West Culture first do “sex” & than think to “marry” but Islam totally oppose this culture

I want to share my observation that in entire West one have freely sex before “marriage” and if agreed or decided than “married” the life partner otherwise say Good Bye and starting searching of news “life partner”. In West before marriage sex is perhaps common and introduce in their society.

But according to Islam if one want to marry than he has no right or power to do sex before marriage to taste how is my partner or can I will stay with him for entire life.

In West “aids” disease is spread quickly the reasons or causes for Aids diseases is having freely sex with others who is not your “life partner” means wife’s. Islam give this message of Aids diseases before 14th Century but very surprising and shocking West yet not find any cure for aids diseases, how one can remain prevented or safe. But never think to follow on Islamic teaching if one want to cure or safe from “Aids”.

Thanking You.

( Ashfaq Sharif )