills and she avoids every attempt successfully. GangaDhar Rao is impressed! TatyaGuru is proud. Moropant is thankful & Acharya is keenly listening (watching with his sixth sense)! Ogre then breaks the spear into two and attacks from both sides. He manages to hurt Rani on her arm, she falls, her turban falls off & her hair comes loose! GR is stunned that Raja is Rani! Rani is still on the ground when the ogre advances and hurts her with the spear. (Aw'. This was painful to watch. I flinched). TG gets angry, MP shouts stop him he will kill my Manu & it dawns on GangaDhar Rao that this is LaxmiBai. Finally!!! Rani then turns on her side in pain & her necklace falls out. GR sees the necklace & remembers gifting it to LB, who had in turn said that till death she will not remove it. Everyone are stunned/shocked seeing Rani lying there lifeless! Martin/Spears are rejoicing. Spears says look at that ' Ek ladki hum firangee se ladegi? Both are making fun. GR remembers everything in flashbacks ' Him taking away LB rights and sending her away from his kingdom, LB saving him from Karma, LB taking care of him when he was wounded, How she got him to the palace to foil Martin's plan's.

    GangaDhar Rao then storms towards the arena. Martin comes and stops him saying, You cannot go into the arena, otherwise the agreement will become void. GR says he cannot leave this lady in this state and now he will finish the duel! Martin says I know she is a woman but she was fighting on your behalf & she has lost! GR glares at Martin saying "She has not lost, she is wounded & I have to save her". Martin says if you want to save her then you will have to sign on this agreement (Gosh'. He is always producing agreements!) that the villages will stay in British custody. Accept that you have lost & that the British are mightier!
    GR was thinking of what to do'.. When Acharya stands up and starts praying'.

    Om bhur bhuvah svah, tt savitr vrehyam , bhrgo devsya dhimahi , dhyo y nah pracodyat

    * The Arya Samaj interpretation: "O God ! Giver of life, Remover of all pain and sorrows, Bestower of happiness, the Creator of the Universe, Thou art most luminous, adorable and destroyer of sins. We meditate upon thee. May thou inspire, enlighten and guide our intellect in the right direction."

    Everyone joins in'..Rani starts stirring'.. Karma regains his consciousness & joins everyone in the prayer. Rani finally gets up & removes her blindfold. She is facing GR who is looking at her in amazement/awe'. Cute eye moment here. Rani starts fighting again but ogre keeps hurting her. MoroPant goes to GR and requests him to stop the fight or else his daughter will get killed. GR looks at him and says you knew all this and you kept it hidden from me? At that moment ogre picks Rani up and hauls her up in the air! She falls upon a chest. Ogre advances towards her with an intent to harm her but she escapes & the ogre gets trapped. Rani then gets her sword & we see her on horseback with her rope. She swings the noose round the ogre neck and drags him on the ground. Martin/Spears are shocked! GR is happy and says "Shabaash Maharani"! (Finally...) Rani then drags the ogre round the arena and we see flashbacks of all her valiant deeds. She stops in front of Martin and says '

    Dekha Firangee, hum chahte toh isse abhi maar sakte te. Par humne aisa nahi kiya kyu ke hum jaante hain ke yeh tumhare hathiyacharo tale dabba hua hain. Marna tumhare sanskaaro mein hoga, Hum Hindustani ke sanskaaro mein nahi.

    Rani then sets the ogre free & says to the villagers and now you all are free too!

    Episode ends on Raja/Rani/Manu/LaxmiBai's face'. And GangaDhar Rao looks like a love struck puppy!

    Today's episode definately belongs to Kratika Sengar as LaxmiBai. She was awesome. I look forward to tomoro.... want to see Martin's fallen face! Although I am hoping that he will do something stupid in anger & will have the pleasure to see the door of the death god's abode with Manu's hands. (Gosh I have never wished anyone dead in my dreams forget life!)

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    Post Re: Jhansi Ki Rani 1st-31st July10 Written Updates.


    Starts with LB forgiving the demon guy and telling all the villagers that they are all free now. . Everyone start shouting Rani ki Jai and GR, TG, Moropant are very happy. GR is maha happy to finally find his LBEmbarrassed and has tears of happiness in his eyes. LB turns to look at GR and GR happily starts walking towards her.( I loved LB and GR in this scene, they were so happy to finally come face to face) Rani/LB starts to leave from the place, but TG stops her and tells Jhansi needs her. But, LB does not stop and tells TG that, GR wont accept her and KG and she needs to leave cause her country needs her . TG finally gives in and lets her go and GR walks in and asks for his horse. The 3 witches listen to GR asking for a horse and wonder whats going on and why is he following Rani. Moti bai comes in and fills in the Vahinis on the latest revealation that Rani is LB leaving the vahinis shocked. Moti bai tells them GR is gone to bring back LB.

    Martin receives a letter from Fort Williams thats his resignation has been accepted and is shocked. He asks Spears what he is going to do now and Spears tells good bye and leaves with his men (this scene is hilarious...jaise karni vaisy barni). He is suddenly attacked by the villagers and Karma. They put a blanket on him and beat him up. They finally leave him after giving him a beating and kicking kota and he gets up all mad. He see everyone is gone and starts scolding his Indian soldiers for not helping him and if they are blind and deaf . No one answers and then he starts shouting and asks them to reply. One of the Indian soldier replies that he himself said that Indians are blind and deaf and that they did not see or hear anything so they did not help him.

    There GR is following his LB sincerely. LB is hurt and is bleeding but continues with her journey. GR loses LB but finally sees the blood traces and follows her to Durga temple. LB reaches the temple and finally faints (high time she fainted cause of the amount of blood she lost Wink and the way she was wounded by the guy). GR lovings walks towards her (This scene looked so much like JA scene where Jodha was praying and Akbar walks towards her) and sits down staring lovingly at her. He remembers all his scenes with Chota LB (Ulka) till his last scene where LB asks him if he would accept her both as LB and KG? GR then lovingly puts his hand on her face and LB wakes up startled and gets up (LB woke up like she got a 1000W shock here) GR tries to come close to her and LB walks back wards. LB takes her Talwar LOL and ands asks GR not to come close to her. She is abt to faint when GR holds her hand and makes her sit down.

    There in the palace the Minister is preaparing to welcome GR and LB and Moti bai and co offer to help him and decorate the palace. Vahinis are not happy (wonder why...dont they want a heir from GR and LB to keep Jhansi). Vahinis butt in and tell how is it they are so sure this Rani is LB and may be it is someone conspiracy (who else can conspire when the witches are on a scheming break ). Moropant and Co don't seem happy with Vahinis, but they continue with there drama. Sakku Vahini want someone as proof who knows that Rani is LB and other Vahinis support her.

    Back in the temple LB is not giving a chance to speak and wants to leave but GR does not let her. He takes Vermilion and applies it on her forehead and maang and LB is shocked. LB asks GR to leave her in her condition and asks why he is helping her. GR replies cause she is his Maaharani. LB replies that you have take that right long back and tells abt her pain she went through all these years (I thought it was just 1 year leap). LB tells GR he just gave his decision and just wanted LB and not KG. She further adds that she is adhura without fulfilling her Dharam and Karam and that she can see him leaving her either and starts crying. GR hugs her and tells finally you dont want to listen to my pain even for a sec. GR tells how he is inclomete without her and how he searched for her every where. He asks for forgiveness for anything he did unknowingly and tells lets go home. LB gets up and says where do you want to take me. GR replies I am taking home both LB and KG and that he wont repeat such a mistake in life ever again. LB is maha happy and chota LB's last scene is showed. GR further adds that after so many years he realised that Jhansi needs both LB and KG. LB and GR staring at each other tearfully.


    Vahini's asking for proof of Rani being LB.

    Acronyms:LB-Laxmi Bai, TG-Tatya guru, GR-Gangadhar Rao

    Sorry guys i disappeared in btw. Lovely episdoe today, GR-LB emotional scenes were.LB going back to Jhansi and Vahinis want proof next week



    Starts with GR telling LB I accept you with all your qualities and that you will deiantely do something great which the whole Hindustan is waiting for. Suddenly LB feels pain in her stomach (its abt time I say...she has been pierced in her stomach) and is abt to faint when GR cathches her and all of a suddend a flower mala falls on them and they stare at each other (This is hilarious...she keeps fainting just for like 10 sec and then she is back to senses). There in the palace Sakku and the other vahinis want proof that Rani is LB and the Sadhu arrives and describes Rani aka LB's courageous skills.

    GR is taking LB on his horse and they keep staring and smiling at each other. (Ok I am not good at describing romance so please forgive me)They see a fallen tree on there way and get down to remove it and LB helps him. LB asks if we are going to the palace in this condition of heres. GR tells no we are going somewhere else first and takes her to the village. People welcome GR and LB with Karma and SS beating the dholaks. GR thanks the villagers for being there for LB and giving her a shelter and that they will be remembered when ever LB is remembered in future. GR asks the villagers to do LB's bidaai and that he will wait for LB in Jhansi. GR leaves LB telling he will wait for her in Jhansi (Ok why did he not take her with him...hope nothing bad happens).

    The women are helping LB with dressing up and 3 women from the palace come to help the queen and tell that they help LB even in her wedding. LB recognizes them as Sunder/Munder/Kashi and hugs them. LB dresses up as queen of Jhansi finally (LB is dressed in the green saree which she wore for the wedding and LB/KS is looking really prettyBig smile) Scene shift to Bithur (Star finally) and the messenger informs Vahinis saahib abt LB's arrival to Jhansi. Vahini sahib informs Baji Rao abt LB and Baji Rao is really happy . Vahini saahib goes to Nana Saheb and informs him abt LB and they decide to leave for Jhansi. Baji Rao asks Vahini saahib and Nana to go to Jhansi with out him and that LB would be worried if she sees Baji Rao health condition.

    In the village LB is telling good bye to all the villagers and an emotional song is being played in the back ground. LB tells SS and Karma to take care of the villagers and finally leaves to Jhansi.


    LB welcomed to Jhansi amidst huge celebrations and the Vahinis don't look happy.(god looks like the CV's will make the Vahinis play there card that Rani is not LB for some more time)

    Acronyms:LB-Laxmi Bai, SS-Samar Singh, GR-Gangadhar Rao, TG-Tatya Guru

    It was a good emotional episode wiht a bit of romance. I was so happy seeing Vahini Saahib, Baji Rao, Nana sahib and Bithur.KS looked really pretty as LB and felt she resembled Ulka today. Hoping to see LB in Jhansi fighting the British in the coming episodes.



    Starts with a news article written By John Lang abt LB and how she got all the 11 villages back under Jhansi's control. Dal Housie is mad at John Lang and is informed that Jhon Lang is against the British and he also takes cases against the British and helps Indians.

    There in the palace LB is welcomed at a grand scale (LB-GR entering the court was shot really well). GR takes her to her seat and also gives her the sword and a tiara. Vahinis and British men are not happy. Two British soldiers talk abt who should they bribe to get inside information now since LB is back. They decide not to go with the 3 vahinis because GR might catch them soon cause of there previous record. Each of the court members welcome LB back to Jhansi and the Britishers are thinking who is the next bakra who could give inside scoop. Vahini saahib and Nana bhao come to the court to meet LB. Nana and LB decide to go for a sword fight when time permits. LB enquires abt her ajubaa and then LB-GR take Vahini saahb's blessing. GR asks Sakku vahini to give blessings to LB. Sakku vahini says no she wont because she does not believe she is LB. GR is angry and Sakku says does she have any proof which can prove that she is LB. GR is angry and shouts Vahini saahib and the 2 British men are happy with the sudden developmenht and disharmony in the court. LB tells GR to calm down and she is elder so she will go and get there blessings.

    LB goes to Sakku bai and black mails her abt telling everyone in the court that she stole the treasure and Sakku changes the track immediately and accepts her as LB. She asks the other 2 vahinis to bless LB as well and eveyrone is shocked. Later the 2 vahinis make fun of Sakku and want to know what LB told her and Sakku is silent. The 2 British soldiers from Fort Williams welcome LB and wish GR-LB a happy married life and also for a heir. The minister then announce that since LB must be tired they can go ahead and end the court for the day but Raghunath tells that people from 11 villages have come to wish LB.

    People start pouring in to wish and thank LB in hundreds and GR is tired by now. Finally Moti bai to comes to wish LB and they both hug and then start talking and GR looks tired and disinterested (looks like he wants to spend time with LB). Moti bai request GR to not let LB go any where ever again and GR shakes his head. GR ends the session and GR-LB are walking together ala JA. GR wants to say something to LB but is stuttering. LB finally asks GR if he wants to say something to her. GR finally utters "aap aap hamare" and Vahini saahib comes and tells GR not now and LB is tired and she would like to spend some time with LB. LB walks away with Vahini Saahib before turning back and looking at GR once and GR is disheartened. Saawariya comes to GR and GR compalins to Saawariya that there was a time when LB wanted to spend time with him and today she does not have a moment for him and she has all the time in the world for the rest of the people (Ok is this the new track...GR jealous of LB's popularity...then I will have to say to the CV's please stop it now)


    The British soldiers and 3 vahinis planning on stopping GR-LB milan. The Briitsh soldiers have chosen someone close to LB-GR to stop GR-LB milan

    I loved todays episdoe....for some reason I found it really funny. But I am hating to see the tinge of jealousy in GR and the future track with GR thinking everyone but him are important to LB. Also, the 3 vahinis being a dogs tail are back to doing what they are best, that is planning to separate GR-LB



    Starts with LB entering Rani Mahal with Vahini saahib, Sunder, Munder and Kashi. Sunder informs LB abt how no one was allowed to enter Rani Mahal since she left except for Sunder/Munder/kashi. LB enters her room and starts remembering her old days with GR (eating samosas and swing scene).She then sees a picture of Prachi and remembers her old days with prachi and cries. Then she walks into a place full of her portraits (LB roop, KG roop, when GR first sees her with her sword in the templeBig smile)and gets really happy . LB is really happy and tells that she thought GR would have throwed all her stuff away. Sunder/Munder/Kashi fill in that GR spent most of his time here and that he would clean her stuff and himself and put it away (wow GR is truly devdas). She then see her weapons and remembers chota LB-GR scene of shooting arrow on the tree to meet GR. She is abt to shoot the arrow and Saawariyan comes to her. Sunder or Munder (I am still confused) comment that looks like she has a message form GR. She is happy and abt to run but see GR picture (the one GR tore) and takes it and runs towards GR's room. (A beautiful song is being palyed in the back ground and I dont know the song) GR see LB and is very happy. He takes the pic from her hand and attaches the piece to LB's pic. LB has happy tears and then she turns around to see GR's room. She looks at GR's bed and then at GR shyly.....GR turns to her and extends his hand to LB. LB-GR in an incomplete embrace and are walking towards the bed and are finally sitting on the bed staring at each other. There Vahinis scheming with the British on how to stop GR-LB milan (I say they need to think quickly)

    Oh my god...the Vahinis and British zero in on Vahini saahib to separate GR-LB. The British men further adds that she is not LB's real mother she just brought her up and the 3 Vahinis are staring at himShocked.There Vahini saahib enter Rani mahal and asks where is Manu. Sunder/Munder/Kashi are worried that the muhurat is still not decided and LB went into GR's kaksh. Vahini saahib asks them to go look for LB (I am not liking this) There GR-LB are romancing big time and GR Rao gives red rose to LB. GR is abt to kiss LB and she gets shy and moves away . GR then says some poetry, touches LB's face and romance continues. LB asks GR what he is doing (looks like LB needs bees and birds lessons here ). Ok GR then admires her beauty and compares her to pari and LB closes her eyes...and when she opens her eyes GR is gone. GR is standing near a statue and LB's asks who is this and GR tells its her. GR then tells abt how much he missed her and that being a man he cannot even shed tears.


    Vahinis telling Aajisahib that LB is the reason for Prachi's death (oh my god I hate this...they are turning Aajisahib into next aayishree, so she is going to separate GR-LB milan this time with a meeti churi). Cant LB-GR spend some time in peace....and cant the CV's focus on GR-LB and how they deal with the British for some time

    Ok after the episode all I can see is a tumultuous time ahead for GR-LB and hard head hitting story is waiting for us ahead



    Starts with GR and LB looking at LB's statue. GR then tells he can finally finish the face of the statue and is in tears and tells LB that being a man he cannot even bend down for his mistakes or shed tears and then sheds a tear or 2
    . There Aaji sahib (maa saahib) is worried as where Manu is and wants to go looking for Manu herself. Kashi asks her to sit and that she will go and look for Maharaani. LB comes to GR, wipes his tears and lifts his head with her hand on his cheek. LB-GR staring at eachother and Kashi startles them and informs that Maa sahib is looking for them and LB is tensed. LB wants to leave but GR holds her hand and does not let her go. LB struggles but GR smilingly looks at her. Vahini saahib walks in and see GR reading some thing. GR welcomes Vahini saahib and asks her if she needs anything while Kashi and LB are watching from there hiding place. Vahini saahib looks at the decorated bed and is shocked. GR tells that he has been decorating the bed since LB left cause LB loves Roses. Vahini saahib is not convinced and leaves doubtfully. . LB and Kashi comes out and decide to leave before Vahini saahib comes back. LB turns around and gives a smile to GR before leaving (Love GR's smile...this might be the last time we see him smiling for a while now)

    LB reaches her room and Moti bai and Chimnbai make fun of her not being able to stay away from GR. Vahini saahib comes and tells her to get ready for pooja and that the pandit will decide a good muhurat for LB-GR milan. Everyone is helping LB getting ready for the pooja and there GR is finishing the face of the statue remembering his moments with LB (man cant these 2 and us viewers have a momnet in peace ...why are they making vahini saahib the next villan).

    Vahini saahib is in front of Prachis pic and is rememring her moments with prachi and is crying. The 3 vahinis come in sympathising with her and Vahini sahib is kind of shocked seeing them. They start with there drama that the reason for prachis death is Manu. Because Manu had a fight with British they wanted to kill and Prachi died and that Manu is the culprit. Aaji saahib has had enough of the crap and asks them to shut up and tells them that the withces never understood the relation btw prachi and Manu. Manu would die for Prachi and vice versa. She further adds that if Prachi would have known that Manu would be dying she would have pushed Manu away and she herself would have died in place of Manu. She further adds that if it wasn't for Manu the 3 witches would have been kicked out of the palace long back by the British and that Manu inspite of knowing all there secrets took there Aasriwaad in the court. She finally tells them to die in "chullu bhar pani mein" before storming off from the place. (This has to be the best scene after the leap guys)

    There LB is all ready for the pooja and Moti bai, chiman bai make fun of LB and GR again. They finally start walking to the pooja. There Nana sahib is practicing sword fight and sees Manu. He asks her to come for a fight, but she tells him she has to go for a pooja and starts to walk away. Nana sahib starts badkofying Manu by telling now she is only good or cooking, cleaning and pooja patt after becoming queen of Jhansi. LB is mad and finally comes to fight with Nana bahau. They have a sword fight and LB defeats Nana sahib and tells him that he still needs to learn more before he can defeat her. Nana's sword goes and falls in front of GR. GR takes the sword and asks everyone to leave and LB-GR start fighting.


    GR defeats LB and LB does not want to accept the defeat and wants a rematch and that she never accepts defeat. GR is really close to LB and tells her definately when ever she wants a rematch. (Looks like tomorrow is going to be Sword fight romance)

    Finally awesome episode guys....sword fights....GR-LB romance/naughtiness.......Aaji sahib asking the 3 witches to die in chullu bahr pani and LB-GR sword fight in the precap.....



    Starts with (so called) sword fight with Nana and Moti bai watching GR-LB (why cant they leave even after seeing there Sword fight romance is beyond my understanding Ermm). Ok back to the sword fight....GR-LB sword fight is going on ala Jodha Akbar stye, with GR making his moves and LB melting and forgetting to fight and Nana wondering what is happening to his chabili. (oh my this is getting funnier and I fell of my chair now) The fight continues with Moti bai and Nana watching them without blinking there eye lids. GR holds LB and vice versa and GR remembers him blowing air on her face and does the same again and LB loses the grip on her sword and Nana is shocked. GR tells LB he won but LB does not want to accept the defeat and tells him he distracted her. GR tells but still he won and LB wants a rematch. GR agrees for a rematch but just then Kashi comes to inform that Aaji saahib is waiting for them.

    OK now comes the shocker....GR's Pradhan Mantri is in trouble casue his Bhanja has spent all the money which was supposed to go to the treasure and he wants loan but the guy reuses to lend money with out any security. A British soldiers listens to this (oh my god he is going to betray ) There Tatya ji is looking for a Muhurat for GR-LB milanROFL with all the vahins, Moti bai, Sunder/Munder/Kashi waiting eagerly for the Muhurat. Tatya ji takes out the Muhurat and tells its tonight 2nd prahar and everyone is happy except the vahinis. Just then GR walks in and Aaaji saahib informs him abt the muhurat and LB-GR stare at each other for a bit and then remember there sword fight scenes.

    (oh my godROFL) GR's informer is beating the dholak in front of all the villagers and telling that GR has asked everyone to pray for Jhansi's uttaradhikari. He further informs the villagers that the muhurat is taken for tonight for GR-LB milan. There an informer informs GR that there is message from Bithur and GR is worried. He informs GR abt Baji Rao's deteriorating condition and tells that Baji Rao has asked Nana and Vahini Sahib to return as soon as possible. GR is worried as to how he will inform LB this, cause she is very close to Baji Rao and she might get veyr upset hearing the news In Rani Mahal LB is being teased by Kashi and she also informs LB that the whole of Jhansi is praying for uttaradikari.

    Sunder/Munder are decorating the bed and room and GR walks in and tells them he brought some flowers for the decoration which LB likes. Then he inorms them abt Vahini sahib leaving to Bithur the next day and that LB should not get this news or she will get worried. LB and GR getting ready for the Milan and Moti bai wishes LB abt becoming a mother soon. Sunder comes in and LB asks abt Aaji sahib and Sunder tells that Aaji sahib is busy with Havan preparation. LB and GR are ready and are waiting for the muhurat. Some naach gana is going on and Moti bai teases LB a little.

    There Vahinis and the 2 British men are thinking on how to stop the milan and that they still have time to stop the milan. They think they could do something during the havan to stop the milan and start laughing victoriously.


    Pradhan Mantri telling Moropant that LB will be deprived of having a kid (dont have the rest of the video...if anyone has seen the precap please fill in)

    Oh my god looks the 3 witches have trapped Pradhan Mantri...how could he do that to GR

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    Post Re: Jhansi Ki Rani 1st-31st July10 Written Updates.


    Starts with LB and GR getting ready for SR and the rest of the clan doing havan and praying to god for a heir. There Pradan Mantri is talking to his nephew abt what a huge mistake he has done and how he is going to repay the money. He is worried that GR would be angry if he gets to know abt this and that they will need to commit suicide. Just then a soldier comes and informs that a priest wants to meet him immediately. The priest comes in and tells that it will be an anarth if LB-GR milan happens tonight . There LB is brought to the room by Moti bai and followed by GR walking into the room. LB and GR romance starts (I like romance but this is too corny for me) with the rest of the clan continuing with there pooja. Just then the Pradhan Mantri comes in and tells them to stop and asks tatya ji how could he do such a mistake and take a wrong muhurat for GR-LB milan (oh wow...GR-LB SR is a personal matter not a political matter that they need a round table conference)

    There Moropant and the rest of the clan are worried on how they will stop the SR and on the other hand GR-LB are romancing. GR sees that LB is uncomfortable and asks her whats wrong. She tells him that she is not sure and that they dont even understand each other well and that she is not ready for this milan (gosh the CV's are so stuck with Jodha Akbar). There in the pooja room the drama continues and Tatya ji shows his papers and says that he was absolutely correct in deciding the muhurat and that Pradhan Mantri blamed him unnecessarily. Tatya ji is very angry and walks away saying he wants justice now and that he will go to GR for justice. Vahinis are very happy and confused that even god is helping them

    There GR calls a dasi and asks her to bring water, salt and oil. He then mixes all the three together and explains LB that he wants LB-GR to be like salt and water with Salt dissolving in water and not like oil in water. LB is so happy to see GR's knowledge in chemistry. They suddenly hear some one ringing the bell for justice and it is Tatya ji ringing the bell. GR is ready to leave and LB wants to join him. Hearing this GR says just a few mins back he thought she was acting childish but now when she thought someone might be in trouble she quickly become there queen. (this SR cant get any better now)

    Every one is assembled in the court and GR-LB enter the court. GR asks who needs justice in the middle of the night. Pradhan Mantri announces that it is Tatya ji and that Taya ji has taken a muhurat which is very bad for LB-GR milan. Tatya ji then says he took the right muhurat, but the other pandit says Tatya ji took the right muhurat but it would have been right only if it was 2 years back. Tatya ji is stumped and looks at the calender and see that it is 2 year old calender (I can see someones scheming in all this....British or the 3 vahinis)


    GR relieves Tatya ji of his duties because of his old age and LB is shocked

    Todays episode was boring, stretchy, corny, hyper active, SR centric episode. (Just my POV)

    Request to the CV's JKR story is not abt LB-GR SR and how they had to go through so many hurdles to celebrate there SRSleepy...but it was abt LB and her fight against the British (her bravery is the reason you have this show)....please get over with this SR and get back on the track.



    Starts with court sequence and LB and GR decide to relieve Tatya ji from his duties for a while.Tatya ji tries to protest but LB makes him understand and he leaves. Tatya ji goes to his kaksh and starts crying that he does not know anything. Just then the 3 vahinis come in and start filling his ears but Tatyji does not fall for there trap. Suddenly the 3 vahins realize that someone is watching them from behind the curtains. They check behind the curtains but find no one. There in the palace some lady in ghungat is trying to go into Rani mahal but the guards send her away.

    Back in the court Moropant ask GR to go and take rest and LB asks Sunder and Kashi where Aaji saahib is. GR tells she left to Bithur last night because of baji rao's bad health condition. LB is shocked and asks why no one informed her abt this. GR tells dont tell them anything, cause it was him who asked them not to do so. LB is mad and leaves the place in a huff. She goes to her room and starts packing her stuff and GR comes and stops her.

    LB blames GR for not telling her abt baji rao and decides to go to Bithur. GR takes one of his necklace and puts it in her bagConfused. GR turns the other side and is talking to LB, but he turns around and finds that LB is gone. He turns to devads mode and sits on his bed dejected. There Moropant and Chimanbai are packing to go to Bithur. Just then TG arrives and asks Moropant how he can leave to Bithur with out informing him (What is TG doing in Jhansi when Baji Rao is so sick...why is he not going back to Bithur ) LB arrives and asks Moropant to take her along with him, but Moropant tells her Jhansi is your home now and if your mother was here she would have explained it to you. He tells that Jhansi needs you with all the conspirators in Jhansi. Just then Moropant realizes that someone is listening from behind the curtains . Moropant tells Baji Rao will get well soon and he will come to meet you. LB finally agrees.

    The new pandit is with the 3 vahinis and they ask him abt the new muhurat. He tells its 2 days later. But, the vahinis ask him to take a different date for SR and he tells a date 10 days later (oh god they are going to drag this for 10 more days that is 1 more month).GR is in his devdas mode in LB room and turns to see LB there. LB tells she is not going to Bithur. LB is taking out her clothes and finds GR's necklace. GR tells he put it in there, so she would remember him and come back. Then the 2 go to the court and the pandit tells GR abt the next muhurat. GR is very happy with the muhurat and announces that the new pandit (who came in at the right time to stop GR-LB SR) will do all the duties which Tatya ji used to do. Tatya ji listens to this and is not happy, nor is LB (nor am I) That ghoongat lady comes to the court and wants to meet LB. LB hears the commotion outside and asks the soldier what the problem is. The soldier brings a gift whihc teh lady wanted to give her and LB takes the gift and finds bal gopal. LB is happy but Janaki tells it is not good for a queen to take gifts from strangers. LB shuts her mouth and LB suddenly see the woman walking away (how is this possible, this women was outside the court and now LB sees this woman walking in a corridior from her seat)


    LB talking to the Ghoonagat lady and asks who she is. The lady says I your dasi and keep this idol with you all the time and it will protect you from bad things.

    Acronymns:LB-Laxmi Bai, GR-Gangadhar Rao, SR-Suhaag Raat (most important historic sequence of JKR )



    Starts with the court scene and Tatya ji comes to tell his good bye. But, LB asks him to stay back and take care of naag pooja. Tayaji agrees. 3 witches are planning to kill GR while LB does the naag pooja for the next 10 days. LB goes to her room and places bal gopal in the temple. The ghoongat lady comes there and gives some gyan to LB and then disappears. LB prays to god to make her agooba well soon and then starts writing a letter to her agooba. GR comes there and is staring at LB writing the letter followed by a few eye locking scenes.

    There 3 witches and Malcom are planning on how to kill GR and that they still did not find a suitable person close to GR who would cheat him.Malcom then suggest Raghunath singh. 3 witches ask how are they planning to do this and he answers just wait and watch how they will make this Rajput cheat his own kingShocked. The 3 witches decide to separate GR-LB again.There GR is still staring at LB and the staring session continues back and forth. Finally LB asks GR to leave as she is not able to write her letter.GR says he is not doing anything and he is just watching her. LB asks what does he want and GR answers LB. Then GR tells some poetry and tells I am not touching you anyways and now you are putting condition on not even seeing you. The ghoongat lady is watching them again. Just when GR is abt to kiss LB, Kashi walks in and GR is upset. Kashi tells Malcom and captain Ross are waiting for him in the court.

    Malcom comes in and complains to GR that all there is no law and order in the 11 villages since LB left and dakus have been attacking the villages for a while now. GR asks Raghunath to go the village and check what is the problem. Immediately Malcom (strikes) and tells Raghunath that even the dakus are Rajput and will he be able to kill his won people.Raghunath is really mad and takes his sword out and Malcom & Ross vs Raghunath are shooting glares at each other. GR asks Raghunath to be under control and take the sword off Malcom. Raghunath asks for forgiveness and that give him permission to let him go and kill the dakoits. But Malcom butts in and tells that British do not trust Raghunath and if GR can guarantee that Raghunath will do his job correctly. Else GR's adminstarion will be questioned and there will be a review board to decide if GR can be the king or not. GR is mumed and LB asks Tatya tope to go and take care of the dacoits. Raghunath is hurt (I am confused. Isnt Jhansi administration under GR's control and he will take care of law and order his way. So, how can Malcom force GR to use or not use a particular person. This is getting really confusing and the script is going haywire.)


    GR-LB doing nag pooja and the ghat bandhan is on fire.

    Everything is so confusing for me right now. I still dont understand how Malcom can ask GR to gaurantee if one of his own men will do the job correctly or not. And if GR cannot gaurantee abt that particular person they will take away the throne. If that is the case then GR would have lost Jhansi long back to the British. I think the CV's are seriously messing things here cause they are lost in making JKR all abt scheming and romance. And whats with GR getting mum all of a sudden in the court, he was doing so much bak bak just a while ago infront of LB



    Starts with Raghunath leaving the court dejectedly. LB suddenly sees the Ghungaht lady (is this palace or what...the ghoongaht lady is roaming freely every where and LB keeps seeing her even from her throne in the court...LB definitely has X-Ray eyes) There the 3 witches are happy with the outcome and Lachoo goes to Raghunath who is already mad with the current scenario and tries to poison him against GR(this is so interesting...3 witches going through 1 after the other to see who will betray GR and still no one informs GR or LB abt the 3 witches). Raghunath walks away from there dejected. The ghoonagt lady sees Lachho. There 3 witches and Malcom are discussing who will betray GRSleepy and simultaneously all the 3 people Raghunath, Tatay ji and Pradhan Mantri are shown and the 3 witches tell its not them . There Raghunath is summoned to the court.GR tells Raghunath LB has something to tell him. LB tells Raghunath that she has no doubt on his abilites, but she also understood what the dhoorth British were planning. They wanted to provoke him so he would go and kill the Rajput without thinking nad there the British would have also gone to the other Rajput and provoked them against him (This is really good scene)They wanted to separate us so we would kill eachother. LB further adds that is the reason she chose TG and SS to go and look into the matter. The 3 witches are not happy with LB, but Raghunath is really happy to hear this from LB and takes his leave. GR is happy with LB and her thinking and gifts her Nevlakar Khandaani Sword.LB is very happy wiht the gift and GR tells her, until he is alive he will make sure she is always happy. GR then tells LB from today onwards they will practice sword fight every morning.LB is happy.

    LB is walking with Kashi and see a jhoola. Kashi tells LB, GR has got this for her specially. LB is on the jhoola swinging happily and GR watches her and remembers good old days with Chota LB. LB is talking to Kashi as to why she remebers GR what ever she does but she gets no reply. She turns back and sees GR staring at her. Some romance btw LB-GR and then GR helps LB with the swing. Just then Kashi arrives and tells GR that preparations for pooja are done and Tatya ji is waiting for them.

    3 witches are ready for the pooja along with the Ghoongat lady . Janaki asks if everything is going according to there plan and they show the Ghoonghat lady giving a wicked smile with some crazy villanous music in the background. (is she the new villian now) LB and GR do the pooja and are praying when suddenly the ghat bandhan catches fire and the 3 witches are happy.Tatya ji puts of the fire and tells he will do maha mrutunjay vrath to protect GR. LB is worried and is praying to god to protect GR and also bless her with a heir. Just then the ghoongat lady arrives there and tells doing gods seva will definately protect GR and LB agrees and continues with her praying while the ghoongat lady is looking viciously at LB and then the sword on the wall. (Are eveyrone in the palce blind and idiots...how can some one roam around in the palace with a ghoongat with no one questioning her and to top it she enters LB's room with the ghoongat and is talking to her and the queen has no doubts on her nor does she asks her who she is or what she is doing in her roomD'oh)


    Some one with gloves (inspiration from mystery novels I guess) takes the sowrd and is appling poison on the sword and later LB has the same sword for practicing sword fight with GR

    Hats off to the invisible ghoonghat lady, hats off to CV's for making everyone in the kingdom blind and idots, hats off to the music director for telling us the ghoongat lady is the villan with the scary music, cause I would not know that she is the culprit , as I have lost my mind after watching not so Historic show JKR

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    Friday 23-07-10

    Starts with the Ghoongat lady talking to LB and then Kashi come to inform LB GR will be waiting for her the next morning. LB turns around and finds that the ghoonghat lady is leaving. The 3 witches are talking abt putting poison on the sword and GR will die and they shows us some one in Ghoongaht putting poision to the sword. Then after few minutes the ghoongat lady comes and is abt to take the sowrd but LB arrives and the ghoongat lady leaves. LB sees some foot prints in mud near the sword and at the same time they show Raghunath washing his legs covered with mud (is this JKR or a story written by mystery writer..looks like they are reading too much of James paterson or Sydney sheldon etcD'oh...change the name of the show to who is betraying GR instead) LB alerts GR and GR blast Pradhan matri and Raghunath. Later LB and GR are practising and the ghoongat lady is outside the palace for alms, but she wants it only from LB. Tatya ji tells LB is busy but the lady is adamant. The lady then tells if she does not get her wish fulfilled she will give shrap to the whole kingdom and Sunder hears this and is shocked. There LB and GR are practicing with the 3 witches watching and waiting for GR to die. Sunder comes in at the right moment and tells LB abt the beggar. GR is mad and tells sunder to ask the beggar to wait, but LB tells it is not right to make a beggar wait and leave with leaving the 3 witches disappointed.

    The beggar asks LB to give her something she received recently from someone close. LB realizes its the sword and the lady asks her to do abhishek before giving it to her. Sunder, Kashi pour the milk for abhishek and as soon as LB puts the sword in milk the milk turn black. LB realises that there is poison on the sword. LB runs to see the beggar and there the 3 witches are talking to someone that this time GR is saved but next time this mistake should not repeat. The shadow leaves. LB reaches the gate but the lady has already left.


    GR-LB sword fight and GR is struck by the sword and GR falls down immediately with LB staring at him.

    The precap is either LB's dream or LB-GR are playing together to catch the culprit cause the CV's current tag line is catch the culprit. And with the shadow person and ghoongat persons this has turned into a mystery novel but so much better than the last 4 episodes.Hail CV's..



    Short and not so sweet update

    Starts with LB not finding the invisible lady and she has a day dream that she killed GR. LB then runs to GR yelling Maharaaj and finds GR talking to Pradhan Mantri (PM). GR gives money to PM (Suspect 1), but he tells GR he has already arranged the money and LB looks suspiciously at him. PM leaves and LB is staring at GR who is taking his kurta off Wink and thinks abt her day dream and runs to hug GR. LB is crying and tells GR what if she would have hurt GR in the fight. LB then decides to keeps the facts to herself (true saas bahu heroine who wants to glorify herself and solve all the problems by hiding the truth ) till she finds the truth. Some one comes in and tells GR the ministers are waiting for him in the court. Suddenly a cat attacks one of the soldiers in GR's room and LB is alert and wants to find the culprit.

    LB leaves telling GR she wont come to the court today. There the new pandit is testing the sword and tells LB that he is the only one who know how to make this poison and he stopped making this poison long back. He further adds he never told any one abt the recipe and that he wrote the recipe in his book and finds that his book is missing. He tells the last time he used the book was int eh palace and LB concludes the conspirator is someone from the palace. There 3 witches are not happy with the outcome and LB walks in and wants to spend quality time with them.

    Some tu tu mein mein follow btw LB and the 3 vahinis and then they decide to play something for time pass. Sunder comes in with the sword and LB takes the sword and points it at the 3 vahinis one by one. The 3 vahinis are sweating profusely and LB warns them that if ever anything happens to GR they wont be aliveS. Sakku bai finally get her voice back and yells at LB and asks her to find proof first. Sakku asks LB to leave and the other 2 vahinis praise Sakku and make fun of her. Sakku then tells it was really her intention to divert LB so there mohra will kill GR and LB. LB is walking with Sunder and telling her that she is sure the 3 witches are diverting her attention and there mohra will attack GR. Just then someone calls Sunder (Suspect 2)and she leaves. LB sees someone in black attire and asks tum (mystery continues)

    In the court GR is waiting for LB and they are discussing abt the Raj kosh and how they dont have enough money in the kosh (what do they do with all the money that every 2 weeks the same track is introduced ). Just then Malcom appears in the court telling that the situation is still not under control regarding the Rajputs. GR tells Malcom that he has full faith in TG. Sunder comes to the court and tells GR that LB is not her room.


    Mystery mystifies with LB missing and GR finding her payal in the corridor. GR is wondering where his LB is (and I am wondering if I am really watching JKR or a badly scripted thriller)

    Nothing to talk abt todays episode. Have fun and enjoy the latest thriller JKR.



    Starts with Sunder/Kashi telling LB is not in her room nor in the palace. GR is livid and asks who was she last seen with and 3 witches are scared . Sunder tells GR abt LB meeting with Raj Vaidya and then the 3 witches(3 witches are abt to get a heart attack). All the while PM, Raghunath and Tatya are shown alternativey (for special effects and to intensify the already tangled mystery) GR summons for Raj vaidya and makes him tell the truth abt the sword being poisoned and that LB was looking for the culprit (GR seemed like a volcano today without LB around). GR bashes up PM and Raghunath and then tells he knows who is behind this. Then announces that with in 24 hrs if LB does not return he will punish them in way which was never done before. 3 witches are dripping in fear and sweat by now .

    Whole of the palace and GR are looking for LB with flashes of LB-GR romance being played in bits and pieces. (Back to the suspects) PM (Suspect 1) is sending some unknown trunk to some unknown place and Raghunath is talking to some burka clad gentlemen using some bade bade suspicious words which make him Suspect 2. In the mean while Sakku is talking to some burka clad person and askign him to take her to LB and the burka clad person nods in disagreement that he did not abduct LB. Sakku is shocked.

    Sunder finds LB's payal and hands it over to GR and GR goes back to his dreams for a while. . There LB is shown praying to god to protect GR in some hut. Suddenly the invisible lady walks in and LB tells she has been waiting for her for a long time. (even I am confused that I am jumping from one scene to another with no continuity, but thats what is being shown) Invisible old lady gives some payal to LB and tells this will protect GR and also adds that the culprit is someone who was loyal to GR and was hurt recently and LB goes to thinking mode.

    Back to the palace again...GR is dejected with the sudden developments and decides to take a beauty nap. GR is sleeping and a shadow is walking towards GR (shivering while watching the scene) and its LB who is staring at her hubby and someone in a burqa behind the curtains is watching LB stare at GR. LB senses someone and runs to the curtains and finds no one. (wow did not know curtains can create so much mystery in every scene in JKR ROFL...maybe they should start selling these curtains to fill the ever empty Raj kosh) LB then decides to spend the night at GR's feet and its morning. GR wakes up and is over whelmed to see LB and asks her where she went. LB religiously tells GR she cannot tell him anything right now, but GR tells he knows the truth abt the sword and that someone was trying to kill him using LB. LB is in tears and GR tells LB that he wont die so easily (even we know that.....how else will JKR survive if GR dies...what would be the future track and who will be the guinea pig) LB-GR finally hug.


    Sunder comes and tells Sakku bai that LB asked her to come to the courth. 3 witches are tensed.

    Usual Suspects : PM and his trunk, Raghunath and his burka clad man, Tatya ji and his confusing looks topped by the EVER GREEN 3 witches

    The End



    Starts with GR telling LB that they both will deal with this issue now. There Sakku wakes up from a bad dream (GR-LB deciding to deal with the matter together) and is terrified. Sakku's servant comes and informs LB asked her to come to the court. In the court PM is informing GR that kosh is full (finally its full...well why not GR's life is danger so they don't need kosh now) LB is staring at Tatya ji, PM and Raghunath and then at the 3 witches and thinking who out of three did the witches choose. The scene shifts btw the 3 suspects, 3 witches and LB for a while.

    LB goes to PM and tells Raghunath and Tatya are with the 3 witches and are betraying GR and asks PM to keep his eye on the 2 of them. She then goes to Tatya and Raghunath and badkofiys them abt the other twoSleepy. LB then asks Sunder/Kashi/Munder to watch the 3 suspects houses and do a talaashi of there houses. LB then appoints some women to be GR's body guards and warns them GR must not know abt this . GR is walking down the corridor and all women start following GR from behind the pillars. (This was such a silly scene with not so funny bg music....how abt showing us LB training these women instead of this chupa chupi khel)

    GR reaches his kaksh and is talking to LB's statue abt his feelings and all of LB's women gaurds are listening to his monologue (wonder where are GR's real guards....may be they are the one who are writing this mystery script) GR is telling some poetry abt LB and the glass from his hand falls down. All of LB's women army comes running including Sunder/Kashi/munder (like they heard a bomb explode...and what were Sunder/Kashi doing in GR's room...werent they supposed to keep an eye on the 3 suspects houses)

    (Ok this is the funniest part) Some sadhu in raincoat (he is definately a mummy look alike) is doing pooja of the devil mouthing "om chaamundaaya etc "and a pair of eyes (invisible lady) are watching this scene. Suddenly the raincoat man senses something and runs to the door not to find anyone there. There in teh palace Sunder/Kashi come and give a pair of gloves which they found in Raghunath's room, poison bottle which they found in tatya room, a pair of shoes with mud found in PM room. (Can this get any better and more interesting) LB is weighing her options on who could be the culprit (even I am weighing my options) Just then tatya ji comes to meet LB and shows her some stuff which he found under GR's bed. Tatya ji tells LB that some aghori baba is doing Kala jaadu on GR. Tatya ji informs that he knows one such person who does kala jaadu. LB wants to leave, but Tatya ji tells she cannot leave since she has to take part in the final part of naag pooja and also protect GR . LB tells Tatya ji she relaly needs to find out "kala jaadu rahasya soon" (sounds like a old DD show named "kiley kaa rahasya" if anyone has seen it)

    After Tatya leaves Sunder comes and gives a letter. The letter is as follows " LB if you want to know the raaz abt Kala jaado come to kaali mandir tomorrow"LOL. There the 3 witches are talking abt there master plan to kill GR and the raincoat man is shown tampering with the Ghanti in the temple under which GR will be doing the pooja next day. So here is the master plan of the 3 witches " A diya is lit next to the rope of the Ghanti and the diya will burn the rope and the Ghanti will fall on GR killing him"ROFL. Screen freeze on with LB in the center and the 3 witches nad 3 suspects on either side.


    The dangerous Ghanti is abt to fall on GR and LB pushes GR away and falls unconscious because of the humongous Ghanti

    Todays episode takes the Cake, Baker and the Bakery....oh my god LB - Karam Chand, GR-Victim, 3 witches and 3 Suspects, Sunder/Munder/Kashi- Kitty. LB doing "Tehkikaat" (Vijay Anand will choke if he sees me comparing his show to JKR) on Kaala mandir rahasya (ala Kiley kaa Rahyasya) and GR's would be killer.

    JKR = "KaramChand" doing "Tahkikaat" of "Kiley kaa Rahasya".



    Starts with the 3 witches laughingly victoriously abt there Ghanti plan to kill GR (Cant these 3 witches come up with atleast a good plan to kill GR instead of these hilarious Ghanti killing plans). There PM, Raghunath and Tatya wants to accompany GR to the temple as they doubt the other 2 are plotting to kill GR. There LB assigns Sunder or Kashi to protect GR and she will go the Kaali Mandir to find the Kaala mandir Rahasya. Sunder promises that she will protect GR even if she has to give her own life (how is she gonna protect GR...she was never trained in anything if I am not wrong). GR starts to leave to the temple along with the 3 witches, 3 usual suspect and 3 NOT trained body guards assigned by LB that is Sunder/Munder/Kashi.

    LB goes to the kaali Mandir and is looking around the scary looking place and there the gloves and Rain coat clad person is lighting the diya next to the rope. There in the kali maa temple some half naked men are sitting around fire and putting something in a havan. LB is abt to leave and the invisible lady appears and gives her prasad and tells her GR loves her very much. The invisible lady tells you have to go to the Shiv temple now and do the arti in all the directions. LB questions how she knows that she is going to Shiv temple. The lady says its getting late and your horse is waiting for you and LB turns to see her horse (LB has X-Ray eyes like the invisible lady...she is inside the temple and she can see the horse which is grazing in some open area)

    (Heres the funnies part of todays episode....adn the longest seen) GR is praying to god, LB is riding her horse, 3 witches smiling victoriously and then glancing at the Ghanti, PM and Raghunath looking at eachother suspiciously, Sunder/Munder/Kashi watching the 3 witches and 3 suspects and finally LB arrivesROFL. GR-LB do the arti and then LB takes the arti around the temple as per the Invisible lady's instructions and she see that the Ghanti is moving in slow motion towards GR. The 3 witches close there eyes in happiness that GR is going to die. In the last moment (which I did not expect at all and was sitting on the edge of my seat to see if GR is alive) LB saves GR. 3 witches not happy and LB faints hitting her head on the floor (hoping she does not have memory loss)

    GR is maha mad and so are the 3 witches and PM and Raghunath at eachother . GR calls LaxmiEmbarrassed and lifts her up and warns that no one should come near her.GR takes LB to her room and is calling out to her to get up (He walks all the way from the temple to Rani's kaksh). Outside Rani's Kaksh Tatya, PM, Raghunath want to meet LB, but the soldiers tell them its GR's order and no one can enter the room. The 3 leave dejectedly. Raj vaidya arrives and prepares some medicine. GR gives the medicine to LB and LB is conscious. GR has a huge smile on his face (Sameer has such a cute smileEmbarrassed...this is the only worth watching scene in the whole episode) Sunder/Munder/kashi leave and GR tells LB that he was scared for her and tells LB that till she is there no one can hurt him. GR then asks LB tell me who did this and LB is thinking abt the 3 suspect and the screen freezes.


    Tatya ji wants to give some medicine to LB but GR tells him he does not trust anyone any more and wants to test the medicine first before giving it to LB.


    Friday 30-07-10

    Starts with GR asking LB abt the culprit, but LB tells him she really does not know who the culprit is. Just then Kashi comes and tells Tatya ji wants to give some medicine to LB. There Tatya ji shown walking suspiciously in the corridor with the invisible lady watching him. Tatya ji finally enters LB's room and GR tells him not to misunderstand but he does not trust anyone now and wants to test the medicine first. (wont blame the poor guy...he has no brains...and cannot see/understand anything even if it is happening just below his nose) GR tests the medicine and it is free of any poison. Just then a soldier comes nad tells GR his horse is ready. LB asks if he is going some where.GR tells he is going to Shiv mandir and he needs to find the proof before the culprits clean the place. GR is walking and remembers all the incidents where LB saved GR (all scenes of Choti LB and Badi LB saving GR..funny thing is he also remembers scenes where he was asleep or fainted).

    GR finally reaches the shiv temple (walking by the way...he might have forgotten he was supposed to go on a horse). PM and Raghunath also reach the place and GR blasts them a little. GR is looking at the evidence and see the burned rope and asks what could have burned this. PM adds that only diyas are lit in the temple and Tatya ji was responsible for the preparations here. GR tells Tatya ji will be questioned.There Tatya ji apologizing to LB that if he did not ask her to come to Shiv temple she would not have gotten hurt. LB says its not his mistake. He then takes out a different medicine from his bag (not the one which was tested) and LB takes the medicine.

    The 3 witches are worried and think they did a mistake in choosing the mohra. Two witches start blaming Sakku bai that its because of her LB realized some one is trying to kill GR. They pray to god hoping that this time there plan will be successful. There in some dark place the raincoat man is doing some pooja with lemons, chillies and skeletons. In the palace LB is feeling giddy and the invisible lady comes and tells LB the culprits are trying to kill GR using water. She asks LB to open her eyes and save GR. LB finally says Tatya dixit and faints.

    There the raincoat man is doing his pooja. The raincoat man takes off his hood and its tatya dixit and he takes a pran that he will tie his hair only when GR's dead body is burnt (oh my god they changed the history itself...i hate Zee and the so called CV's...tatya ji was one of the persons who was with LB even after GR died) He also says that he gave LB poisonous medicine and he also knew that GR will test the medicine so he had 2 packets in his bag. The 3 witches are impressed with tatya ji. Tatya tells now LB wont be able to save GR.


    GR is with LB along with Tatya. Tatya says someone did black magic on LB and he has to do something to save and LB and our lovesick puppy GR readily agrees. Tatya and GR are leaving and Tatya's bag falls down and all the medicine fall out from his bag. LB is pointing GR to the direction of the medicine with her eyes (but I am sure our tube light will not understand this and Tatya will cover up with some nonsense excuse. Finally a miracle will happen and GR will be saved by LB)

    Last edited by cindy4; 07-30-2010 at 02:53 PM.


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