The Episode starts with Anjali asking Sejal to bring water. Someone comes and Anjali and Sejal are happy to see him. He is the son-in-law of Anjali. She welcomes him well. Anjali asks how is jyoti. He says she is fine, she got tired by visiting many places. He says he heard about Shlok and felt bad, he says tell me if I can do anything. Anjali says everything is fine. Anjali and Sejal offers him snacks. Anjali asks him to talk to Niranjan. Niranjan enters with Shlok. He greets them and tells Shlok I heard what happened in the function. Shlok says talk about your work. He shows them a location for his work. Niranjan asks Shlok to go with him. Shlok says I m busy with my work. Niranjan says good propery slips from hands easily. He says its not too far, you can visit it. Astha bumps into Shlok. They are shocked to see each other. She says am I dreaming about Shlok. She calls him a monster. She thinks why is he not disappearing. Shlok stares at her while she laughs. She realizes Shlok is really infront of her. Astha’s umbrella gets stuck in Shlok’s file. He stops her.

Astha undoes her umbrella and walks away. She stops and says are you following me, she says I have forgiven you so no need to apologize. Aryaman and Shlo go inside the building. She wonders why he came here. She thinks she won’t get stuck with Shlok again. She walks in dirt by mistake and gets a call from Atul. She says I m in hurry, will call you later. Atul gives her good news that she is being called for the interview. Atul is happy and Astha too. He asks her to come home soon. Astha sees some women crying. Atul asks what happened. Astha says my bus came and I need to catch it. Suresh sees Astha. The women argue with Aryaman and Shlok. The women debate for their ashram. Astha hears everything. Aryaman says we bought this land and we have full rights on it. He shows them the documents. Aryaman says we are opening an institute here and gives them 20 days to vacant the place.

The women say where will we go in this age. Astha blames Shlok for everything and says you know I m connected with this ashram, why are you punishing them, are you taking revenge from me. She says you should have thought about them. Shlok gives them 15 days. Astha says how will we… Shlok says 10 days… Astha looks on. Aryaman tells the women to vacant the place in 10 days. They leave. The women cry.

Astha stops Shlok and requests him to stop all this. Shlok does not respond. Astha brings the women to him and introduces them. Shlok does not get emotional. Shlok says don’t teach me how to do business. Shlok stares at her and says I can do anything to take revenge. He says I don’t need to do anything, don’t interfere in my work. He walks out. She stops him. He says I have given you mush time. Astha looks at him while he leaves. Astha runs after him trying to stop him. She falls and Shlok tries to hold her. Even he falls on the dirt. The music O khuda… plays… Shlok and Astha have an eyelock. Astha looks at the mud and tries to get up but falls on him again. Shlok gets angry. Finally they get up. Astha says these women will not go anywhere, you will not vacant this place, make your college anywhere else, not here.


Astha tells Shlok about the marriage proposal. Shlok shuts her mouth.


The Episode starts with Atul being proud of Astha. He tells Ajju that Astha is called for the interview. Ajju also praises Astha. Kalindi says I agree she is smart. Atul looks for the file to prepare it for Astha. Astha tells Shlok that the women won’t go anywhere and he won’t vacant the ashram. She asks him to make his college anywhere else. She starts taunting him and says don’t feel bad. I told no to your marriage proposal so your ego got hurt, right. Shlok looks angrily at her. Ajju and Kalindi discuss about Astha’s new job. Kalindi says Astha should mature soon. Atul says don’t worry, it will happen soon. Kalindi says I want Astha to be on her own. She gets sad and says I wish I could work so that I could lessen your burden. Atul praises her and says I m whatever because of you. He says I regret that your dream did not come true. Kalindi wishes Astha fulfills her dream. Kalindi says she trusts Astha’s wits and says I m worried about Shlok. Astha should be away from Shlok.

Astha says you tell me how could I say yes to you, I don’t like anything in you. Shlok tries to get some water to clean himself. She says punish me, not them. Shlok shuts her mouth by his hands. The tap breaks and they get both wet. O Khuda…. Iss Pyaar ko kya naam doon plays… Astha asks him to close the tap. Both of them close it and their hands touch. They have an eyelock. Astha says I won’t let anyone take this place. Shlok says I don’t feel like answering you and I don’t have the habit to change my decisions. Shlok leaves. Astha says you can’t do this. She looks at the ashram.

Anjali scolds Sejal in the kitchen and asks her to make food for Aryaman. Kaka comes in the kitchen and asks Sejal to give him something. He says are you making anything for me. He says make bhajiyas for me if you have time. He asks her what she is thinking and laughs. He says I know what people think. He says you are thinking about Anjali. He says you are thinking what to do with Anjali. He leaves. Atul is waiting for Astha. He says why did she not come till now. Kalindi says she will come soon. Niranjan calls Atul and says he need to talk something important.

Atul gets tensed and says I m sorry for morning. Niranjan saysour institutes have completed 25 years and we wish to open another. Shlok and Aryaman saw the land. He if you can help me in getting the land formalities clear. Atul gives him well wishes and says don’t worry, I will get the permission. Niranjan asks about Astha. Atul says Astha was worried and was blaming herself. Niranjan says ask Astha not to regret and blame herself. Atul thanks him. Kalindi asks what he was saying. Atul says they are good people, he said Astha not to worry. Ajju gets a call and she gets worried. Kalindi and Atul asks what happened.

Anjali is cleaning her room. She see the calender. Sejal comes there and thinks Niranjan left. She comes to her and tries to talk to Anjali. She asks her why she is looking at the calender and
reminds her of her 30th Wedding Anniversary. She says lets celebrate it. Anjali taunts her saying first learn cooking. Sejal says I came here to call you for breakfast. Astha tells Gauri that she needs to do whats right. Astha is cleaning her clothes. She says I could not go with such clothes, so I came to your house. Gauri offers her Wada Pau. Astha have it and thinks about Shlok’s warning.

She says I will not the women lose the ashram, where will the oldies go. She says we have to do something. Gauri says how. Astha thinks of an idea. Kalindi calls Astha. Astha says I m on the way, coming home. Shlok thinks about Astha’s words and drives faster. Shlok says I will do anything for this property and it would be better if Astha does not meet me again. Astha asks Gauri to pray for her and success in her work. Gauri asks what are you going to do. Astha says everything will be fine. Suresh gets tensed.


Astha throws Shlok’s photo. Shlok says he will do something about Astha.


The Episode starts with Shlok telling Suresh that he has to do something about Astha. Kalindi scolds Astha when she reaches home. Astha says listen to me. Kalindi says don’t talk to Shlok. Astha tells her about the ashram and the women. Atul hears everything. Kalindi says we are worried about you. Atul says you can’t do anything for the women. He says Shlok is doing legal work. Atul explains him that you have to see the reality. He says we always listened to you, you said no to Shlok, but you have to listen to us now. Astha says ok. Atul smiles and asks her to get ready for the interview. Kalindi says what do you think, Astha will listen to us? Atul says sure.

Astha comes to her room and throws the things in anger. She says Shlok photo in newspaper and talks to his photo. He draws him funny and makes the paper a paper plane. He throws it from her balcony. Astha smiles. Shlok is thinking about Astha and says she is very proud, I will make her bend. Astha prays that Shlok gets his senses. He pampers the Lord. Astha thinks she should do her work as well as care for the ashram. She says what should I do about Shlok. Shlok says only that will happen what I want.

Suresh comes to Shlok. Shlok says whatever I told you in car, we have to work it out. They make some plan and Suresh leaves. Everyone are watching tv at home and see the news about Shlok’s office. They see Astha in the video. Aryaman says she came today in the ashram and she said the ashram won’t be vacant, do whatever you want. Kaka says don’t be angry as it may make things worse. Aryaman says I will see Shlok.

Anjali thinks Shlok does not like Aryaman so she must stop him, but Aryaman comes to Shlok and says I know why you Astha. Shlok says you won’t do anything, its my problem and I will solve it my way. Shlok says no one have to interfere in my matter. Anjali comes and sees Shlok arguing with Aryaman. Aryaman says I was just helping you. Shlok says I don’t want your help. Shlok asks him to leave from his room. Anjali sees Aryaman getting insulted and leaving in anger. Anjali looks at Shlok angrily. Shlok closes the door on her face.

Gauri comes to Astha. They discuss about Shlok and the ashram. Gauri asks Astha to focus on the interview and gives her some documents to help her. Astha thanks her. Astha says Kalindi scolded her and acts like her. Anjali says sorry to Aryaman on Shlok’s behalf. Aryaman says I will leave now and jyoti will come to meet you soon.

Aryaman is leaving. Kaka says even we want to bless you, meet us too. Aryaman greets him too. Aryaman says I always tried to keep the relations well and taunts Shlok. Aryaman thinks he will explain Shlok how to value relations. He leaves. Anjali comes to Shlok in anger and says I want to talk to you. Shlok says I m busy, we will talk later. She says I want to talk now. He says I m busy in silver jubilee arrangements. Anjali scolds him for misbehaving with Aryaman. He says don’t think about me, I know whats better for me. She says I can see what you are doing.

She says the talk has started now, I know what you want. He says my dad knows it, you don’t have to worry. She says ok, I will talk to your dad now. Shlok leaves. Kaka sees this and laughs. He says its waste to talk to him because this house taught everyone how to learn others. He taunts Anjali and says you can’t change Shlok. He says tell Niranjan what Shlok did to Aryaman, but what will be the profit. He says relations does not matter in this house, then why to try. Anjali leaves. Kaka says this house needs such bahu who is different from Anjali completely. Astha talks to the women on video chat. They says we came to knwo about your interview, our best wishes are with you. Astha thinks everyone loves her. He wishes Shlok thought the same about those women.


Astha comes for the interview and its Shlok, her to be boss. She sees him and is shocked.


The Episode starts with Shlok working. He gets a call from Suresh who says he did the work regarding Astha. Shlok says good. Atul comes to Astha and says can I help you. Astha says I have to be ready for the interview. He brings badam milk for her. Shlok’s brother talks to Shlok and have tea. He gives Shlok the football match tickets for both of them. Shlok says I tried for them a lot. He says I m elder to you, so I tried more. He favors Shlok and asks him to ignore small problems. He says lets party tonight. Shlok says tomorrow, not today, I m busy. Shlok gets happy. Atul says lets mock your interview. Astha agrees. Atul questions her why do you want to join your company. She says because my dad wants. She says about the ashram. He laughs and says first become like the one who can help others. He asks her for the interview preparations. She says I know Kalindi sent you with this badam milk. Atul laughs.

Astha says I don’t want the milk, I m anger. Kalindi pulls her ears. She says ok ok anger gone. Atul laughs everything has its own time and we must go according to it. Astha says ok I will be away from Shlok. Shlok says I will decide what you do and where you go. Suresh brings Astha file. Shlok gets confident and says Astha’s string is in my hands, I will make her dance now. He says now you will do what I say.

Astha reaches the office and goes for the interview. She sees Shlok coming and thinks what he is doing here. She wishes its her dream but is shocked to see he is really there. Shlok sees her too and gets into the lift with her. He says are you blind, did you not see someone is coming. She says sorry. She gives him napkin as he got hurt opening the lift’s door. Astha says do you like fighting or do you think I will be afraid seeing you. He says shut up. Khuda…… plays…… Astha thinks she saw his bad face and wishes her interview goes well. Shlok leaves, she thinks he went somewhere else. Astha waits for her turn for her interview. Her name comes on the notice board and she gets Kalindi’s call. Kalindi asks her to answer them well peacefully. Kalindi wishes her best of luck.

Astha sits for the interview. Shlok says you can’t even take care of your papers, what will you do at your work. She sees Shlok and is nervous. They say they called Shlok for taking the interview.

Shlok taunts Astha and says she can’t do it, call the male candidates. Shlok questions Astha indirectly asking her how she fooled him at an event. He says will you lie or call yourself my relative. Astha says I will…. Shlok says what will you do if you don’t like anyone. Astha says I will… Shlok does not let her answer. She panics. Shlok says will you create a big issue again. Astha says no, I… Shlok says you are taking so much time to answer. They scold Astha for not valuing time. They ask why you want to work. She says its my parents dream and I think I can do this work, I saw the company’s profile and I am fit for the work. Shlok looks on and says we will decide who is fit for the job. They ask how much money you have. She says 50rs. They get angry on her. Shlok says this is an event management company, can you work late night. Astha says I don’t run away from my work.

She says if other women can work, I can too. She says I believe me in doing hard work. Mangla mam says a team leader has to do the work taking many people with them. Shlok gives his opinion and says ask her to leave. Astha looks at Shlok and leaves. They say we will inform you in the evening. Shlok looks on.


Astha thinks I won’t get the job. Atul says you got the job. Shlok says I gave you this job.


The Episode starts with Astha telling Gauri that Shlok took her interview. She says Shlok took the revenge and maybe I won’t be selected. She says she won’t ;eave him if she did not get selected. Gauri says no lawyer wants to take the ashram case. Astha receives the call from the ashram and she asks Gauri to come with her. Gauri says she is busy. Astha leaves alone. Niranjan is giving interview to the reporters. Few people come and meet Niranjan. Anjali tries to stop them but they start talking, asking for donation. Sojal takes them with her. The reporters praises Niranjan and asks do you think your wife is behind your success. Shlok comes and looks at them. Niranjan looks at Shlok and Anjali.

Astha comes to the ashram. Aryaman is in the ashram breaking the mandir. Aryaman pushes the women. Astha asks him to say sorry to them. Aryaman says explain them to be in limits. Astha indulges in the argument with him. Aryaman says pay for the lan and take it if you want. Aryaman looks at Astha angrily. Astha requests him to say sorry. Aryaman says what will you do if I don’t say sorry. Astha says ok, I will talk to Mr. Niranjan. She says I will call him now. Aryaman is tensed. He thinks it will be a problem if he comes to know about this. He stops Astha from calling and says no need to talk to him. Astha says ok, I have cut the call, now you says sorry to them.

Aryaman says sorry to them. Astha says say again. Aryaman says again and leaves. The women hug Astha and laughs. Aryaman looks at Astha standing far. Astha prays. The women says what will happen tomorrow, today you saved us. Astha says we have an idea. Astha says we will do Gandhigiri. Shlok thinks about Astha’s words and gets angry. Suresh comes and asks did my information came to use. He says now Astha’s work will not be fine. Atul is happy and is expecting good news about Astha’s work. Astha comes home. She sees her parents happy and says what will I tell them about the interview. Atul says you came on right time, we are very happy. He makes her eat sweets. Kalindi asks why are you upset. Astha says my day was bad, and Shlok…. Kalindi says what did you do. Astha says he came to take my interview, and I wont get the job. Atul says you got the job. Astha says this cannot happen.

Kalindi says the company called and says you got selected. Astha checks her phone and says I had switched off the phone and forgot to on it. Atul is happy and says tomorrow you have to join the office. Kalindi asks her to smile. Astha says how can this happen, after a bad interview, no one would have given me the job, then how can Shlok do this. Atul says maybe Shlok forgot everything. Atul asks Astha to forget everything and make a new start. Shlok thinks he made a new start. He says Astha is given this job by me. He says welcome aboard Astha Kiloskar. He gets angry.

Gauri brings Astha somewhere covering her eyes with a cloth. She gives her surprise. Astha is happy to see her house decorated with balloons. Ajju says we love you a lot. Atul and Kalindi also praises Astha and gives her a watch as a gift. Astha is happy and thanks them. She hugs them and says its a lovely gift. They give her some gifts for the office first day. Astha says I love you all. Astha did not reach the office till 9 am. Mangla Mam is ready to shout on Astha. Astha reaches the office. Mangla Mam scolds her and asks her why she came late. Astha gives the excuses. She says lets go now to meet the clients. Astha signs the agreement in hurry and does not need it.

Shlok greets Niranjan in the morning. Niranjan asks him to have some food before leaving. Niranjan tells him that we will be celebrating our marriage anniversary with the silver jubilee celebrations. Shlok asks why. Niranjan says for Anjali. Niranjan asks Anjali am I doing right. Anjali says you can’t do anything right, we will celebrate it if you want. Niranjan asks Shlok will he be able to manage everything about the event. Aryaman comes and greets them. He joins them at the dining table and have a talk with them.

Niranjan asks is everything ok. Aryaman talks to Niranjan and Anjali about Astha. He says that girl is creating a lot of nuisance for us. Niranjan is quiet. Shlok looks on. Astha is on the way and reads the agreement. She reads that Astha has to do the Agnihotri’s silver jubilee event function. Astha is shocked.


Astha and Shlok meet each other again in the office. Shlok says what do you think, will this help you, my decision won’t change. Astha says we don’t want to change your decision, but your heart.