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    Default Dharam Veer - Story So far - Week 4 (Episodes 16 –20)

    Week 4 (Episodes 16 –20)

    The men hired to kill Dharam attack him during the performance. However, Dharam is saved by the intervention of Bhimsen. The revelation of Bhimsen being alive is a huge shock for Dharam as Veer had previously told him that he had seen him fall of the cliff & die. Dharam Veer & Bhimsen ward of the attackers. Dharam attempts to catch Bhimsen who runs away. Dharam is extremely upset & angry with veer as he realizes that Veer lied to him. Veer attempts to pacify Dharam by telling him that he let Bhimsen go free because he felt that the law of Aryanagar which sentenced Bhimsen to his death was harsh & unjust. This further infuriates Dharam as he feels that Veer not only betrayed his trust but also questioned the centuries old traditions & customs of Aryanagar. Veer’s pleas to forgive him fall on deaf ears as Dharam walks away in anger.

    An estranged Dharam Veer continue towards the mela. Dharam refuses to listen to Veer’s apologies. Veer ultimately tells him that his life without the trust & friendship of Dharam is incomplete. Saying so, Veer jumps off a cliff. Believing that Veer has fallen off the cliff, Dharam forgets about his anger & states that this was no solution to the problem & that even though he & Veer might have fought; he still is Dharam’s best friend. Hearing Dharam’s statements, Veer comes up & hugs him. Veer apologizes to Dharam again & an emotional Dharam forgives him.

    Dharam Veer reach the mela wherein they encounter Princess Sia yet again. Princess Sia screams at Dharam for no fault of his & also tells him that if her fiancée would have been present she would have ensured that Dharam was taught a lesson. Dharam’s face falls at the news that Princess Sia is betrothed to somebody. Looking at his doleful expression; Veer decides to help him. He meets Sia in disguise as a fortune telling woman & tells her that the Prince of her dream, the man that she seeks is present in the mela. Veer, in disguise, further adds that the Prince will fight & win against Sambha Singh in the mela & that his name will begin with the letter “dh”.

    Meanwhile, annoyed by the failure of the men sent to kill Dharam; Jaivardhan condemns them to death. He instructs Agni to send word to Shera that her services will be required. Shera arrives at the mela, in search of Dharam, ready to strike at her target at the very first instance. Veer convinces Dharam to battle against Sambha Singh. As Sia sees Dharam fight, she realizes that he is the same Prince who the fortune teller told her about – the Prince who is the man of her dreams!

    Shera sees Dharam fight & finds the perfect opportunity to mount her attack. Unseen by all, Shera wounds Dharam with a poisoned dart. The arrival of Senapati Charusinha to escort Dharam Veer back to Aryanagar, makes them escape from the mela. As they depart, Dharam falls of his horse. Veer stops to help & is stunned to see Dharam’s injury. It is then that Veer realizes that the attack on Princess Sia’s camp was intended to harm Dharam. Veer takes Dharam to the house of the Vaid in the nearest village. Veer is shocked when the Vaid tells him that Dharam has been attacked by a poisonous dart & saving his life is impossible.

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    Talking Re: Dharam Veer - Story So far - Week 4 (Episodes 16 –20)

    Thanks so much for this, it is hard to get it all not understanding Hindi!
    Kulkie Rajat fan

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    Default Re: Dharam Veer - Story So far - Week 4 (Episodes 16 –20)

    Thank's For The Update


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