Starts at the sharma house. Kaushi is putting clothes in the wardrobe. malti comes to the roo and goes to kaushi that maaji please leave this i'll do it. Kaushi says there's no need i'll do it myself. malti thinks that Kaushi may still be angry with her, so she pretends to have pain in her stomach, Kaushi gets worried and gets her to sit down and she asked her what happened. Malti says it seems like the child kicked me. Kaushi smiles and says really? Malti nods. Kaushi says you worry to much that's why the child is bothering you. Malti's mum comes to kaushi's room and stands outside. She's listening to kaushi. Kaushi continues to explain malti not to get tensed regarding the house and it's issues. malti's mum is walks in and asks what they were talking about. Kaushi smiles. Malti's mum says samdhan ji ever since vinu came to know he is going to become a father, he's been just spending. "Bhagwaan Jooth Na Bulaye" I have no right to say anything to him, but if you explain it to him, then he'll surely listen. Kaushi asks what do i have to explain to vinu? Malti's mum says just explain to him that saving is very important for a family, especially when a new member is about to come. so we have to start saving. and Malti was telling me that there are financial problems in this family. Dr also said that there maybe complication during malti's delivery and we may need alot of money. that's what is worrying malti alot. I tried to explain to her that why are you worrying. samdhi ji just got money for his successful novel. the child is lucky for the family that's why we got that money, and aniways what could be more important grandparents than their grandchild? Kaushi turns to malti and says why are you worrying so much? Your child is the same to us as it is to you. We also have some responsibilities towards your child. you don't worry at all. everything will be done.

@ the hospital.

Aalekh is lying on the bed, has tears in his eyes and remembers what CM said to him before she left. Aalekh wipes his tears. saadhna walks in and looks at upset aalekh. Saadhna walks up to aalekh and says aalekh ji look mama ji has sent so many books for you. take a look. Aalekh looks at the book and then back at saadhna. he has tears ni his eyes. Aalekh says saadhna, the person you love the most, and they hurt you, then why is it so hard to forget them? saadhna wipes her tears and says aalekh ji because you love CM alot that's why you can't bare the things she said to you. And because it hurts you to think about it. But aalekh ji do you know what the good thing is? all your problems are gone now. Now this is a beginning of a new life for all of us. Don't lose your heart. Do you know what mama ji says, whatever happens, happens for good. now see CM has left, but the good thing is that you have accepted mummy ji. Aalekh wipes his tears and says saadhna you are right. I hurt my mamma so much. Saadhna says okie aalekh ji now promise me that you'll never hurt mummy ji again. aalekh promises saadhna, that he'll keep his mamma happy forever, i'll never let tears come in her eyes. Saadhna says pakka promise and aalekh ji says pakka promise.

@ sharma house, Kaushi and mama ji are sitting in their room. Kaushi is knitting

Mama ji says Vasundhra ji was really happy, thank god aalekh has accepted vasu as his mum. mama ji sees kaushi knitting and he says...this is for...kaushi says it's for our grandson. mama ji smiles and says whether it's a grandsong or a grandaughter, it;s exciting just to think about the child. kaushi says ofcourse, we'll have a new member. mama ji starts reading a novel. kaushi looks at mama ji and says I was really tensed about malti's child, right now we can mage the expenses of this house, but when the child comes the expenses will increase. how will we manage? mama ji says what's the problem? kaushi says there will be hospital bills and then after the expenses will increase. and we also have responsibilites as grandparents. Kaushi says I was thinking we should give the money we got for your novel to malti. mama ji surprised. kaushi says we don't know when we might need them. mama ji says kaushi ji are you trying to say that we shouldn't give the money equally to our 3 children? kaushi heistantly says during the delivery we'll have the money. and by god grace our ragini and saadhna don't lack anything, they don't need the money. mama ji say no kaushaliya ji it's not about the need, it's about the right. the money I got, my kids have equal rights to it. we may have my name on it as the writer, but the my children were my insipration. And don't think that i'm giving them money, I'm giving them my love kaushalya ji. and Love can only be returned by giving them love. now talking about vinu's child, we are not backing away from our responsibilites. we'll manage all the expenses, but kaushalya ji on the money i got ragini, saadhna and vinu have the equal rights over it. kaushi isn't too happy about this.

@ rajvansh office.

Ranvir is walkign to inderjit's cabin. (looking soooooooooooooo HOT) Inderjit is talkign to someone on the phone about aalekh's inporvement and how happy they are. ranvir interupts. inderjit cuts the phone, and gets ranvir to come in. ranvir says dad i need to talk to you about naveen. inderjit says what about him. ranvir says dad when we were all in the hospital and ragini had gone home to get aalekh's bhaiya's medical report. inderjit says yes. Ranvir says then she heard naveen bhaiya and avni bhabi talk. ranvir tells inderjit everything inderjit is tensed and is worried. inderjit says ranvir we only gave the POA to naveen just so he can feel that he is part of the family too. and he'll be happy, we forgave him for his mistakes all the time, even when he did fraud with this company. we alos gave him a chance to change, but he broke our trust again. Ranvir he isn't trustworthy, he will never change. I never thought my satyen's son will be like this. Ranvir says dad i know that you trusted him alot, but he hasn't changed and now it's time to show him his correct place. Inderjit agrees and says he should get hat he deserves, we cannot take any risks for our company, and i know how to bring naveen on the correct path.

at the hospital.

aalekh is reading a book, saadhna comes with juice. aalekh says saadha mama ji is very nice he gave me really nice books to read. saadhna says i brought juice for you, do drink it. saadhna puts the juice on the side table and goes to take a towel out from his bag. she turns around ans is surprised to see aalekh drinking juice. saadhna walks up to aalekh and says aalekh ji you drank your juice by yourself today? aalekh says yes, you brought it for me na? so i'm drinking it. saadhna is thinking it's surprising to see aalekh ji drink juice by himself, before i had to say it like 10 times to get him to drink it. aalekh drinks his juice and puts it away. he grabs the towel from saadhna and wipes his mouth, he conitnues to read the book. saadhna is stunned to see aalekh's behaviour. aalekh looks at saadhna and asks her what happened? saadhna says nothing and she leaves all happy, aalekh is confused (hehehe shooooooooooo cute he's looking).

Saadhna calls vasu and tells her about aalekh's improvement. vasu is happy to know about aalekh's mature bahaviour. saadhna says I just called to tell you this now i'm going back to aalekh ji, he's alone na. Vasu says yes go to aalekh. they cut the phone, saadhna sees pooja ghar and says god you gave me so much happiness suddenly that it's hard to believe. thank you god for listening to me. she goes back to aalekh's room.

@ rajvansh house.
Vasu goes to ragini and tells her about alekh's improvement. Ragini is happy and is really surprised to hear about aalekh's maturity. Vasu says yes I'm surprised too, i wish i was there. I want to meet him, i want to see the improvement in my aalekh. Ragini says yes mummy ji we shall go, i got the food packed. Vasu gets the driver to take the car out they'll be going to the hospital. vasu sasy she'll be back, ragini is really happy.

Back @ rajvansh office.

Vinu is in his cabin working. Naveen enters vinu's cabin. naveen thinks that as soon as i come i ahve to see vinu's face, I have to think of a way to move him out of this cabin. naveen noticed a file on his table. he walks up to vinu and ask him what's this file doing on your table? vinu says this file was for a reference, i forgot to put it back. naveen says so you are saying that you took this file from my cabinet without my permission? Vinu apologises and says that i needed this file and you weren't here. Naveen yells at vinu saying that If i wasnt here then you could've called me and asked me for permission. how dare you touch my papers. vinu is surprised and says i know it was my mistake, i didn't ask you, but the workload was so much that i didn't think about giving you a call. naveen says what an excuse workload. inderjit and ranvir walk into the cabin. inderjit asks what's goin on? why are you yelling for? naveen says bade papa we were discussing about business. inderjit says i gave you a file to check the quotations, is it done? naveen is quiet. inderjit gets him to answer him. ranvir sees the file in vinu's hand, he takes the file and gives it to inderjit. inderjit says this was your job naveen. then what is it doing on vineet's table? naveen looks at vineet and then back and inderjit. inderjit says you know what? i need to teach you some lessons. there's alot more to teach you than just lying and yelling in the office. and i have a perfect trainer to teach you all this. naveen saya bade papa i don't understand what your trying to say. inderjit says that's the thing you never understand anything. and I need to change the way of your thinking and understanding. Naveen from today you'll work under vineet. he is your boss from now on. neveen is shocked. vineet is surprised. it ends on naveen.

Preview: saadhna accidently burns her hand on the diya. aalekh says what is this saadhna you can't even take care of yourself at all. vasu is happy. ragini is surprised and so is ranvir. aalekh says let's get you some medicine.