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    Smile Ajeeb - Synopsis & Characters

    :: Ajeeb - The Other Side :: Synopsis

    A mysterious love story set in a hospital where something strange is going on… Ajeeb

    Ajeeb is a mysterious love story set in a hospital where something strange is going on. Along with fresh new faces, it will feature some of the biggest stars like Tanaaz and
    Bakhtiyar Irani, Sakshi Tanwar, Shweta Tiwari, Varun Badola, Shruti Seth and others who will be seen portraying roles they have never played before.

    Ajeeb is a unique story of a warm-hearted young woman, Anjali, who aspires to be a resident doctor at a prestigious hospital. However a rejection from the hospital shatters her
    and she prepares to go back home to her small town. But in a twist of fate Anjali lands up in the same hospital to treat her friend. Now, Anjali witnesses the goings-on at her erstwhile dream destination -- and the experiences are far from dream-like.

    Produced by Bonnie Jain Productions, Ajeeb is a star-studded show full of mystery, suspense and romance for the entire family.

    This engrossing drama will air at 9.30 pm Wednesdays and Thursdays, starting 27th August, on 9X.

    :: Ajeeb - The Other Side :: Characters

    Ajali Verma:
    ( Played by Aarti Thakur)
    In her 20’s, Anjali was a brilliant medical student…Practical with an underlying sense of curiosity, Anjali was very disappointed when her prospects of joining the magnificent state-of-the-art hospital, Shanti Bhavan Medical Institution (SBMI) is rejected… But Fate and Destiny soon find her back in the Institution, where slowly but surely love also begins to blossom for her in the form of Dr. Dev Malhotra.

    Dr. Dev Malhotra:
    ( Played by Vishal Watwani)
    Young…Debonair…Dr. Dev Malhotra is a brilliant doctor. He is most popular among the ladies. After meeting Anjali, Dev falls in love with her. However his girlfriend Sanya is determined to wreak havoc in Dev’s life…

    She was patient who kept coming back to SBMI because of her obsession for Dev. When he found out and confronted her, obsession love blossomed from her side, while he was filled with empathy towards her. When he called it quits, he thought Sanya had gone away never to return. But she was back with just one thing in mind- to FINISH the one man she truly loved!

    All she ever wanted to be was a nurse. It was a selfless career where Shilpa knew she’d be very happy just being of some help to other human beings. All Shilpa wanted to do was care. But things changed dramatically as she assisted Matron Singh and soon became aware of the horrific side of hospital life. She also became Anjali’s only hope of uncovering a shocking truth that could shake the very foundations on which SBMI stood!

    Football captain, handsome boyfriend of Anjali. He was a Casanova, which is why Anjali broke off from him. But Rohan wasn’t going to let her go just like that. Anjali was his and was going to remain his. Naturally, he was upset when he found his so called love is in love with another man. Livid with rage, Rohan also wants to do away with Dr.Dev Malhotra and get back Anjali to himself. But fate had other things in mind for Rohan.

    Matron Singh:
    Strict and impersonal, everyone was very scared of Matron Singh. She ran a first class institution. She also was one of the heads of a first class ‘organ transplant’ organization. Big business which meant big bucks for SBMI and for the only man she would give her life for, Doctor Deven Malhotra.

    Dr. Deven Malhotra:
    The head of SBMI, the debonair Doctor was almost 60, but he ran SBMI efficiently and smoothly. He was both feared and revered and except for the trusted Matron Singh, no one really knows what Dr. Deven Malhotra actually did, apart from being an A-grade Surgeon, he let people know only what he wanted them to know. Nothing more, nothing less!
    Peace To All---Salam Sabko

    "If you would not be forgotten,
    as soon as you are dead and rotten,
    either write things worth reading,
    or do things worth the writing."

    "It is a grand mistake to think of being great
    without goodness and I pronounce it as certain that
    there was never a truly great man that was not at the same time truly virtuous."

    Benjamin Franklin

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    Default Re: Ajeeb - Synopsis & Characters

    its really ajeeb....but i wanna see it

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    Default Re: Ajeeb - Synopsis & Characters

    this seems to be "inspired" by Robin Cook's 'Coma"


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