The shows begins with Jay asking Khushi about Anjali. Khushi answers. Then about Aarav. Khushi wins this round. Arnav comes to Khushi and says sorry for giving her trouble. Amrita sees Khushi and Arnav so close. So she thinks Khushi is mis(using). She shows pictures and shows the judges. Amrita tells everyone. Arnav tells stop. Khushi is my wife. Amrita tells then how can she can participate if Arnav is sponsor, she must quit. The judge says Khushi is still in contest. Arnav tells then until contest doesn’t end I wont be here to make the game fair.

At home Arnav and Khushi chit-chat.

At finale each model comes and answers different question by judges. Natasha is not conformtable with the oriental dress which her husband gives. His husband forces her to wear. But later she changes her dress and comes on ramp. She tells Khushi taught her to be simple Amrita comes on stage and judges ask some question but she gives answer for something else. Female Judge tells she saw her stealing question from her cabin. Jay tells she is disqualified.

Khushi comes on ramp and missing Arnav. Suddenly she feels Arnav is somewhere near.
She answes question tactfully.
Judge annouces Khush wins this round too and wins the contest.


Everyone is happy for Khushi. At home after winning Khushi tells Arnav that she loves him. Everyone is happy and they have cake to celebrate. Everyone takes a bite and eats cake.


Khushi thanks Arnav for being with her forever. She tells Arnav is her most important part of her life.
Flashback from old episodes from start … Rabaa Ve…. ARSHI…. meeting, engagement, marriage……
First Kiss…. all comes back ……. First night…… alll . Arnav just stares Khushi while remember all those moments…
Complete IPKKND moments… Arnav carrying Khushi…….


Thanks all readers . IPKKND ends, but new show Kaali (starts from 3rd Dec, coming Monday), Nach Baliye 5 is coming soon.