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    Post Sapna Babul Ka ..Bidaai 31st JULY Written Update

    The epi starts with vinu asking babuji about malti and babujisays to keep malti in control and tell her to respect elders....
    Maaji takes all the blame and says its all her fault and asks vinu to call malti for dinner as she has not eaten any thing since afternoon....

    Malti is in her room having food...she hear vinu coming and hides the food.
    Vinu asks malti that what is maa babuji saying about u ??
    Malti says they must bsaying bad things abt her (malti)
    Vinu says they dint say anything like that
    Malti says maaji only tries to b smart infront of u and tells vinu everything babuji said to her....
    Vinu says its strange babuji dint say any thing to me
    Malti tries to b smart and cries fakely and says that she will suffer all this for vinu's sake and vinu hugs malti and thinks kya sahi hai kya ghalat hai kuch samajh nahi aa raha...

    Ranveer thinking about Anamika that she is great she told me to apologize to naveen bhaiyya and now as i apologized i feel that the burden has been lift form my shoulders. He thinks to tell sadi about it.

    On the other hand ragi thinks that he has given me name and i will also think of a name but what....and she hums O Rey Piya
    Just then maaji enters the room and calls ragini and ask her wat's the matter ur still up and u look very happy these days
    Ragi says she cant sleep and thinks that i want to tell everything but i cant
    Maaji says she wants to talk about something to ragi and talks about some rishtas nani has seen for her
    Ragi says do u want me to be a tamasha again ??
    Maaji says dont think like that i used to think the same but then one day ur father accepted me.
    Ragi asks maaji how did u get married to babuji ??
    Maaji says ur babuji and his mother came to see me. His mother refused. i cudn't control my tears and cried and ur babuji saw me crying. he dint say any thing at that time but when he went home he told his mother that he wanted to marry me and she accepted me and v got married. So u dont worry we will find someone like that for u too....

    On the other hand sadi is thinking kya sahi hai kya ghalatkuch samajh nahi aa raha...should i tell ranveer about his fone frnd or not
    just then Alekh called her and she goes hurriedly to him and asks wat happened.
    Alekh points towards the stars and says he has found his dadaji
    Just then the star breaks and fall and alekh says does this mean my dadaji is coming back???
    Sadi says no it means that v shud make a wish and it will come true
    Sadi prays for ranveer and ragini's happiness
    Alekh seeing sadi wishing wishes that sadis wish comes true.
    Sadi again thinks about ranveer and ragini and tells alekh that she is going downstairsand alekh says he will pray for her again if another star broke.


    Sadi comes down and ranveer also enters the house.
    Ranveer asks sadi u look worried is alekh bhaiyya okay and sadi says that he is fine and that she wants to talk to him (ranveer).
    Ranveer says he also wants to talk to her.
    Sadi thinks it must b about ragini so she decides that she shud first listen to wat ranveer has to say.
    She asks ranveer wat he wants to say and he says that anamika has cast a spell on me i m really impressed by her talk. she told me to apologize to naveen bhaiyaa and i did and now i feel very relaxed. She has completely changed my life. She is great.
    Sadi says he shud meet her (anamika) so that they cud understand each other better.
    Ranveer says jis k khayaalaat itney khubsurat hoon woh khud kitni khubsoorat ho gi. Fair complexsion, brown eyes, long hair... she must b a fairy.
    Sadi becomes worried by hearing this and is lost in thots...seeing this Ranveer says just by listening about her u have lost in thots wat will happen to me when i will meet her...
    Just then avni comes and ask who r they talking about but ranveer says noone and says that its too late and he shud go now.
    Avni thinks she should tell vasu about it.
    Sadi while climbing up the stairs thinks that if ranveer know the truth his dreams will b shattered and raginis heart will break.

    In the morning vasu was going thru some appointments when avni comes and tell her about ranveer talking about a girl with sadi
    vasu ask about the gril and avni says she dint know and that sadi is cooking somthing and vasu shud take care of ranveer as he has gone thru so much pain
    vasu says she know how to take care of ranveer and avni shud not worry about it.
    Avni turns to leave and thinks aaj to sadi ki class lagay gi


    Sadi calls ragini and mamiji picks up the fone and ask her how is everybody
    Sadi says everybody is fine
    Sadi asks if she cud talk to ragini.
    Mamiji calls ragini and she says she is coming
    mamiji asks sadi to come over the next with alekh on teej and mamajis birthday.
    she then says that ragini has changed and she is happy nowadays and i think she has forgotten everything
    she then says that she wants ragini to get married
    just then ragini comes and tell sadi that she was leaving for her danceclass.she asks if there was anything important she wanted to say
    sadi says no nothing important. Are u happy ??
    ragini says why r u asking this all of a sudden m very happy.
    sadi says i always want u to b happy.
    ragini says she is getting late for sance class and hangs up the fone.

    Sadi prays in in front of murti. she says she cant snatch raginis happiness nor can she hide any thing form her. she says let the thing happen which is in her destiny and i hand over raginis happiness in your hand.
    she turns and see vasu standing behind her the epi ends on sadi face.......

    Mamiji asks mamaji to give the lunchbox to vinu as he forgot it at home
    mamiji calls malti and mamaji ask about the address of vinu's office........

    CREDIT:- SadButTrue
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    Default Re: Sapna Babul Ka ..Bidaai 31st JULY Written Update

    thx for the post........

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    Default Re: Sapna Babul Ka ..Bidaai 31st JULY Written Update


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    Default Re: Sapna Babul Ka ..Bidaai 31st JULY Written Update



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