Monday 15-03-2010

A must watch episode for all the JKR fan the Chemistry of King and Mannu was awesome.

Episode Begins where it had ended on Friday

Kings Minister enter court with the Rajya Vaid (Doctor)

Vaid tell that in laddo was poisoned some medicine is mixed to make people unconscious

The cook is called in the court and asked to eat Laddo

Cook eats laddo and fells unconscious immediately

King says that means Laddoo where poisoned not in Mahel (fort)

King ask Mannu she has anything to say

Mannu remembers that when she was putting food for Moropant Younger Vahini had come to Kitchen

Younger Vahini is disturbed with the proceedings in the court and is very worried

Mannu tells king that she was not alone with Chimna bai at the time of taking the food

Younger Vahini gets up and says that you want to blame me

Mannu says she didn't take anybody's name

Mannu thinks in her heart that this is family matter & I should not bring it out in court about Younger Vahini present in Kitchen

King is thinking now why Mannu is not speaking she knows something but she is not speaking

King says to the court that there is big conspiracy and he will go to the route of it.

Shivram Bhau (Chimnabai's Father) is saying that even if conspiracy is unearthed than also her daughter has to face the world with the bad name.

King says that he will discussed this with mannu and than gave his decision.

Aaishree and both vahini's are shocked to hear this

King says that since its Mannu father & friend this matter should be discussed with her

Again Shivram bhau ask for the justice for his daughter and King assures him than his daughter will get the justice

All leave the courtroom, Moropant looks at Mannu & King & than leaves

Mannu also leaves th e courtroom and is going through the corridor with her Dasis, she see Moropant passing by

Mannu calls him and runs to him and tells him not to worry everything will be alright.

Moropant says once this case is over he will meet king and than go back to Bithur

Mannu says not leave her and go both cry (very emotional scene)

Moropant goes from there and Mannu is standing there crying Baba Baba, she is about to faint when King and his Mantri (Minister) is shown walking from the back discussing something

King sees Mannu faint and catch hold of her.

Mannu's both the dasis run towards her and King ask them what happen to Mannu, to which they inform king that Mannu is fasting from yesterday she has not had her food.

King tells Minister to call the Viad and carries Mannu to her room

King orders her dasis to bring food for Mannu, Dasis is about to say something when king say bring food first. Dasis leaves immediately

King is worried about mannu, (The concern is portrayed very well by the King) he fans her and Mannu is asking for water

King calls Dasis to bring water but no Dasi is there

Than King sees water kept on the other side of room, so he goes and fills the glass but the water spills over and King is irritated.

He bring water to Mannu and Mannu opens her eyes and says Maharaja

King puts the water on bed only and helps Mannu to sitting the process water fells down.

King says sorry to Mannu as he doesn't know how to do this task

Mannu says she will do it, to which King says to her that he will bring water for her

King again goes to the place where water is Kept , and dills the glass which spill again (nice expression here of King)

He bring the water to Mannu , Mannu is crying.

*I have missed some part of their conversation here*

Mannu says to the king that Indu told her that the Husband & wife should have heart to heart talk alone with each other, but you are always busy with you Ministers and court.

King says that this is part of hi responsibility as King and if she wants anything she can talk to Aaishree.

Mannu says that Aaishree will be angry with her as Chimanbai came to meet Mannu without Aaishree permission

King than sweetly tells Mannu that she should take care as both the family (Kings & Chimnabai's families) are enemies

Mannu says that we should not let relations remain sour till long, its not good.

King than tells Mannu that whenever you want to talk to me sent message through your Dasi, and Mannu says no.

Than again King says than write a letter and sent htrough your Dasi, to which Mannu says again Dasi (Nice part must see the bonding and light hearted talk between King & Mannu)

Mannu says she has an idea, she take out her bow and arrow and informs King that when girls used to play with toys she use to play with this

And Than hold Kings hand and drags him to the corridor.

She points at a tree which has white spot on its trunk, she says that when ever she wants to talk to him she will shoot an arrow at the white spot of the tree and he can understand this as signal.

King is astonished and ask Mannu that can you shoot so far and Mannu confidently says yes.

Than shoot the arrow which reaches the target Perfectly.

King is pleasantly surprised at Mannu's skills.