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    on Temporary Visa Swatzreddy is on a distinguished road
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    Nov 2012

    Smile Talaash – Movie Preview

    His last movie “3 Idiots”, released in 2009, saw Aamir Khan play a fun loving character. The actor now sheds his happy-go-lucky nature for his latest film Talaash. He is all set to give his fans a thrilling experience as Talaash hit theaters worldwide on November 30, Friday.

    Check this out more ... Talaash Movie Preview

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    on Temporary Visa Swatzreddy is on a distinguished road
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    Nov 2012

    Default Re: Talaash – Movie Preview

    10:44 Am=> And Aamir is steady on in his talaash… And his interaction with Kareena are getting dangerously sexy and provocative… Is Kareena playing a double game?

    10:42 Am=> The movie goes ahead in a frenetic pace with our bad guy shashi missing from the picture… And even as the police try to find him, his right hand is taken into custody… And he doesn’t know much, but is onto something when he takes shashis old SIM card and listens in on a call that was meant for shashi… There’s a drop off happening tomorrow night… And it’s anybody’s guess who’s going to get caught

    10:36 Am=>The song is laced with powerful emotions of Aamir and Rani in happier days when their kid was with them and they were a loving family

    10:33 Am=> What screenplay… What a pace… Awesome!! Gripping, fast, and thrilling… U can see the suspense build… Just on time, an apt song frees up the tension a little

    10:32 Am=> One things leads to another and the investigation goes full speed ahead. All this while Rani is trying to come to terms with the loss of her son… and is seeing a psychologist to come to terms with what happened

    10:29 Am=> On the road, Aamir comes across Kareena, who in the process of trying to get a new client tells him that she has a setup with the receptionist at hotel Ledo… And Aamir is interested

    10:23 Am=>Even as Aamir storms away in anger and frustration, he’s reminded of his son Karan, and recounts the paying accident that killed him… But there’s a twist… Did they even find Karan’s body?

    10:21 AM=> And now the neighbor… Pheni.., is back! And man.. Does she throw in a curve ball… She says that she’s gr a message from Karan… Who appears to be Aamir and Rani’s deceased son… And Pheni apparently has a message from their dead son Karan…

    10:18 AM=> Turns out the accountant of Mr Armaan had given a bag full of money… Upon asking around, turns out this has happened a couple of times before… Giving bags of money to others… And they head to a local hotel to find their suspect had left the job some time back

    10:15 AM=> Seems as though Aamir and Rani have just moved into a new place… And they are still unpacking… We’re introduced to an intriguing character Ms. Mistry… Who’s their new neighbor… And even as Rani is being a gracious host and making tea… Mistry does a little snooping around and pulls out a photo of a child… And she says… It’s good to see u Karan!

    10:11 AM=> Our third protagonist rani makes a very housewife and domestic appearance… It’s evident the she and her husband Amir have issues in their marriage

    10:07 AM=> And Kareena Kapoor makes her entrance… Glamorous alright, but as a prostitute… Her pimp, shashi bhai is a nervous man… He’s changed his phone number, packed his bags and is taking off to another town.

    10:04 AM=> Dal mein kuch kala hain… Armaan was driving alone… Usually he’s always accompanied by his driver and spot boy both of whom were missing this fateful night.

    10:02 AM=> Turns out the guy inside the car was movie star Armaan khan… Even as the family comes to terms with what’s happened, the police start their investigations.

    10:00 AM=> A more dramatic start is hard to imagine. A car crashes and plunges into the sea. Police arrives and with it out the hero – Aamir khan.

    Check this out for more updaes Talaash Review - First Day First Show - As it happens
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