October 1, 2009
Episode 9

Highlights of today's episode:

* Amoli goes to Malkin and begs her to bring Kamodi back.
* Malkin says don't worry, I'll do something. I'll talk to Thakur.
* Malkin saves Kamodi and Malik tells her to leave.
* Amoli saves Chandana from drowning
* Malik goes to Dhani and tels him to find out all the details about Amoli and to teach her a lesson about not opening her mouth in from the Urmila(Malkin..aka his wife) again.

Part 1
The episode starts off with Amoli requesting Malkin to bring Kamodi back. She says "I've heard that you and Malik are kind people and that you could never hurt anyone, please bring Kamodi back. Upon hearing this, the Malkin looks at that Saukar guy in a very angry way. The Saukar looks down guiltly. Amoli says "Malik didn't even know about Kamodi...please bring her back. Your daughter is around the same age, her marriage will be a very grand affair and will happen nicely. Your daughter will be happy for the rest of her life...these are my wishes for her. Please bring Kmaodi back, her parents will die if she doesn't return home. To this the Malkin says" arrey..don't cry. You just gave my daughter Chandani well wishes, how can I say not to you. You don't worry, I'll talk to Thakur and do something." Malkin looks at that Saukar guy and asks him where Thakur saab is and that she has to meet him right now. The Saukar starts stuttering and he's like "n..now?" and the Malkin sternly replies "I want to meer Thakur saab..right now!" Saukar nods and the Malkin turns to Amoli again. She touches Amoli's face lovingly and nods no as in don't cry.
She's walking down the temple stairs when a car arrives. Her husband comes out of the car and she walks up to him and puts the tikka on his forhead. He says "I told you I'll come right...aap ka banda hazir hai ( sorry...I don't know how to translate that into english) Just then the Saukar says.."woh Malik..madir mein" but the Malkin cuts him off and says this is not the place to talk or do anything. Come to the haveli and we'll talk there. Her and Malik leave. In the car..the Malik tells the driver to go to the haveli but Malkin says no..not to the haveli. The Malik asks then where? and she replies by saying "just wait...you'll find out by yourself."
Scene shiftf to Amolis house. Some women come to her aai and tell her that Amoli went to the temple and she requested the Malkin about Kamodi.Another lady says don't know where she got the courage from and also says that Dhani(I think she was referring to the moustache guy..er..I mean the SaukarLOL hspace5) didn't say anything but he was looking pretty mad. Then another lady says that if the Malik comes to find out about this, then you'll all be in trouble. Just then AMoli arrives and her mother starts yelling at her. She says" what was the need to do that? why did you go request the Malkin...Beturam is already paying for what he did and now if the Malik gets angry at us..where will we go?" (might i point out that all this while...Amoli is just standing there listening like some statue or something) Her aai asks her why she did this..and Amoli says " If dhani had taken me in her place..then wouldn't you have gone and requested?" to this her aai says "that matter is different, I'm your mother" AMoli says "and Kamodi is my sister". Her mother becomes all quiet and says"I'm sorry..what i said what very wrong. I said that out of fear. What you did was right. This is my hope that your try becomes successful." Both mother and daughter become happy and hug.

Part 2
Malik,his wife,dhani and their workers come to some house. Malik asks Urmila (his wife..the malkin) why they have some here and she says come with me and I'll show you. She walks in and opens a door. Inside the bedroom you see Kamodi with her out open sitting on the floor by the bed. The malik turns towards Dhani and Dhani is looking all scared (you better be scared buddy!!Angry hspace5) Urmila says "this means that the girl[Amoli] was speaking the truth. Malik turns to Dhani as asks him who the girl is and what is she doing here. Urmila turns to her husband and says "Don't you know anything about this girl being here?" She turns towards Kamodi and says "who are you? Who brought you here?" Malik asks Dhani who the girl is and he replies" Malik..she's beturam's daughter. Beturam had borrowed money and didn't return it so we bough.." Malik cuts him off and says "are you out of your mind?!...she's a living being...she's some family's respect and your telling me that you brought her here?! Your a human..learn to treat other humans with respect Dhani!" Get out from here..Get out!" Malik turns back to his wife and says " but Urmila..it's not only Dhanis' fault...its her father's fault too for putting her girvi." Urmila says but they were majboor...they were in a tought situation. How did your men put her in the stamp paper?!" Malik replies..I was so busy in the Navrathri preparations that I didn't pay attention to all of this. Malik goes to Kamodi and innocently( bad bad guy I tell you..he needs to be slapped!) says "Look...your free. You can go home now. My men have made a mistake. You don't worry...no one is going to stop you. Go..go." Kamodi is walking outside when Urmila says wait. Urmila goes to her and puts the dupatta around her and covers her up. Kamodi looks back at the Malik in a scared way and turns towards Urmila again. Kamodi leaves. Malik goes up to his wife. Urmila says" Your men did this...this one thing could have mixed all of your generosity in the sands. Malik replies "I know Urmila. But just for this, why did you come here? You could have told me...I would have told Dhani to leave the girl." He also says "it's better if you don't come into these village issues...they won't let you live in peace. They'll come to you for every little thing and make my work hard. Urmila says forgive me...this type of mistake won't happen again. They walk outside and Malik tells her to forget about what happened today. He asks her if all of the things are ready for today and she says yes...everything's ready. Urmila says that it would be nice if you could come. and Malik replies by saying " if i could come...I definitely would but I have alot of work to do. He says that he says to go home and prepare for the ladke wale(Chandana's to be in-laws)..afterall their friendship is turning into a relationship now. They talk for a little while more and Urmila leaves. Malik makes like this evil and angry face. Part ends

Part 3
Scene shifts to like this lake where all of the families are gathered. Someone says "Really Plachin...these Navrathri days went by so fastly." Palchin replies" When your with family...this is what happens. I'll really miss all of this when we go back to Nagpur." They are still talking and walking. Palchin says let's go...it's time for the visarjan. She does her husband's aarti and some girl (I think she's Chandana) is taking pictures. He goes to stand in the water and does the visarjan. CHandana is still taking pictures and she's walking back. Suddenly she falls in the water and is drowning. Palching starts screaming "Chandana! someone save her!" Then a girl jumps in the water and saves her. (wah...kya zamana aa gaya! there were so many guys there but all of them were too much of cowards to save the girl and there's this one brave girl who jumps in the water. Girls are better that guys!LOL hspace5 ) The girl who saved her is none other than Amoli. Chandana is coughing and all but she's fine. Chandana says "it's all over Chachu...everything's over. My camera fell in the lake. I took so many beautiful pictures...now they're all gone." (someone please go slap this girl...here she almost died aur usse camera ki padi hai!) Her chachu replies " stop it Chandana...your jokes are over. Take life seriously. Your not a kid anymore. How can you make a mistake like this? What if something happened to you?!" Chandana replies "offo chachu...nothing happened to me na, see now I'm fine" Part ends

Part 4
Palchin walks up to Amoli and says "thank you very very much. Today because of you,we got our daughter (haha you mean neice) back safe and sound. What you did for us today... we can't repay you enough but take this money." She gives Amoli money. Amoli refuses but Plaching tells her take it. Amoli takes the money. Chandana walks up to Amoli and thanks her and says that she'll never be able to repay her for the deed she did today. AMoli replies " I promised Malkin something and she kept my word, I was actually in debt to her which I've repaid today. Tell Malkin that the girl from the temple saved your life today." Chandana leaves and Amoli is looking at the money in her hand.
Scene shifts to Dhanis' house. He's giving people some instructions when Malik comes. He walks up to Dhani and says " why did I put you with Malkin?...so that you don't let her meet anyone from the village. You know how Malkin is...she takes the smallest things to her heart, and you still left her alone! You let her meet the villagers, you let that girl meet her. Do you know what the result of this could have been?" Dhani replies "Yes sir...but that girl came out of no where and we didn't notice her. By the time we saw her..she." Malik cuts him off and says "there's a limit to mistakes Dhani! btw..what's the girl's name?" Dhani replies" I don't know her name, but she's Kamodi's friend and maybe Tukaram's daughter." Malik tells Dhani to get all the details about the girl. The girl needs to know the result of interfering in my business, so that the next time she comes in front of Urmila, she won't have the nerves to open her mouth.
Episode ends