Episode begins with early morning Mumbai skyline with an idol of Ganpati Bappa in the foreground. Vakra thunda maha kaay plays in the background. Scenes shifts to a inner sanctum of a Vinayakar temple, another footage of an outside of a temple, early morning India Gate, another Shiv temple moving onto the Kali temple finally resting on Balaji.All the while different bhajans are played throughout.
We are then shown an outside of a huge mall where a horde of semi clad "model types" are patiently waiting in a long line fanning themselves with registration forms. Some media types are eagerly filming & interviewing these "beauties" for potential beauties they are. It is a beauty contest organized there and to emphasize the point a la Ekta style bare legs, bare backs, bare tattoed shoulders, peeking hips are closely zoomed on.
Camera then stops on Priya (Saakshi Tanwar) who also is in line. The cameraman is shown looking shocked at Priya. (She is so hot, na!) Priya gives him an odd look. The man at the registration counter calles out"Ayesha Sharma, 21" & Priya moves in to submit her form. The man too looks at her startled. (Khoobsurat hui toh kya ghoor ghoor ke khao jaoge,Duh!).
Suddenly an autorickshaw stops outside the mall and out jumps a pair of humongous buttocks & starts arguing with the automan..Before long the buttocks take shape of a woman who yells at the man for driving slowly & making them late for the pagent. The man retorts that he made a long journey as fast as possible via shortcut. Any faster she should have hired a helicopter. The woman & man argue some more after which she asks him to wait & rushes in the mall. The woman is Priya's mother & she has brought along her younger daughter Ayesha to participate in the beauty contest for which Priya was sent earlier to wait in the line. She finally locates Priya who is being abused by the man at the registration counter who thinks Priya is there to register for herself & is trying to pass herself as a 21 year old.Priya tries to explain but the man is in a haste to mouth all the dialogues given to him.Mom intervenes saying Priya is 33 and not 21, her younger daughter Ayesha is 21 & is a participant of the contest. Priya patiently explains to the fellow that she is there to register on behalf of her sister coz she is late.Mom then calls for her other daughter at this point & a PYT in a ridiculous fluffy hot pink top & short white skirt catwalks towards the counter.She gives sultry looks to the others waiting in the line like contestants give to judges & the audiences.(Pageant shuru hone mein thoda time hain,honey. Hold your horses)
Cut to the dressing room where the participants are getting ready for the show.Mom is super pissed that her pretty supermodel baby is expected to get ready in this Byculla Zoo and is not accorded proper respect by being offered a separate room. She then reminiscences her days as Ms Bhubaneswar where she was always given her own room to get ready in.Priya explains that those days are long gone & this is the current state of affairs. Ayesha is trundled towards an empty dressing table chair where Priya settles her bags & tries to take leave of her mother saying she has to get to work. Priya is a teacher in TOEFL coaching class.She wishes Ayesha luck & gives a peck on the cheek. Mom is aghast at Priya wanting to leave her sister's side on the most important day of her life. She firmly refuses to allow her to go.Priya tries to make her see reason when Ayesha lets out a distraught shriek. She can't find her bracelet.Priya says she packed it for sure & hunts down & locates it. But Ayesha refuses to wear it saying it's a golden one whereas she wants an egg yolk yellow one which will match her egg yolk yellow dress.( Aren't these stuff matched & bought weeks ago before the big day?) Mom is pained to see her baby doll causing wrinkles on her forehead by fretting. She then orders Priya to find one quickly.Priya is already late for her classes & tries to explain it to her but she is having none of it.Ayesha starts pleading her sis to save her life & career by getting that chindi bracelet as soon as possible.Priya relents & sets off on the hunt for it.
Cut to Singapore. A boardroom where a takeover presentation is underway. A man is shown in shadows lounging in a president chair smoking a cigar & coolly eyeing the proceedings. Enter Ram Kapoor (Ram Kapoor) uber rich, debonair & sleek.He seems disinterested in the meeting & picks up a water glass & begins to clean it. People present watch him with surprise.He places the glass back carefully when asked for his opinion on the proposal. Ram has a friend by his side who urges him to sign the papers & clear out of there soon as they have to get home. Ram coolly looks at the gathering and announces"Not interested" to the utter shock of everybody present. He starts to walk out when he is stopped by the man who is trying to sell his company to Ram. He demands the reason for Ram's sudden disinterest to which Ram replies point by point why he does not want buy a loss making company.(If you knew that, the point of making the business trip that too on your sister's wedding day?) He & his staff then walk out of the meeting. He gets a frantic call on his mobile from his sister who whines that her Mom is making her wear real flowers instead of the Rs 2 crore ka jewelry he had ordered for her.Another painted Mom gets on the phone line & tells him about the hot new real flower jewelry look currently in vogue that she wants for her daughter. She tells him to commission the artisan who resides in Jaipur immediately.Ram quickly asks his assistant to locate the man pronto. (Isn't all this decided like months ago?) He is then informed of his flight being cancelled due to bad weather. He turns about & walks straight back into the meeting he'd just abandoned.Why you ask? Well to buy the loss making company.Why you ask? Arey! Loss making company ki corporate jet ke liye re paagal! To attend his sister's wedding. The company owner is aghast at the reason for Ram's buying of his company.( What is it to you? Sell your chindi company aur kalti ho ja jaldi)
Friend questions Ram's wisdom in getting into such a deal to which he replies that anything to get to his pyari behena's shaadi.
Ram flies back to Mumbai in an Airbus 380 & while on board frantically engages someone for those Shaakuntal jewels. Priya on the other hand trolls subzi mandis for that bracelet.Both are shown moving heaven and earth to make their loved ones happy.
Priya is having a hard time locating the damn bracelet when she gets a phonecall from office to report to work quickly. She promises to be there in 30 mins.
Ram's airbus lands in Mumbai where he asks his staff to make sure the whole Parliament will be in attendance at the wedding. He then enquires about the jeweler to which he is told he has already been flown in from Jaipur. Priya also finds a matching bracelet . PriAm are shown heaving a huge sigh of relief at being able to fulfill their senseless relations unreasonable demands.
Priya rides back to the venue & hands over the bracelet to her frantic Ma. The lady grabs it from her after admonishing her for taking her own sweet time.She rushes back inside & Priya gives a wry "You are welcome,Ma" to the empty space beside her.
Cut to a huge Balaji Bungalow where the wedding of Shakuntala is underway. Guests have arrived so has Ram & so has the artisan.But Mom dearest has eyes only for the kaarigar and quickly leaves with him with a dry half hearted thanks to her son who made all this possible. Ram is slightly stung at the cool reception from his Mom but dismisses it quickly.Friend notices the lack of courtesy & points it out.Friend advises him to get married soon. Ram laughs it away saying who will marry a fortyish bachelor like him with his problems, responsibilities & insecurities.
Cut to Priya in her class who is teaching Keats & love to a bunch of bored students.She says," Every body in their life meet someone who accepts them with their good & bad attributes.And this called love which Keats tries to explain through his work. There couldn't be a better reason for two people to unite & spend their lives together. Love is a feeling that increases the life span of a relationship.Love gives strength for a relationship to last a life time.Have you guys ever realized everything comes to an end in life.Only Love sustains forever.There is no one way to describe love, each have their own interpretation of love. But one thing is a given that any relationship must have love in it. The girls meanwhile are passing around a magazine with Ram Kapoor featured on the front as the most eligible bachelor. The girls are discussing everything from his age to his weight & of course that he is loaded.Priya catches them at it & demands what is going on. The girls tell her they have a different perspective of marriage.That the reason for marriage could be money only. Which in turn means fast cars, penthouses, exotic holidays, branded clothes.They mention about Ram being very sought after despite his shortcomings. Priya smilingly explains the superficiality of such a thinking. Class ends & the the kids flee Priya ka bhashan. The magazine with Ram's photo is left behind & Priya thinks about the man the girls mentioned in class without naming him. She feels bad that he is sought after only for his money.She prays for him that he gets a girl who will love him for himself & accepts him for what he is.She hopes the girl will truly love him & the man realizes the love for what it is.She is drawn towards the magazine with the title song playing & is aboyt to see the man on the cover when the girl comes back for her magazine.
Priya waits for an auto to go home when she gets a call on her mobile from her father informing her of her sister's selection in the top twenty of the contest.She is very happy to hear that. Apparently it wasn't important for her Mom to call her herself to give her the news. Priya tells her father she will go to the venue to pick up her Mom & Sis before coming home.
At the wedding Friend is trying to hook up Ram with a chick there Ram firmly tells him to behave. Just then a politician enters & wishes Ram on the wedding of his daughter. Friend gives Ram an amused look to which reply his sister is his daughter & he is proud to be called her dad. He has been waiting to do her Kanyadaan for so long now.

Priya reaches the venue, there is no one around. She quickly hops onto the auto to go home regretting letting her sister down.

Back at the wedding Ram is all set to give away his baby sister in marriage when he is approached by his Mom demanding how can a brother be missing for so long when there is an important job as a kanyadaan to be done. Ram is all apologies saying guests are being attended to that's why the delay. Mom replies that let somebody else do it . She then spots her other son Siddharth & admonishes him for bring so late to do the kanyadaan of his sister.She flippantly tells Ram he too should join them.Ram's expression is priceless. His stung & hurt heart reaches out through the TV screen & pierces our heart. From the interactions it seems this is a souteli Maa with Siddharth & Shakuntala being her own children & Ram is from her hubby's previous wedding.The friend too is shocked to the core by this massive snub. Souteli Mom then leads her own son & makes him perform the rites while a heartbroken Ram stands by mutely.
The friend then prays from his heart for a companion for his lonely friend.
Priya too reaches home to find a party thrown by her mother for the success of her younger daughter. Mom is too busy rejoicing with her friends to notice her elder daughter.Friend wonders why do people who provide so mucg happiness to others rarely find it for themselves . Ram & Priya are shown standing forlorn & alone while the fruits of their labours are enjoyed by their selfish relations.

PreCap: Priya's mom is arguing with her father that she can't lead a poor life being dependent on Priya's salary as a teacher. She wants a good life which their younger daughter can provide them with when she becomes a super model.Priya is at the bedroom door listening to this altercation.

Awesome performances by Ram & Saakshi. Too good. I am already loving Saakshi. In the world of men she is giving them a run for their money with her superb acting chops. Needless to say anything about Ram Kapoor. Mindblowing performance.

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Credit - Zuby