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    Post Geet Hui Sabse Parayi - The Story So Far.

    Geet Hui Sabse Parayi - The Story So Far

    Geet Handa is an 18 year old girl, full of life and yet repressed by her Darji and elder brother Brij who do not approve of her going to college. Both men believe that she is a burden who must be married of quickly and any antics from her side are punished severely.

    Brij is also responsible for the death of Channi, a friend of Geet's, who had fallen in love with a boy before marriage (thus disgracing the family in Brij's estimation). This drives Channi's mother crazy who makes several appearances in front of the Handa's and curses them.

    One day Geet secretly takes her younger brother, Titu, riding on a scooty where she loses her chunni and they get in to a small accident. This is the first meeting point of Dev and Geet who tries to give Geet back her chunni, only for a terrified Geet to bolt. However, when a Canadian rishta arrives, Geet is shocked to find that the prospective groom is none other than Dev, accompanied by his mother, elder bhabi (Naintara) and sister.

    Whilst Geet does not wish to go to Canada, the alliance is fixed and Dev quickly wins over her trust. However he informs the family that due to some problems back in Canada, they must get married in the next few days, and that too from Dev's house as that is their tradition. Geet's family reluctantly agrees and heads towards the wedding point.

    En route they stop at a mela where Geet is given a taveez by a palm reader who tells her that she will meet her life partner very soon. Geet is separated from her family and chased by goons when she bumps in to Maan Singh Khurana. She begs him for help but he walks away. However when Geet falls in to the sea, he saves her and despite wanting to be rid of her, drives her to where her family is in an attempt to get rid of her.

    However he quickly becomes annoyed with Geet and leaves her in the middle of the road where she is found by her family. Unbeknown to both of them, Geet's taveez is left with Maan.

    Naintara informs Geet that her signature is requested on a blank piece of paper for the Canadian Embassy. Dev's family also receive many gifts and Geet's share of the Handa land as Dahej. The wedding takes place and both Dev and Geet consummate their marriage. However it is revealed that Naintara is Dev's real wife, the wedding was a fake in order to get money from the Handas and Dev's family have no intention of taking Geet with them to Canada. This is proven when they drug her and leave her at the airport.

    The Handa family on learning the truth are devastated but Geet refuses to believe that Dev has left her. She runs away from the family in order to find Geet but is chased by her brother Brij. Geet hides in a jeep which turns out to be Maan's. She learns that her land has been sold and realises that Dev has betrayed her.

    Maan returns Geet to her house and demands that she signs some papers finalising the sale of the land. Geet refuses, adamantly insisting that the land is hers. Maan, under the impression that the Handas have taken his money and are trying to trick him, is furious and tries to force the signature. Brij sees the opportunity to get rid of Geet and proposes that Maan marry Geet and the land will automatically be his.

    Maan in reply humiliates the Handas in front of the village.

    Geet learns that she is pregnant and tries to contact Dev with the news only for Naintara to hear it instead. She hurries back to India and makes arrangements to meet Geet in Amritsar under the guise of being Dev. Geet tells Maan that she will go with him to Amritsar to sign the papers.

    However on arriving in Amritsar she faces Naintara who tells Geet that she (Naintara) is Dev's real life and that Geet should get an abortion. Geet is devastated but Maan believes that she has run away from home to meet her boyfriend.

    On learning that Geet is missing, Brij hunts her down and brings her back home.

    Meanwhile Rajji (Geet's sister) saves a wounded Gurvinder - Channi's lover (who actually married her and thus was Channi's husband) ' from Brij and his goons and hides him in their house. Maan returns to the Handa house to give Geet's copy of the land papers. He bumps in to Geet who begs him to help Gurvinder get out of the house safely otherwise Brij will kill him. Maan is under the impression that Gurvinder is Geet's boyfriend but helps her all the same.

    Geet's family learn that she is pregnant (through a phone call by Naintara) and insist that she abort the baby. Geet refuses and an enraged Brij chases Geet to kill her (approved by Darji despite the rest of the family pleading otherwise). Geet is attacked by Brij and his goons only to be saved by Maan on his way to Delhi.

    He dresses her wounds and tells her to report Brij to the police, under the impression that Brij has learnt of Geet and Gurvinder. Geet refuses resulting in an angry Maan leaving her to her fate. Instead Geet returns home and reveals the entire truth of the Handa family in front of the village.

    Brij is arrested and Geet breaks all ties with her family, leaving for Delhi.


    In Delhi, Geet's father (unbeknown to Geet) has made arrangements for Geet to stay with his friend and his daughter Pinky. Pinky works at Maan's company along with Adi (who is sympathetic to Geet) and Sasha (who is Maan's right-hand in the Delhi office and has grey shades). Through miscommunication, Geet ends up interviewing for the job of Maan's personal secretary. Whilst Sasha is not happy about giving her the job, Adi convinces Maan that she is the right choice. Maan agrees, not knowing that this is, in fact, Geet.

    Pinky convinces Geet not to turn down the job.

    Geet heads to the Canadian Embassy to find out about Dev but is turned away. She bumps in to Maan who is surprised to see her alive but remains his brusque self. Geet promises herself that she will start a new life.
    On the day of her new job, both Maan and Geet are shocked to come face to face again. Maan challenges Geet as wishes to see how long her self-respect will allow her to keep working for him whilst Geet realises that she needs the job to make her way in the city.

    It's revealed that Dev is Maan's younger brother who feels bitter that Maan is more successful and due to Dev's shortcut money making schemes (that put the family business at risk), Maan threw Dev out of the house 2 months ago. For his part, Maan is shown to love Dev and even repays his Debts and helps with Dev's money problems.

    Naintara hatches a plan to get Dev back in to the Khurana house as she believes that being around his family will make him forget Geet. She approaches Dev and Maan's Dadi - a genuinely good woman who is upset to see her family broken.

    Dadi convinces Maan to get Dev back home and find his younger brother Vicky (not yet introduced to the audience). Maan arranges for Dev to return to India but resists Dadi's attempts to get him back in to the house.

    Sasha is hell-bent on destroying Geet's career at the office. Due to a file mix-up, some important clients are furious and threaten to pull their project. However before they can walkout, Geet saves the situation. Maan, on the other hand, is furious that for the first time his clients dared to speak to him in a raised voice and believes that Geet was at fault for this.

    He later learns that it was actually his mistake and apologises to Geet leaving her openmouthed. For their part, the clients are very happy with the project outline provided by Geet and insist that instead of Sasha, it's Geet they wish to work with. Sasha is furious and vows to cause more problems for Geet.

    Dev arrives at the office and notices a change in his brother. He asks Maan if he is in love but in his usual brusque way, Maan refuses but at the same time refuses to acknowledge the feelings he has for Geet. Dev returns home and apologises to Dadi for his actions. Dev is also surprised yet elated to see Naintara already at the house. Naintara however is still furious at the fact that Dev has cheated on her and Dev therefore plans to romance his wife and make her forget his anger.

    Meanwhile Dadi is pleased to see Geet and Maan together and begins to envision Geet as her bahu.

    Sasha continues her plans to oust Geet from the office, going so far as to sabotage the party she had organised for the clients and switching Geets clothes so that she turns up in a sari, which both Sasha and Tasha rip, leaving Geet humiliated in front of everyone. Maan arrives just in time and helps Geet to leave and change.

    He gives her courage to return to the office whilst at the same time denying the feelings he has for her.

    Dev spots Geet and later hears Maan taking her name over the phone. He becomes worried but wonders if this is all just his imagination.

    credit:Tomiko -
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