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    Post Sapna Babul Ka ..Bidaai 24th JULY Written Update (SUMMARY)

    Aalekh is hiding in the basement store room, Sadhna spots him, his is very frightened. Sadhna tells him to come out but he says he will not go anywhere and not to hit him. Ranvir comes there as well, Sadhna and Ranvir finally manage to bring Aalekh out and take him upstairs.

    Aalekh, Sadi and Ranvir come out in the hall, Vasu sees him and asks him where he was and how he is, Aalekh gets more scared, hides behind a pillar and tells Vasu not to come near him and not to hit him.

    Choti Maa calms down Aalekh takes him to his room and puts him to sleep.

    Vasu scolds the servants, they tell her they did not do or see anything. She then asks Avni to go get the children, Gunni and Pratham come and Vasu accuses them of playing with the fireworks, they say they did not do anything but Vasu does not believe them and tells Avni to keep her kids under control.

    Vasu leaves, kids cry, Sadhna tells them that she believes them, Avni takes them to their room.

    Aalekh is asleep, Choti Maa leaves as Sadhna comes in. Sadhna stops Choti Maa and begs her to tell what is all behind Aalekh acting this way. After a lot of persuasion from Sadhna, Choti Maa tells Sadi the short story.

    It all happened when Aalekh was 8 years old. It was Diwali, everyone was enjoying Aalekh went upstairs to see his grandfather. Both of them loved each other very much. They heard Aalekh scream, he had fallen off the stairs and lost consciousness, he had hit his head. When they went upstairs to check on Dadaji, Dadaji had passed away, suffering a heart attack.

    Choti Maa tells Sadi that Aalekh blames himself for the death of his Dadaji, he thinks if he had not gone to see his Dadaji he would still be alive and that is why he is afraid of the police.

    After the fall, Aalekh gained consciousness, but was not the same again. Those memories still haunt him.

    Sadhna then asks Choti Maa why Aalekh is afraid of and dislikes Vasu. Choti Maa tells her that she has told whatever she knew and not to probe or ask anything more.

    Sadhna thanks Choti Maa for telling her everything and says that she will take more care of Aalekh than before and try to cure Aalekh of his fear. Choti Maa tells her that her ashirwad will always be with her. Both ladies look at Aalekh sleeping

    Ragini dancing on "O Re Piya". Ranvir in his office feeling the connection btw him and his wrong number friend.

    CREDIT:- pinkykhan

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    Default Re: Sapna Babul Ka ..Bidaai 24th JULY Written Update (SUMMARY)

    thank you so much for the update..please keep up the good work.........

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    Default Re: Sapna Babul Ka ..Bidaai 24th JULY Written Update (SUMMARY)

    thank uuuuuuuuuu


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